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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I know these two cars has been discussed a lot. But I need your opinion on these two vehicles as a comparison. Price wise its only a few lakhs difference these days. It's okay for me. I know about the fuel consumption as well. What I really want to know is the maintenance cost (money and time). And what should I look for? Any specific issues that I should know? And I like to know about the feel when driving. I have driven the BMW. But not the Mercedes. Thanks bros!
  2. Hello guys, First of all I have read the existing threads and I'm posting this because those threads are few years old and the cars have gotten old too. Lol. I'm thinking about buying an European car and my budget is about 3.5 mil. 320D and Audi A4 are my main two contestants :D. I like manual gearboxes and diesel engines. Please don't argue with me, it's just a personal preference.lol. These cars have gotten at least 15 years old. Please help me with your views on these two cars. And any common issues I have to look for after this many years. P.S. Only interested in 320D facelift with the common rail engine. And I'm open for any A4 models. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everyone , I am currently looking for an Alfa Romeo 155 (2.0 TS). I have owned a Euro Car (VW) before and have driven and know up to an extent about other Euro cars (BMW , Mercs , Peugeots etc) . But never driven or been in an Alfa. I don't even have a friend who owns one so this forum is my only place of information..I have a few questions. and I apologize in advance if there are any existing threads about this car..I couldn't find one. Here are the questions I want answers to, 1. I know parts are hard to find , but are they available? (since this is a rare and old car) 2. I know fuel economy isn't great but can someone give me a rough figure? 3.Are there Alfa specialists who can handle this kind of car except ITMC? 4. How reliable is this car? I can live with lack of parts and bad fuel economy , but reliability is important to me..Is this a good car to use as a daily runner? 5. Are there any known problems? common issues with this car? 6.How much should I pay for this? I have no idea about the market value of Alfas. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for a good European branded car for a doctor's permit,y budget is 6.0-8.0 million (w/ permit). It could be a SUV or a sedan
  5. Hi can anybody tell me some information about the new toyota crown.I kinda like its overall design. But the thing i cant seem to find this car anywhere. I want to know if theres a fault or something or is it beacuse its not so much popular with srilankan people? Anyways will it be same as maintaining a europian car?And wbt the fuel consumtion. Thnx❤
  6. Hey, just wanted to know any helpful tips before I plan on buying one of these babies in the future once I've saved up enough! Its hard to find a Manual 728i . They're the most economic with the inline 6 engine. But the ones I did find for sale were these - 728i Auto (Inline 6 engine)-http://riyasewana.com/buy/bmw-728-sale-gampaha-193298 - pretty expensive in comparison 740i Auto (V8 engine 4000cc) - http://####/en/ad/bmw-e38-740i-1995-for-sale-colombo - good price but v8 I once did see a white colour 728i Manual for sale but it was quite high. Looking forward to buy one to build up and because I am in love with old BMW's. In a year or two these prices will drop some more as the latest 7 series hits the local market. Thanks in advance tc
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