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Found 4 results

  1. One of my office colleague is looking for a small size car and found a unregistered Passo 2007 model with an odometer reading of 33k. We had a doubt on the mileage as the car should have done less than 10k per year till it's export to SL in early 2011. the other odd fact we noticed that as to why the car has not got sold for more than 2.5 years. So we requested for JAAI certificate from the sellers. JAAI dated 20 Aug 2010 clearly indicated a odometer reading at the time of inspection to be 33,117km, so I tried contacting JAAI to verify the certificate. After failing to get thru via call, wrote to them on info at jaai . or .jp with the certificate no, car make model YOM and I intentionally put the Odometer reading 20,000km less than what was in the certificate (Just to make sure they respond). today morning I received the response, like this Dear ............... The odometer reading-13,117km which you said in your e-mail is different from our record. Our record of the Mileage at the inspection time is 83,117km. thank you N.OKANO JAAI if you need to know the seller of this car, refer to the topic tag
  2. අලුත් recondition වාහනයක් ගන්නවානම් ‘’Best Change Lanka (Pvt) Ltd ’’ එකෙන් ගන්න කලින් හොදට check කරන්න. මොකද accident වෙච්ච වාහන, accident free කියලා fake documents හදලා විකුනනවා. මේ කොළ පාට Toyota passo Moda G 2019 car එක accident වෙලා චැසියත් repair කරලා. මම ගන්න කලින් Toyota Inspection දාපු නිසා බේරුනා. Inspection report, reservation payment invoice බලන්නකෝ attach කරලා තියෙනවා පොස්ට් එකට. වාහන අලෙවිකරු - O**** T********** Quick site seller Name - Bc Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Location - Delkanda …………………………………………………………………………………………………... If you are purchasing a new reconditioned vehicle, please avoid the following car sale (refer attached images) and this guy named as O****. The car sale name is ‘’Best Change Lanka (Pvt) Ltd ’’. This sale is a home based one near Delkanda. The vehicle that I inspected was a Toyota passo Moda G 2019 ( Refer attached images). According to the fake documents that this guy shows you and advertise, auction grade of this vehicle is 5 and it has JAAI certification also. And the documents says its accident free. In the inspection, Toyota team found out that this car has caught up with a major accident and then has been repaired ( vehicle inspection report is also attached herewith). Before my reservation, Omith agreed to refund the full amount (payment invoice is attached also), but he only refunded a partial amount of my reservation fee. Final advice - please check well and buy, and avoid these dealers. Special thanks to Toyota Lanka for saving me from this tragedy.
  3. Just to start the conversation, Is it legal to repair a condemned car, make it look like accident free from outside and resell it for the normal market value of non condemned version of the same car. Because a friend of mine just caught in something similar.
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not please move it and accept my apologies. There is something really wrong with the diesel supplied at the IOC shed near commercial bank borella. I've been filling there for the last few months and noticed a huge drop in mileage (doing around 8km/l with great difficulty). Switched to another shed (non IOC) and immediately returned to 10km/l which is my usual average. I'm not sure what to conclude - either the fuel is substandard or quantity is reduced.
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