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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm planning to buy a used SUV. My budget is under 4M. I have seen advertisements for Toyota Harrier 1999/2000 YOM for around 3.4M. Is it a good deal? Does this vehicle have any major issues. Any other SUVs that I can look for? Thank you
  2. Hi Autolankans 😀, I'm happy to get to know about Toyota Harrier 300g YOM 2003 (180000Km). Hope some one can help me 1. What are the common issues of this vehicle? 2. How is the maintainance cost? 3. How easy to find spare parts? is it like other Toyotas? 4. What is the best market price these days? 5. What is the fuel consumption of this? (Previous owner syays that it does 15Km/L 😁) Thanks in advance
  3. Dear All, I’m new to Sri Lankan roads. In my thinking best means reliability, dependability, comfort and performance. Looking to buy a such ride for me around 4M. I know I can’t go for a new one matching these criteria with my budget. So I’m fine with an old car. Following are my concerns. - I have 3kids in the family so the car has to be bigger or it has to be a SUV - I don't have much time to hang in the workshops, So I expect a vehicle not fragile with less frequent repairs. - Parts must be available; it doesn't have to be in every shop here and there. but at-least in couple of shops in the country (doesn’t has to be so cheap, but available) -Availability of reliable workshops; I can’t afford IWS or D*MO; but it doesn't has to be cheaper like a normal garage - Having a fuel efficiency of at-least 6km per liter - I don't care about the registered number -having some resale capability (at-least within 4 months) What I understand from studying a bit, different models of the same car have huge gaps in reliability and market price in Sri Lankan roads. As an example W211 E200 Komp has more market value that E240. Highly appreciate if you can guild me and suggest few options/models. Country of manufacturer doesn't matter.
  4. New Toyota Harrier 4th Generation to be unveil during June 2020 Dear All, Brief below will provide a quick snapshot of features & specifications of all new Toyota Harrier 2021 model. Appreciate your comments. The 4th generation XU80 Toyota Harrier is set to premiere in June this year in Japan. New model will come along with advanced styling & feature updates that make the vehicle even more unique & sportier than before, leading the path towards a new Urban SUV genre. Main Features: 1.Exterior The new Harrier XU80 has a front view that emphasizes its sharp and fearless styling through the continuity of lines flowing from the front upper grill through to the headlamps. The signature lamps emphasize the individuality and technical advancement of the new Harrier, enabling it to be easily distinguished from a distance. Projector LED Head lamps with L shape DRLs Despite a simple structure, the side view offers a dynamically changing body cross section that creates a rich expressiveness while giving a powerful sense of movement. The combination of a narrowed coupe cabin with sports car-like wheel housings extending from both sides of the body gives a generous ruggedness to the rear view. The light from a thin, sharp line of tail lamps and stop lamps gives it an overwhelming sense of presence. LED High mount Stop Lamp ( Long Type ) A total of seven muted colors will be available, including Precious Black Pearl <219>, Slate Gray Metallic <1K9>, White Pearl Crystal Shine <070>, Black <202>, Sensual Red Mica <3T3>, Steel Blonde Metallic <4X1>, Dark Blue Mica <8X8> 19 Inch multi spoke alloys with 225/55R19 Tires 2.Interior The center console presents a wide and imposing impression of a horse's saddle. It combines with an instrument panel set within the edges of the saddle to present a generous ruggedness with an emphasis on individuality. Extending out from the instrument panel to the door trims on either side, the rich and full dashboard presents a generous breadth, wrapping around the occupants to give a sense of security and comfort. The interior employs tactile synthetic leather to create the image of a natural-looking silhouette wrapped in thick leather, and bentwood-inspired*3 wood tones and piping throughout, presenting a casual air of quality. TFT - Wide Touch center display along with Electrostatic heater control panel A panorama roof, used for the first time by Toyota, is equipped with electric shades and electro-chromatic windows. Dimming the windows fosters a feeling of quality as soft light penetrates the cabin. The interior employs low-contrast browns, grays, and blacks. This calming atmosphere gives the interior space a feeling that is both chic and mature 3.Platform The new Harrier uses the TNGA (GA-K) platform for its basic structure. This creates a highly rigid body with a low center of gravity in pursuit of both ride comfort and vehicle driving performance with a focus on driver sensitivity. The TNGA platform brings with it the latest all-new Dynamic Force Engine and Direct Shift-CVT. Together with the continually evolving Toyota Hybrid