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Found 19 results

  1. I have a nissan FB 15 2002 car and couples of days before i faced a problem that when car is in idle position with D or R in gear with A/C car is stalling (like in the traffic) bt it's not happaning with the N or P and i replaced all 4 plugs,Air filter and i serviced injector nozzles as well bt problem is still remaining bt when driving in high RPM and when A/C off it's not hapanning..so guys please help me,this is such a annoying thing 4 me?
  2. Sometimes when I was racing engine white air come out the silencer with "tak tak" sound. I replaced the PCV valve but I am racing more than 80kmh white air come like previously and some miss also there. I changed all the plugs also. Please help me. Nissan FB 15, millage: 170000 year :2001
  3. HI When i am trying to start my car it just not start. There is only a clicking sound. I check battery / terminals and all working fine. I suspect that my starter relay is bad. But i cant locate that in all three relay / fuse boxes which is in the engine bay and near to driving compartment. can some one please help. Thanks in advance
  4. Dear Experts and readers, I want to to whether buying following car(I dont know the model and I hv not used a bmw before) is worth or not, my main concern is resale value and repair cost for current condition... I can get it for 0.9 million. All ideas are much appreciated Thank you very much
  5. from the first look this might look like a electrical problem but its NOT so my father inlaw has a FB 15 which the rear passenger door locks are somewhat sketchy. they locks fine when the lock key is pressed on the sec system, but the locks only partially opens when unlocked. so even though the front are unlocked the rear doors are partially unlocked. so last week i dismantled the doors and suspected that there might be obstructions to moving parts so cleaned the mechanical parts, lubricated them but same result. then i disassembled the sealed lock motor mechanism as well cleane
  6. Hi I am currently thinking about buying a Mitsubishi Verada 2002 car. Is there anyone who knows about this vehicle? I want to know followings. It has a 3500cc engine a. How is the fuel consumption? b. any known issues with the engine? c. How is driving experience? d. Spareparts availability and cost. e. Any genuine advices are welcome Thank you dear experts
  7. Hi, I have a Nissan FB 1999 model. When I start the car and starts moving slowly there is a "grrrrr" like vibration coming from the engine for a like 2 seconds. After that I don't hear that noise until I start the car next time and starts moving again. Also when I press the brake, it is also getting locked and a "grrrrr" noise coming from the brake padal. When I release the brake and press on the padal again, its all normal and i can drive for whole day without that issue happening again. These 2 issues only happens when I start the car and starts moving only. What could be
  8. what are the things that i should consider when i buy a fb15?
  9. I own nissan Fb15 new shell (YoM-2003) and fuel consumption of car is very low. it only does around 8 Km/Ltr city limits and out station it does around 9 Km/ Ltr. Once I changed the air flow sensor but the performance is same as earlier. Any body know about this matter and how can it be rectified..
  10. What is the difference between nissan fb15 and fb15 V*P?
  11. What is the price for nissan fb15 super saloon 2000?
  12. hello everyone i am going to buy my 1st car in next month, My budget is 19-22 lkhs Considering the comfort,fuel efficiency,ease of maintenance Which model i should select, Swift jeep model,beetle model,viva elite,celerio or any others Please give your valuable ideas since i am just a kid in this auto world. Thanks Cheers
  13. Hi I have a FB15 and suddently when I was trying to start the engine I notice my battery is low and even the bulb indicating on the same. Then use a jumper and another battery to start the engine finally it works, but still the old battery is not so good and what I want to know now even the car is not that pick up and smooth after this incident. Is that issue relates to the battery or not?
  14. Hello everyone, I recently sold my Indian alto and now searching for a good Japan car for around 2M. I am going to use the car for 3 years and want to sell it after 3 years. So can I have suggestions from the PROS regarding a specific models which I can buy for my budget with good condition and good after market sale? Need a car for do the basic maintenance, fill up fuel and ride. No time to waste in garage. I am normally using the highways in the weekend and need a car to suite for that requirement as well. I am looking for Patrol, Auto gear, full option, sedan model car.
  15. Hi im new for this forum , hope u people will help me. I recently brought 2003 FB15 new shell (126000KM), after i got it i done all the services including tune up and scan . before 3days ago i got some prob in low speed engine was suddenly cut off with some vibration. but in high rpm i kept engine without cut off any how i manage to took the vehicle in to garage. thing is when i reached to garage problem was vanished. how ever we scan the engine and check the wire harness we didn't found any thing wrong in there and also we check the air flow readings that also normal . is anyone have exper
  16. Hello guys, I am willing to buy a car for which can afford 1.5 to 1.8 mil. Please give a hand for me with this issue considering specific technical issues, FC, Maintenance costs.. At the moment I have three cars in my mind. 1 Nissan FB 15 2 Nissan N16 3 Suzuki Swift jeep model your expert comments are highly appreciated thanx all
  17. Hi friends.. I would like to clarify about mechanical problems in FB 15 model manufactured before 2001/2000?
  18. Hi, What are the differences between Nissan FB15 1999 Ex saloon, Super saloon and super saloon gold badge? Thanks.
  19. I’m finding a car for 18-19lks in these days. i don't know much about cars and this will be my first car. one of my cousin have found a FB15 for me(he knows well about vehicles).it's in good condition and below are the details FB15 1999(dec) 1500cc Super saloon Auto they asked(seller) 20lks and we were able to bargain in to 19lks. i heard that there are some problems in sensors in 1999 or older fb15 cars. Is it true? is it worth to buy this car for 19lks as its in good condition ? much appreciate your valuable advices
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