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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Folks, I'm hoping to go for a Honda fit Gp5 (below 70k mileage) as my first car. I have a few questions in mind, - Is it a good idea to go for a fit at the mileage as the first car ? - What should i look out for in terms of possible big issues(mechincal, electronic etc)? - Any general advice around the honda fit hybrid engines ? like do they give issues at that mileage or when they pass 100k etc. and suggestions and any other general advice :) Thanks in advance :)
  2. 1. Do modern cars need timing chain replacement ? 2. If so, does any one know when to replace timing chain in Honda GP5 ? 3. As a user why should I care about interference engine or non - interference engine details ? What info would be valuable to us ? 3. Does any one know weather GP5 has interference engine or non - interference engine ?
  3. My Honda Gp5 coolent resovoir tank cap broken ( noticed today ). Is there a place I can buy it ? Worst case I would buy full tank . Can anyone recommend a place to search ?
  4. I have a honda fit gp5 done only 34000km. Irecently found out a samall oil leak at the bottom of the gear box.could any one explain the reason behind this.also there is a small hall in the middle of the gear box.i could see the bearings of the connecting leaver through this hall.. does anyone knows the purpose of that. Image
  5. In my honda fit GP5 I'm getting a "chiri chiri" (metal scrape) noise when my left front wheel hit a rough road with shocks. I'm not getting any noise or anything wired voice when I'm turning the steering wheel. I worried whether I'm having any trouble with my rack ends since I hit a bumbler on the road around 80Kmh few weeks back. Does any one have any opinion about this problem and what's the best thing to do? (eg. whether do a wheel aliment first) Thank you very much.
  6. So I was on a hunt for a car for few months. Was initially planning to buy a used Honda GP1. Then decided to buy a GP5 as I saw 2014/15 GP5 being priced around 4 mil price range. Then I thought of importing a reconditioned one as I managed to stretch my budget a bit and spoke with a vehicle importer and asked for quotations. But he said now vehicle taxes has changed and cars like GP5 & Aqua (with 1.5l engine) costs more than before. He suggested going for a smaller engine hybrid like Swift RS or a normal car like Vitz, both of which I have ruled out due to various reasons. Eno
  7. From few days in my Honda Fit GP5 2014, the car audio system (pioneer AVH-265BT) can only operate on the reverse gear. If I'm not on the reverse gear setup is fully locked and I can't control anything. (Buttons are not working and display is turned off) To go to the menu or change the channel I have to put my car into the reverse gear. Does anyone have a clue about what's going on here?
  8. Any one got English honda fit gp5 user manual..?
  9. Hey guys, So just planned to do quick review after driving a specific car as it would help most of the people who seek out details about a particular model. Those entries contain details about how the car is like to drive, comfort level, build quality and interesting facts(if there are any). So I will be unable to post details about long term ownership and maintenance. This review is based on Honda Fit GP5, which is one of the most common cars in SL roads and one of my favourite cars to drive. Driving I have driven this car in hilly areas, bends, stretches and bad roads. So
  10. Hello , I personally Import a Honda FIT GP5 (2015) on May this year. Now the mileage is around 4250Km.And I was planning to do a service at 5000km. Then I searched for Service Schedule available online , but unable to find them. Then I found that Japanese 'Maintenance note" that came with the "spare smart key". As per it i don't need to do a Engine oil service worst case for 7500km. Can any one give me recommendation on this based on Sri Lankan context. Please see the table. (http://dilancw.blogspot.com/2015/10/honda-fit-gp5-service-maintanence-manual.html ) BTW. About the manual i have
  11. I have 2014 Honda GP5 which has 45000km milleage. Recently car started gave gearbox warning. I have changed the dct oil after warning appeared but it didn't resolve the issue. After driving sometime warning appears but there's no change in gear changing or pulling power. Everything feels normal. Warning gives with d indicator flashing. After warning appears car cannot put to park gear. When car restart warning get removed. I want expert advice what to except before go to repair it. Currently I'm not running the car to avoid any further damage.
  12. Want to bye buy a car pls please recommend these tow two Honada Honda GP5 or Toyota Aqva Aqua ?
  13. With a budget around Rs. 4.2 M which car out of the followings will be better i.e. Vitz 2018 or Fit GP5 2014 or Aqua 2014?? Especially in terms of, - standard of the car - fuel worthiness - maintenance costs (including hybrid battery cost)
  14. Hey Guys First of all I know the Honda fit has been extensively discussed multiple times on this forum but do bear with me and hear me out since this is a bit of a specific clarification. I would value your opinions and ideas regarding this. So I'm a little paranoid when it comes to buying used cars and I am more comfortable if I was to buy a trusted friends vehicle. Given the fact that what we get for about 3.5 Mil plus these days are tiny 3 pot keis I have no option but to go for a used car. I'm not overly concerned on fuel consumption or resale but more focus on Maintenance cos
  15. Hello, I have couple of questions about my Honda Fit GP5. 1. I’m about to change my car’s transmission oil. Should I go for the company or it is safe to go for a reputed service station for this? 2. I used Mobil 0W-20 oil (fully synthetic) as the engine oil which I changed in every 7500 k.m. intervals. Now I’m planning to move to Toyota 0W-20 oil (Mineral 5000k.m.) considering facts like not heavy daily run, both service & oil change can be done at once, cost effectiveness. Is it OK to change the oil I used for sometime? 3. Before the above oil brand change (mentioned i
  16. Hi guys, I want to buy Honda FIT GP5 or GP1 (2012/2013) model. But I don't want a hybrid. Its very difficult to find a non-hybrid FIT(Except before 2010 model) in Sri Lanka. Why everyone importing only hybrids. Please suggest me any importer who can import non hybrid FIT. And also, advice me on the price range for both GP1 and GP5, hope the price is same as hybrids.
  17. My Honda FIT GP5 S Grade 16' ALLOY got damaged badly. I want to buy it from somewhere near colombo or suburb. (It's too expensive in S***D M****S & S****G. Can anyone suggest me a good place to buy original GP5 S Grade 16' ALLOY? Attached image is what I'm looking the type of ALLOY. Thanks in Advance.
  18. Hi, I own a Honda Fit GP5 2015 S grade (Highest trim level). Today when I'm locking the car from the left door lock button (I've auto folding turned on), I heard this loud squeak noise from the mirror while its on folding operation. But it doesn't have any issues other that that noise (It folds and un-folds in regular speed as usual). Then I checked the right side mirror, and it folds/un-folds without abnormal noise. I've washed the car yesterday. I don't know whether it occurred due to a water leakage into the mirror assy. Do you guys experienced anything similar to this? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi Guys, I was looking for a Honda FIT Hybrid GP5 and after visiting many places in couple of weeks time, I met few people who helped me to understand the reality of Car Sales and Imports. I almost shocked by hearing and what SL importers ( Not ALL ) do. It was about cut a car in half, bring it down here as separate parts and weld them ( Assume there has to be a more technical term than "Weld" ) together and sell them through Car Sales around the country. (Again not in all car sales) However, I was not able to buy a GP5 and price went up (Recently) and was asked to wait few more months at l
  20. please address this doubts,, 1- is it useless to use eco mode when the vehicle runs on hills (fuel efficiency side) ? 2- is it process with a higher fuel efficiency while inactive Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) ? 3- do we can get high fuel efficiency numbers with cruiz control?
  21. Hi all, We are planing to buy a HYBRID car for daily use in colombo city. Fuel economy & resell value are the major concerns. What is the best one (from Aqua G & FIT GP5) to buy? Please add here plus & minus of each model for select the best one for me. Thanks.
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