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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! Hope you all are well and staying safe! Has the government given any extensions to renew our vehicle revenue license? If not how can we do it in these lockdown days? I know there is this online service, but without a functioning postal department, this wouldn't work, and too risky to follow as there will be delays/dislocations and imagine explaining something like this to an average police officer. (hats off to good policemen) Also no way to get the smoke test done. So then what are our options? Have you managed to renew your vehicle insurance these days? I just tried to reach my insurance company for hours but couldn't get through. Are there any online payment and delivery services operated by these companies these days? Thank you in advance! Kind Regards, Dush
  2. Hi Mates I just bought my 141 corolla. It’s previous owner only had a 3rd party Insurance so that I am hoping to have a Full Insurance at least for this year. This is my first ride so better to have a Full insurance ?. Mates so that I am searching for following info. To get a Full insurance with the best company available 1.your Insurance company 2. Insurance type Full or 3rd party 3.How much per year with your Vehicle type and valuation 4.How fast they paid your last insurance claim 5.How is their customer service when claiming Thanks
  3. In Sri lanka, what would happen if your car is involved in an accident and it's difficult/impossible to find parts for it? If you drive some old rare japanese model and you still can't find body parts for it even after several months of searching, will the insurance compamy write the car off or take some other course of action?
  4. Hi guys i had an accident few weeks back where a three wheeler bugger tried to overtake from the right on a narrow road and ended up been crushed between my car and another oncoming Jeep. (driver wasnt hurt) The driver of the tuk also assaulted me when i called the cops (left with 3 stitches) and left the tuk and fled. I immediately filed a complaint at the police station for the accident and assault. However the owner of the tuk is a 'monk' and the police had summoned the monk. We requested that the tuk be held until the driver was produced but the Police had released the tuk to the Monk without even filing a court case. They said the owner is not liable for damages. The damages to my car are almost 1.2 million and the insurance has approved but 10% on owners account and 50% for rubber parts etc... The damages to the other vehicle are also around 200k. My car is a Honda Fit GP5 2015. Can i also get the full amount without pocketing anything from my end since the car is a 2015 model? I need to know why the cops didnt file action and how can i file action to get even a considerable amount from their insurance since these guys shouldn't be let go after causing such damages. The police are also not taking any firm actions.
  5. I have full cover insurance for my 2007 Vitz which is on NDB leasing right now. Last week I met with an accident where something hit my windshield as I'm driving and there is a small crack on the top which is hardly noticeable from the distance. But I promptly called the insurance and informed them. The agent came and checked the vehicle. Later I went to Toyota Ratmalana and got the estimations and submitted the same at JanaS**** office. Today I got a call from insurance company saying the estimation is amended and the same sent to Toyota office. Now I just don't get what should I do next. Everytime I call them, they give contradicting answers. After reading the threads here, I'm having a nightmare thinking whether I"m being so naive and in the process of being scammed by the company What should be the next step ideally? Should I bring the vehicle and pay the amount at garage or insurance company will pay the amount onbehalf. My head is exploding..! Please help.
  6. I was charged 15% VAT on my premium even after the court stay order on VAT implementation, given on 11/7/2016. When I complained to the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka they arranged me to refund the overcharged 4% of vat percentage (15%-11%) from the insurer. This is a very good decision as I believe many of us have been overcharged on VAT even after the court stay order to date. The IBSL ref no for my complain is IBSL/INV/16/09/226-2 & if you are concerned about refund of over charged vat (if any) you may contact you insurer with ref no since it may be the policy of IBSL on overcharged vat.
  7. Hi, I bought a car with open papers and drove it for about an year without transferring the ownership of the vehicle since I planned to sell it. Recently it met with an accident and the car got damaged pretty bad and I think the Insurance will go with Condemned option. Insurance is under my name and I'm wondering whether I'll face any problem? Please give your expert advice on this. Regards,
  8. Hi have you any experience about the service quality of Asian Ali###nce ? (because i get a good offer for 3.5 mil vehicle from them) Thanks
  9. I recently purchased a car and it has some dents scratches on the front bumper, another paint peel off (2x2cm area) on rear bumper and also another deep scratch on left side skirt. 1. I'm wondering if I should repair these before buying an insurance ? Or if I keep these dents as it is and buy the insuarance, will I be able to claim for another damage on a bumper ? Will they reduce the claim amount since it already had some dents? 2. Is it possible to do touch ups without fully re-painting the bumpers?
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