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Found 18 results

  1. my mazda familia will not move in the mornings until the temperature increase.Further HOLD signe flashes until the car start moving.ATF is okay.What is the reason for this problem.How can I over come this problem.
  2. Hello! Hope you’re all keeping safe! Yesterday I was driving my moms HT32 XTrail which has 81k kms on it and while driving downhill at the Pita Kotte junction, I felt the usual EV-Petrol shift jerk, a bit intensified and the vehicle started vibrating a bit. Like the engine was sputtering, sort of. And so my obvious reaction was to stop the vehicle. It was then that I realised that the Engine had shut off. I tried restarting the engine and it did, but when I shifted the gear to try and drive it to the side of the road, the engine turned off again. By then the Engine Check light, ESP, Brake Warning and Master Caution lights were illuminating on the dash. I somehow managed to push the car to a side and park it by the side of the road but unfortunately was not able to find any mechanics to diagnose the issue. So I had to tow it back home. Can anyone here please give me any credible information regarding this? I’m quite sure it’s the infamous gearbox issue that played up, and I’m sure it has something fishy to do with the apparent “gearbox replacement” that was done in June of 2020 by Sterling Aftercare. Can anyone give me any advice as to how I should proceed from here on please? Thank you! Hope you all have a much pleasant Sunday than I am having!
  3. I have a Honda Civic FD4 - 2008 with mileage 150,000km Stafford maintained. There is a jerk in the gearbox when I put onto the reverse every morning. Once it happens, it is there when I put to D also. If I switch off the car and on again, problem disappeared. It happens only when the car is started after long rest. ATF also changed very recently. Any one came across with the same problem and know a solution? Thank you.
  4. I am asked to replace tapper cover (rocker cover) and gear box mount for my Viva elite (100k+ kms done). Estimate for both at the agent is about 85k with engine tune up. Any members can share your experience with this change? Are these critical jobs which I can only the trust the agent with?
  5. Dear matts , suzuki every p17 van trip tonic on dashboard the gear box warning light showing and it’s no moving when i put in Driving mode what should i do ? What is the solution?
  6. My Toyota Carina my road 1991 model it is facing reverse gear problem.In the morning the car goes in reverse gear but if it kept in. Cold about a hour reverse gear don't work.it needs to run in forward about 5 Km then the reverse works again and if reverse works for a time it always work until rest of more than 1 hour.so in cold it doesn't work but in Garrard morning it works and in hot or running also work so please help me that what I can do
  7. I have a Nissan Tiida 2008 model, clocked at 96k. Today suddenly reverse gear stopped working. no matter engine is cold or hot it's not working, however when I put the gear into R and accelerate the engine, its engaging about at 3000 rpm. Once it engaged I can reverse without problem. Other gears are working fine as usual. I have change the gear oil every 30k miles with Nissan branded trans oil. also i have checked the gear oil levels and its not low. What could be the problem? How much it cost to replace the auto gearbox I am from kandy. Are there any reputed gearbox mechanics around kandy?
  8. Hi Guyz, Hope I've selected the correct section to post my thread. I have a Daihatsu MIra 2017 New Face version. Yesterday I suddenly hit the vehicle in a bump and damaged the gear box cover. Appreciate if you could let me know a place to buy a new gear box and a place to fix the gear box. Thank you in advance guyz. Regards geek
  9. Hi Guys .... one year before I bought Mazda bj5p . after few months ago have some gear box issue (over drive button blink .) after i went to Nilwala moters, they fix the gear box issue . now gear shifting problem is OK, but i feel have some issue in the gear shifting . (have some delay and feel gear shifting ). I happened only some time. what can I do for this ?
  10. I have 2014 Honda GP5 which has 45000km milleage. Recently car started gave gearbox warning. I have changed the dct oil after warning appeared but it didn't resolve the issue. After driving sometime warning appears but there's no change in gear changing or pulling power. Everything feels normal. Warning gives with d indicator flashing. After warning appears car cannot put to park gear. When car restart warning get removed. I want expert advice what to except before go to repair it. Currently I'm not running the car to avoid any further damage.
  11. Honda Grace DCT transmission issue is with only 2014/2015 model, not in 2016. is this correct?
  12. I have a Honda Grace 2015. Suddenly, I noticed an issue. When I try to move forward, after stopping it on a small hilly area, the car moves backwards. This happens till I get enough acceleration for pick up. So, now I have to hold the hand brake and accelerate so that it won't move backwards. This is very embarrassing. Is it time to change gear oil? It has run for 30000 km. Your experience will be helpful.