System (THS II), the vehicle achieves a direct driving experience and superior fuel performance. With hybrid specifications also including 2WD models, the new Harrier offers more options than ever. 2.5L Hybrid engine (THS II) : A25A-FXS with two variants; Front Wheel Drive Four Wheel Drive (E-Four) 2.0L Gasoline engine : M20A-FKS with two variants ; Front Wheel Drive Four Wheel Drive The suspension system benefits from MacPherson struts at the front and a double wishbone setup at the rear. The front and rear suspension geometry has also been optimized to produce a well balanced rigid body. Through thorough tuning and testing, Toyota has pursued a ride that is both solid and graceful. To improve steering convergence in the new Harrier, from the first moment driving off and then on the highways, shock absorbers that ensure smooth pedal stroke even in very low speed ranges are used. This enables the driver to feel the tires gripping the road. 4. Advanced Features The new Harrier comes with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS ) Package which includes; Pre Collision Safety (PCS) : Detects pedestrians during the day and at night, as well as cyclists during the day. Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) : Supports High Way cruising Radar Cruise Control (RCC) : Includes advanced vehicle speed detection function to support dynamic cruise control Adaptive High Beam (AHB) & Adaptive High Beam System (AHS) : Support night time visibility Road Sign Assist (RSA) : Support road sign detection to limit speed etc. Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS) with Parking Support Brakes (Stationary Objects) : Helps reduce and/or mitigate damage from collisions during low-speed driving in parking lots, etc. Blind Sport Monitor (BSM) : Detects approaching vehicles which are in the blind sports Rear Cross Traffic Auto Break : When moving backward from the parking lot, it detects vehicles approaching from the left and right rear of the vehicle Active Cornering Assist (ACA) is employed for braking control to prevent under steering at corners. The Digital Inner Mirror, used for the first time by Toyota, enables recording of images to the front and rear of the vehicle while driving. Coupled with an electric power steering system that responds quickly to steering wheel movement and provides light steering, this creates a feeling of comfort in the vehicle's responsiveness. The hybrid model features a 100-volt (alternating current) / 1,500-watt accessory power outlet. This not only allows the use of electrical products using the same electrical outlets found in the home, but also enables the vehicle to be used as a power generator during blackouts and other times of emergency. Dedicated Communication Module (DCM), Display & Audio system comes as standard with few varients 8 Inch Display, Audio HIFi with 6 speaker system OR T-Connect SD navigation system with 12.3-inch TFT wide touch-display screen, with Smart Device Link (SDL) and other smartphone connectivity. The JBL premium sound system (9 speakers) creates an advanced and realistic acoustic space. Apply Car Play / Android Auto compatibility Smart Phone Connectivity enable to Start the vehicle engine & Air Conditioner via MyToyota Smart Phone Application. 5. Available Packages 6.Technical Specifications For those who are interested in previous generations of Harrier models please refer post below. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/20707-toyota-harrier-3rd-generation-xu60/?tab=comments#comment-317851
  5. Dear All, I am looking to buy a SUV for 10 million. Below are the options I am thinking 1) Mithubishi Montero 2013 2) Kia Sorento 2015 3) Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2014 or up 4) Honda CRV 2018 Please suggest which is the best buy for my budget. Regards Shan
  6. Hello Folks, I'm planning to buy an SUV which I expected to be reliable, has less maintenance cost, fewer problems and has a suspension system which provides a smoother ride. My budget is around 7 million. In addition, I will do some casual offroading once in a while and it's better if the resell value is good. Following are my contenders. 1. Fortuner 2012 2. MonteroSport 2012 3. Harrier 240G 2008/2009 (Crossover) 4. Lexus RX350 (Crossover) Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys, I did a research on new Harrier XU60, prior to my upgrade. If you are a HARRIER fan, hope this will help. TOYOTA HARRIER - 3rd Generation XU60 New Harrier 3rd generation launched Japan in 2013 and face lifted model from 2017 onwards. Generic model goes as XU60, derives on Toyota's new MC platform. https://toyota.jp/harrier/ Harrier comes in 3 Versions based on Engine Hybrid system namely ; Gasoline, Turbo, Hybrid. Each version has following "Option Grades"; 1. Gasoline comes with 2.0L Petrol engine 3ZR-FAE , Frame ZSU-60W (2WD) / ZSU-65W (4WD) -> Option Grades : Grand, Elegance, Elegance GR Sport, Premium, **Progress Package 2. Turbo comes with 2.0L Turbo charged Petrol engine 8AR-FTS, Frame ASU-60W (2WD) / ASU-65W (4WD) -> Option Grades : Grand, Elegance, Elegance GR Sport, Premium, **Progress Package 3. Hybrid comes with 2.5L Hybrid Engine 2AR-FXE , Frame Code AVU-65W (4WD) -> Option Grades : Grand, Elegance, Premium, **Progress Package With face-lifted 2017 model, Grand variant was removed and the Elegance became the base variant. Turbo Charged model got introduced along with 2017 facelift. ** Progress Package is also called as Advance Premium. *** Premium & Progress Packages have two interior trim variations called ; 1) Standard 2) Metal & Leather https://toyota.jp/harrier/grade/?padid=ag341_from_harrier_navi_grade You can refer full detailed Specs from below link. 1st column is for Turbo, 2nd for Hybrid & 3rd for Gasoline variations. https://toyota.jp/pages/contents/harrier/003_p_007/pdf/spec/harrier_spec_201706.pdf Unlikely during previous Harrier models, TOYOTA has decided to launch Harrier in international markets as well. Hence now its available both in Malaysia & Singapore but with slight option grade variations. These models equipped with English Multi-Information Display which is a plus. https://toyota.com.my/vehicles/suv/harrier https://www.toyota.com.sg/showroom/new-models/harrier New XU60 Harrier is mostly in par with Lexus NX, RX from option wise though they demarcated from outer appearance ( unlikely 2nd generation XU30 Harrier vs Lexus RX ). New face-lifted models includes Toyota Safety Sense P safety features such as, Adaptive Cruise Control ( powered with mmWave Radar ), Lane Departure Assist (LDA) , Pre-crash Safety System (PSS), Automatic High Beam (AHB), Automatic Parking Break, Break Hold. https://toyota.jp/harrier/safety/?padid=ag341_from_harrier_navi_safety Also it equipped with Dual Zone Climate Controlled A/C equipped with Nano-e, Panoramic Electric Twin Sun Roof, Heated side Mirrors and back door Windscreen, Power Electric memory leather seats, Heated and Ventilated Seats, Power Back Door, Power Tilt steering, Auto dimming Rear View Mirror, Intelligent Clearance Sonar (ICS)/Parking Assist, Hill Start Assist, Automatic Level Sensing Cornering LED Headlights, Sequential Turn Lights, Dual (Vertical & Horizontal ) LED Day Time Running Lights, Rain Sensing Wipers, Wireless charging, Auto Retract Mirrors, 7 SRS Air Bags, 360 Bird's Eye View with Steering Guide Lines equipped with factory installed JBL Audio Package + JBL Sub Woofer, Multi function Steering, 100v/100w AC outlet, Shark Fin Antenna, Scuff & Trim Illumination etc.. Features depend on Grade variations. Also Premium and above grades comes with a Smart RF Card Key which you can carry on your wallet. However it lacks virtual cockpit, powered & ventilated rear back seats, 3rd row seats, front & rear USB ports (only Premium Advance comes with single USB port inside center console), Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) etc when compared to European counterparts. https://toyota.jp/harrier/interior/?padid=ag341_from_harrier_navi_interior Harrier comes with few styling options. https://toyota.jp/harrier/exterior/?padid=ag341_from_harrier_navi_exterior 1) Toyota Styling Package Ver 1, 2, 3. ( With old model (pre 2017) there were special style editions called Style Mauve and Style Ash ). https://toyota.jp/harrier/accessories/ Harrier Turbo variation comes with a unique 18 inch alloy wheels which gives a very premium sporty look. 2) TRD Styling Package - Areo Ver 1,2 http://trdparts.jp/english/harrier/aero2.html 3) Modellista Styling Package Ver 1, 2 https://www.modellista.co.jp/product/harrier/ Out of above Modellista styling variations are quite popular. Harrier is a quite popular mid sized SUV in Sri Lanka from its 1st generation. It competes with Lexus RX/NX, Honda CRV, Nissan X-Trail, Peugoet 3008, Audi Q6, BMW X5. Being a TOYOTA it has a very good 2nd hand resale value too. Harrier is powered with 6 Speed Electronically Controlled Tiptronic Transmission (ECT) System which gives a very efficient fuel consumption. As per manufacture specs Gasoline does 16km/l, Turbo 13km/l & Hybrid 21.4km/l under standard idle conditions. However based on my personnel experience 2.0L Harrier Gasoline version does around 9~10 km/l in Colombo city traffic and above 14km/l ++ long distance. This is with ECO Mode + Smart Engine Auto Stop modes ON. When you switch to POWER mode, you can feel real glimpse of sporty racing drive. In Sri Lanka you can get both XU60 Harriers from 2013 and 2017 models mostly Grand, Elegance, Premium & Advance Premium Option grades. But you may hardly find Harrier Turbo grade as those variants goes above government permit CIF restrictions. Sadly due to government permit / duty restrictions nowadays its not possible to import Harrier in brand new condition. Hope things will change in time to come. Being a TOYOTA, Harrier gives very good value for money with its features, performance & professional design. Below link gives good overview of 2017 face lifted new Harrier. (Official TOYOPET version ..... of course in Japanese ? ) English version of review. Your comments well appreciated. Thanks.
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