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Found 18 results

  1. මචන්ලා පර්මිට් එකට කාර් එකක් ගන්න කියලා බැලුවේ. හැම එකක්ම බලලා දැන් වාහන දෙකක හිරවෙලා ඉන්නේ මොකද්ද ගන්න කියල. දැනට මම හොයාගත්ත ටික මෙහෙමයි. Honda Insight EX 2019 මේ අවුරුද්දේ අලුතින් ආපු 3rd generation එක. පට්ටම ලුක් එකක් තියෙන්නේ. Pros: Honda Sensing, Excellent fuel economy, Stunning look, AC vents for the back row and many more options that the Premio Cons: පාර්ට්ස් හොයාගන්න අඩුයි අලුත් නිසා? පස්සේ විකුනන්න උනොත් මාර්කට් value එක නැති වෙයිද? මේකේ එන්නේ හොන්ඩ වල අලුත් හයිබ්‍රිඩ් සිස්ටම් එක. ට්‍රාන්ස්මිෂන් එකක් නෑ.
  2. It has been about an year or more since the 3rd generation insight came to the market, but still we have only few vehicles here in SL. Its more or less the same as civic with few alterations to the body styling and interior. Does anyone have the experience of using it? How is the ride? Fuel economy?
  3. Hello guys, I’m looking forward to upgrade from my Honda Civic EK3, My budget is 23lks-30lks. My mind fluctuate among Honda Insight 2007-2010 , Mazda Axela 2007-2009 or any other thrilling, fun to ride budget car ( u know what I’m thinking, like EK3) How about the battery and dual clutch issue of Insight and durability? How about Heating issue and Fuel Consumption of Mazda Axela? Or any other Suggestions? Thanking u guys a lot and really appreciate if u could give me an better suggestion on this..
  4. Hi, I'm planning to buy my first car and my budget is 3Mn - 4.3Mn. According to my expected usage on high hill roads and etc.. these were out of choise. Swift - Not economical on hills & expensive Vitz - this quite smaller to be used by a family Aqua x urban / G sport - don't feel like going for it spending close to 10Mn just for the features and the body kit for the same return Finally thought to go for a 141 2008 which will be cost around 3.3 -3.5mn. Is this wise? ---------------------------- Honda - Heard that these have a dual clutch issue and has ha
  5. Please share your thoughts about Honda insight
  6. I got an error on my Insight's display screen (in Japanese) and I think I need to change my HMMF (Honda Multi Matic Fluid) Need advice.. can I just use normal CVT oil? If not where can I get it done except for the agents? Thanks
  7. Hello Let's make it simple, my budget is around 3.6M And currently I'm driving a toyota vios 2004 what's the upgrade I can make for a new car..? is it worth of going for a Honda insight or is there any better options..? My main concern is about low maintenance And less fuel consumption. Thanks
  8. Hi, Planing to get a hybrid.what is the best options from above three. My major concerns are Fuel economy : city14-15kml , highway 20kml would be enough for me. Comfort Reselling value Reliability
  9. Guys.. I'm willing to buy 2010 Honda insight. i have one concern with Hybrid system battery since almost 5 years old. what would be the cost for replace battery ??
  10. I am planning to buy an used hybrid car around 41laks or below. I have prius 2010 and insight 2011 in my mind. But some people said that i have to face lot of repairs if i buy a prius. So they said to me go for an insight 2011. Please help me to select the right car which will have less maintenance and maintenance cost. What are the things to check when i buy that car? THANK YOU
  11. Could you please advice me on what are the good types of tires for a insight. I mainly concern the comfortability and less noice PS: My tire size is 185 X 65 X15
  12. Hi Guys, Is there any place in Sri Lanka where I can get a transponder key-cut for Honda Insight? Thanks.
  13. Hi all, Need your expert ideas on this. Planning to get a hybrid(Prius Gen-3 or Insight 2010), need to know which one is better? Key areas; Fuel Consumption Maintenance cost Safety and Performance Availability of spare parts Re-sale value Know issues (If any) Thanks in advance!
  14. Does any one have experience over those two models ? I would like to know the fuel consumption differences if there is any. As i have seen there are no major differences in the options other than the exterior look. Could someone has experience over those two models please share the experience. Thanks
  15. I'm going to buy a Honda insight 2011 model car. as i don't have knowledge about importing car, im going to import it through a person who knows about this business(importer). he gave me a quotation and i just want to know if it's a good deal for me. this is about 2011 LS grade insight with all the features like cruise control, alloys and winker mirrors. he told me that he can import this for 4 million. i thought this is a good price because in most of the ads, price was around 43-44. and i asked from couple of small car sales and got the same answer. however recently one of my friend said t
  16. I hope this site is not already posted. (did a search) this site shows almost all car models with User submitted fuel economy. obviously a US or UK site but we can get a idea which models are better at fuel economy than others http://www.fuelly.com/ you can also check in different units: US | UK | L/100km | km/L KM/L for our understanding.. amazingly Corolla is not doing good fuel economy as they say in SL http://www.fuelly.co.../toyota/corolla http://www.fuelly.com/car/toyota/prius http://www.fuelly.co...r/honda/insight http://www.fuelly.com/car/mazda/3 http://www.fuelly.com/car
  17. Hi guys.. Does anyone know where to buy the proper oil for hybrid vehicles.. I mean the manufacturer specified 0W-20 & not the 0W-30 that Stafford & Toyota try to sell to u claiming it's recommended for the hybrids.. Thanks, Yusuf
  18. Hi all, i'm quite new here and i'm hoping to buy my first car. i'm looking to bring down a prius from japan but i have no idea of how much tax i will have to pay. my budget is around 3.5 million therefore i think of buying a prius made in 2008. can you please suggest me some good sites to see japan auctions and how to calculate the tax amount i will have to pay? if i am to stick to my budget of 3.5 million what is the best amount that i could afford to spend at the auction? thanks for help!!
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