  13. Hi All, Need some advice from the experts here regarding a possible gearbox failure in my NZT260 Toyota Allion (1NZ-FE). Couple of days back when I was on the way and fortunately closer to my home the car started to rev high up when accelerating and started experiencing a huge power loss to the wheels. I got home and I have kept the car in place till today without moving it to prevent any further damage. So basically the car engages the Drive mode and when accelerating the car barely moves (does not get past 20 km/h) but the engine revs high up. Only reverse is working without any loss of power. No noise or any cranking is heard from the tranny. Mechanics suggest that it is a common failure in CVT type transmissions in Toyotas' and it cannot be repaired, but replaced the whole transmission in full. All the maintenance have been done through Toyota Lanka and CVT transmission oil was replaced at the recommended intervals right throughout (CVT oil was changed in the last service as well). Toyota Lanka says the part is more than 900k, but recons are around 175k the least. The car has close to 186k mileage. Has anyone else running similar transmission experienced this? Is it possible to repair? If it has to be replaced, any tips on buying the part, replacement? Value all your ideas regarding this Regards.
  14. Hi all, My Japanese alto gave a slight clicking sound when turning the steering wheel (to the left) and accelerating. This sound was diagnosed as a CV joint failure by my mechanic. Therefore, we replaced the entire left side shaft along with the inner and outer CV joints. Brand new CV joints were not available and had to settle with second hand Japanese parts from Delkanda. However the sound was not sorted out. After another trip to the garage, the right shaft , joints and rack boots were replaced. This also resulted with no improvement of the sound. Now the odd part is that the mechanic is now suspecting a bush of the AT gear box as the cause. He is saying that I have to replace the entire gearbox in the worst-case-scenario. Have you guys experienced this type of an issue? If so, how do you diagnose this?
  15. Guys, I need a Toyota KR41 (Townace – Noah) carburetor engine (5K, 1500cc) and a manual gearbox (5 forward). [This engine is not using nowadays as I know. Almost all are converted to diesel.] Does any of you know a place I can look for..? I've heard that there is a place converting KR to CR in Wadduwa. Do you guys have a contact number..? Thanks and appreciate your help.
  16. Dear Mazda experts, I dont have any hands on experience with Mazdas so i need a little help. I had a look at a BJ5W special edition car, its 2001 clocked at around 160k .Me and my trusty mechanic had a thorough look at the car and a test drive. The model is a 2001 Mazda BJ5W Special edition with all 4 disk brakes, the engine is ZL-VE (With Variable Vale timing engine - SVT). The engine and suspension are in super condition. The gearbox is not the normal one found in familia, it has manumatic gearbox (tiptronic). And the main problem is with the gearbox. On our test drive i noticed that the entire car vibrates initially and after gaining some speed it becomes normal. The tires are a bit worn so we thought that this was the reason but on a longer run i noticed that the car only jitters on first and middle gears, after like 3rd its completely fine. This vibration is not coming from the suspension, im 100% sure. According to my mechanic this is due to gear slipping, or at least the start of a problem in the gearbox which will lead to gear slipping. Is my mechanic correct, could this be the start of a problematic gearbox ? (he has a fair amount of experience with mazdas, even now he has about 2-3 mazdas and 1 bj5w on repair so he is no noob according to my understanding) Is this gearbox CVT or AT ? If i need to replace the gearbox after i buy it what will my financial damage be ? What is the model of this gearbox (i saw something like 4E-AT on the door, is this the model), and most importantly can this gearbox be found locally (i can call mazna but i dont know the model of the gearbox to ask them) My mechanic adviced me that this was not worth the hassle, is this the right call ?
  17. Hi there members, After a long time and hope you guys are keeping well. I had a slight issue with my Nissan Cefiro A33 yesterday and I hope you guys can help me sort it out. Yesterday I was travelling to Kandy from Colombo when suddenly I felt that the gears are not shifting smoothly. This happend when I was passing Pasyala area after starting the journey from Moratuwa. For a certain period of time gears were not shifting eventhough the RPM raised. Then I stopped at a nearby garage and since it wasn't open I had to wait for like 20 minutes until the mechanics come and the car engine had been stopped. When the mechanics start the test drive there wasnt any issue of shifting gears and all were ok. So again I started with the journey and continued until Kegalle when the gear shifting again started failing. Then again I stopped the car for a while and after few minutes rest the problem sorted. I parked the car at a friends house in peradeniya and came back to colombo by bus. Guys My periodic service is due and also I have run for like 25,000 km from my last ATF change. Can you guys advice me on this issue. Thanks and best regards,
  18. My 2007 Fiat Punto (petrol) has a 5 speed dualogic gearbox. This has both auto and manual modes. The gearbox doesnt go to auto mode but the manual mode is working. when we called up the service center, they said that the clutch might have to be replaced. further they said that untill this is fixed its okay to run on manual mode. so we ran on manual mode for couple of days, and suddenly the auto mode started working again. The dashboard LCD gives a message as "check transmission" from time to time now. but if there is a clutch issue, im guessing that it should affect both auto and manual modes. can anybody please give me some advise? Anyways im planning to take her to the service centre as my service is due in couple of weeks.
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