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Found 13 results

  1. Guys, I have a problem with resetting the timing belt indicator of ISUZU ELF truck(Engine: 4jg2) after replacing the timing belt. There are no KSW holes on the indicator panel of this model. Here I attach pictures of the indicator panel. Please help me
  2. Dear All, I'm having Suzuki SX4 2011 Japanese Model Sportsback (Not Sedan) Car. There is an issue in this car with the Immobilizer. When the key is turn to the ON position, the Immobilizer Bulb doesn't light up immediately. Accordingly, when the key is further turned for starting, the engine doesn't start. But after keeping the key in ON position for about 5 minutes, then light comes up. Then the engine can be started. If I start the engine and stop, and if I again turn the key to ON position, then the bulb comes up, and can be started. If the car is stopped for some time, then same issue comes up. (Waiting time for illuminating the immobilizer bulb is varied.) I replaced the battery of the key, but the issue is still there. Can someone help me in this regard? Thanks.
  3. Guys, Any idea what this symbol is about? It’s in my friends 2015 Aqua
  4. Dear matts , suzuki every p17 van trip tonic on dashboard the gear box warning light showing and it’s no moving when i put in Driving mode what should i do ? What is the solution?
  5. Hi, I get the "Honda Smart Key System Check" warning message in my Honda Vezel (2014). This message appears frequently but not always. Any idea what its all about? Also looking for recommendations to whom should I consult for this issue apart from Dealer. Thanks
  6. Hi, I need to know about Aqua 2014 model. Indicators are working properly but "BEEP" sound not functional i-e No Beep sound. Kindly guide me reason for this problem. thnx
  7. So I got my gasket replaced and once the work was done, I look at the dashboard to see that now there is a permanent airbag light. Also, when I revved the engine the instrument cluster would switch off and on rapidly. So the mech tapped on some plugs & wires and although the rapid flickering stopped, it does feel slightly twitchy. The radio & climate control LCD screen are perfectly fine though. Also, when I reached home, I noticed a variation in the sound and saw that the engine is idling at less than 800rpm. Mech isn't an expert on wiring but he told me I might have some sort of a short circuit/loose connection somewhere. Nothing wrong with the battery terminals, infact the positive terminal is new. I'll take it to a technician tomorrow morning, I just wanted to know what to expect. This car has started to stab me in the back now
  8. When the ignition switch is turned on, the airbag light blinks 6 times and switches off. Internet tells me I need to get it diagnosed. Is it something related to connection or sensors? It's a bit scary tbh. Thanks in advance!
  9. What could be the problem if a Toyota vitz push start 2008 model is displaying the following; (a)Hand break alarm even if its released (b)p/s alarm (c)Battery alarm even if the engine is on
  10. Hi Guys, Could anyone suggest me how or where to find the coil of the engine heat indicator of a 4DR5 J44. It was burnt out. I attach the image herewith. Thanks.
  11. Dear All, I have a Aqua, 2014 model, normal key (not smart key), have done only about 5700 Kms Today a dashboard warning light came on while driving the car and the light still remain as it is. The light doesn't flash or make any warning noise/buzz but doesn't go away The car functions normal Could you kindly let me know what can be the issue ? I have attached a picture of the dashboard with the warning sign displayed. Please respond soon, thanks Nuwan
  12. I am inspecting a Mitsubishi lancer GLX 2008 which i like to buy. The car looks in good condition, except for one issue. The SRS indicator light keeps lit. I've heard that airbag indicators act abnormally due to seat position detection problems. I am not sure if this is the case. But in any case, i checked with a technician. After doing the scans he mentioned that there is a malfunction in one of the srs indicator circuits (front) and i might have to replace it. What i want to know is how big a repair this could be. If anyone have an idea on how much it could cost if i had to replace this circuit or if any other solutions exists, i would really appreciate it. The vehicle comes for a fairly lower price compared to the other ones in the market, so i would like to know if its worth taking the gamble. Thanks in advance. Sorry if a topic already exists for this issue. I did search, but i couldn't find any leads.
  13. My car's dashboard shows a Check Engine Light. I serviced my car from Pitstop Three days ago and suddenly, today morning I saw this indicator. Do you know why this would happen and What should I do about this? Please share your advices. Thanks
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