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Found 21 results

  1. Im going to buy a Honda city 2002 automatic transmission. How is the fuel coconsumption and market price
  2. Hi guys, These days i'm looking for a small car (my first) fit to my budget (less than 1.4 MN) Can you advice me on Nissan March K 11 (1998/Manual) and Mazda Demio (1999/Manual) models regarding following fields: 1. Value for Money 2. Spare parts and repair facilities 3.Fuel consumption Thank You Thilina Herath
  3. Hey guys, I am going to buy my first vehicle. I need some advise on choosing it. My budget is 2.5 - 3 million. These are the cars that I am interested in so far. Kia Cerato (something around 2010) Kia Rio (Not sure if I can find one, but interested in something around 2010) Ford Focus (around 2010) Mitsubishi Lancer GLX (I think I will have to settle for 2008, if I am going for this option) Could you please comment on the fuel consumption and the reliability. I am trying to find fuel economical car that doesn't cost a fortune to maintain. I am very attracte
  4. Hi All, First a fall this is a great place to know and share automotive knowledge. I would appreciate if you guys can suggest me a car(s) or suv(s) for daily commute (6 days per week)with, 1.) price between Rs. 2 Million - 2.5 Million 2.) Decent fuel mileage 3.) Convenient maintenance. Etc. 4.) Traveling distance requirement is 25km one way back and forth to the office? Thanks in advance ??
  5. Hello everyone! I'm planning to buy an used car around 3M. Please help me to choose the right one for my budget. Information about fuel consumption also will be appreciated. My Suggestions : 1.Toyota vitz 2007-2009. 2.Honda Fit GE6. 3.Mazda Axela 2004-2005 Help me guys.
  6. Laksha 10kata wage ganna puluwan fuel consumption hoda cars monawada? Maruti nethuwa.
  7. hi I'm going to buy my first car.my budget is about Rs.1.2m.Pls give me information about this areas of proton WIRA car. 1 fuel consumption (from 2001 and above) 2 driving compatability 3 availability of spare parts 4 these days price of this vehicle 5 resell ability 6 which is the ideal car for this budget Thanks all
  8. I'm looking to buy a toyota car around 6 to 6.7 million. I have a choice between toyota used (2014) premio or 2015 or above toyota axio hybrid? I have bellow considerations too. 1. Fuel consumption of each models. 2. Second hand market of the car. I know premio has luxary looking interior compared to the axio. If i'm buying toyota axio, i'll buy unregustered vehicle which has very low millege and if it would be premio, bellow 50000kms. Could you guys please comment down your openion with your experiences?
  9. Hello friends Pls advice me to buy a japan used car & my budget 15-25 lks. Automatic transmission , fuel consumption within 12-18 kmpl.
  10. plz tell me about fuel consumption in this vehecal
  11. I recently bought a Lancer Ex 2008 GLS which is a A/T car. I'm using 95 Octane as fuel. I can only get 8 to 9 KM/L out of it in city limits. I heard that manual Lancer EX does more than 12, 13 KM/L in city limits. My questions are Is there a ECO mode where I gain get more? Best practices to be followed(in A/T)? How can I improve? Any techniques or advice? Thanks in advance
  12. I wan to know fuel consumption of the FD3 ... ? my car does 12 km per liter in mix hill and flat terrain.
  13. Hey Guys Im using a Viva Elite which now has a mileage of 20 000 Km. I purchased it brand new in 2014. It has a fuel consumption of 10 Km/l in Colombo & about 16-17 Km/l in the express ways ( maintaining a speed of 100km/h). Is it the average fuel consumption for the viva Elite? Some of my friends tells me that generally it does about 11-12 Km/l in Colombo. Generally I maintain the rpm at 2500 in Colombo and maintains the tyre pressure at 28 psi.Also I use 92 octane gasoline and I recently checked the plugs and they were also ok. Thank You
  14. I bought a mitsubishi lancer CK2 1996 in recently..it does around only 9km/l with A/c in city limits. But my friend has a same type of car and does about 11km/l with a/c in the city limits.. this is 1500CC carb type model. could you please anyone tell me that the actual fuel consumption of a ck2 carb type 1500CC in the city limits? And I need to know that a better place to tune up the carburetor of my car...? thank you...
  15. please fuel consumption and maintenance cost of Toyota ist 2002-2004.. and need to make a choice between ist and swift beetle..
  16. Dear Friends Few weeks ago i checked my Honda engine specification and it does feel me that best power and torque at RPM 4000-5000 (D15Z4). So i drove my car at around 3000-3500 RPM and shift the gear that RPM. I feel little bit comfortable with this RPM. Car pulls very well and the important thing is fuel consumption also good. it was normally 10 Km per litre and now around 12 km in the .someone told me if you drive under 2000RPM you can get more fuel economy. But i had to depress the accelerator to and need to shift the gears very frequently. So now running around 3000-3500 RPM and just li
  17. Hello, I would like to know how much fuel Petrol Mitsubishi Pajeros consume on average. I'm looking at a 2005ish V73 or a 2008ish V93. Thanks
  18. Guys, I had 165/70-R14 Goodyear tire (stock tires) in my AK12. I have recently replaced both front tires and replaced with 185/70-R14 MAXXIS tires. The shop owner asked me to have a wheel balancing after replacing tires. I drove in the expressway and felt that my car was consuming more fuel than previous times. Could anyone tell me the relationship between increasing of the tire size, wheel balancing and fuel consumption. Thanks.
  19. I am using a nissan vanette (C220) LD 20 engine since 6 years from the begining it was doing 14 per litre without A/C but recently i noticed that this doesnt do fuel as previous.So i took my van to AG* diesel care where they have main branch at panchikaw***e and a brand at patt*ya handiya so when i took there they told to sevice the fuel pump and then they pressured injestors too and they replaced the housing of the diesel pump too .though they have done all this but now my van does only 7-8 with A/C.Actually this is like a prado therefore i took this again to them and complained then they a
  20. Hi.. My car is a Nissan Sunny fb14, 1500cc petrol, manual transmission, 210k on odo, 1997 Yom. Problem is its high fuel consumption. It does abt 9.5km/ltr. Done an efi cleanup (not ultrasonic) and tune-up recently. Fixed New Air filter and fuel filter. I normally drive 7kms in the morning and back to homein the evening. (No traffic blocks average speed abt 60km/hr) Lower AC usage (turn on and off when required). With AC, Idleing is ok but when going in uphill I feel more vibrations. Previous owner has open the Mass Air flow sensor circuit (located on throttle body) and when I open that I c
  21. Hi, I heard about a circuit which can fix to any 5Fwd cars/vans to increase the fuel Consumption extra 20-30%. See below ads, http://allinone.lk/index.php/clasifields/item/10_services/53_electronic-fuel-server- http://www.autobase.lk/directory/find/category/0/city/0/page/16/keyword/- I'm using a Mitsubishi ASP model (1991) Manual car (1500cc engine). It does only 8-9Km/1ltr within city limits. I thought to fix this equipment (only Rs 2500-2900) to my car but need an advice before making the deal. I called them to check more details and they said that it worked for 3000+ cars so far. Ple
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