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Found 11 results

  1. Any Ideas for a brand new vehicle for family use between 4-5.5mil? We had a 2009 Honda Insight for several years, bought it on second market. Under this economic condition is there anyway to get a decent vehicle(an upgrade of course) without any compromises?
  2. Hi Guys, I'm a complete noob and I need some help in buying a car from Japanese auctions. Anybody has any knowledge on "R" (repaired) graded cars in Japanese auctions? Is it a risk that i should completely avoid? or can we find good deals under this category? Do we get any information like what was the repair done to a particular vehicle or at least what category the repair is or the severity of the damage? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all, For all who might find the below helpful. Cheers! Instrument cluster translation from Japanese to English: Download - user manual: http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/owners_manual/files/2_99011-52R02_20170906035005.pdf
  4. As you all know the Japanese Domestic Model of the Prius comes with Japanese as both display and voice language. I was just wondering if it would be possible to change this to English. Does anyone know if this is possible? Cheers, Hansa
  5. Hi experts, I'm new to this forum and hoping for kind responses from you all. I'll keep it as simple as I could. Well.. I am hoping to buy my first car (ever) and my budget is around 1.5M to 2.0M. And I'm looking for a sedan type Japanese car (YOM around 1995-2005).Later the better. If you guys could come up with nice suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Also, please note that I have a pretty basic knowledge about vehicles, but catching up fast. Thanks in advance, Have a nice day!
  6. Can someone please tell me something about this car Datsun REDI-GO? Is it a Japanese car or is it something similar to Alto or Kiwid? would welcome comments from anyone using it currently.
  7. Hi folks , i need a big help as im stucked with what to buy for my budget . I will state my requirements as below. Vehicle should falls under 2.0-2.6million budget since im driving frequently it should do a good fuel consumption (at least 14 kmpl ) it should repair free ( even if i get repair cost must be lower with parts and services ) prefer brand new one or 2nd hand one not much old ( i hate those 90s cars ) should have a good interior and conditions ( patta gahala nathi ekak ) when i research the market as brand new and like brand new v
  8. Suzuki admitted to improper fuel economy testing methods on 16 of its automobile models since 2010 in a statement released Wednesday. The company said the testing methods used were different from those required by Japanese rules, but that proper testing of the vehicles showed no need to amend the fuel economy data. Despite the irregular testing methods, Suzuki denied accusations that it had deliberately falsified data to make their vehicles seem more fuel efficient. "Any wrongdoing, such as manipulation of fuel efficiency data, were not found," it said in the statement. It also said the 16
  9. Hi Friends, I want to buy a car and I don't like Indian cars. I like to buy unregistered Japanese car. But my maximum budget is 3 million rupees. I don't want to buy a hybrid vehicle. Could you please give me some advice.
  10. First i must thank admins for accepting my AutoLanka forum user account. So, Here is the story. I'm looking for a car (sedan/saloon) around 15-20 laks (Japanese/European). It will be my very first vehicle. I don't have expert knowledge in the area. But i was thinking of getting Civic EK3. Need your opinions.about EK3. Current Price range. Models available. Things i should look before buying. Fuel consumption (Manual vs. Auto) ... also about other vehicles i can get for that price range, Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I'm new here and expecting your help to make up my mind for this. I'm planning to buy a Japanese Suzuki Alto Eco 2012 model. I made this decision after reading some news articles which claims that this version of alto is an extremely fuel efficient car. I do not know anything other than that. All I want to know is how much will it cost in SL? If you guys think that this is not a good option, please help me find a good car which matches my criteria. The car should be 1. Economical to run and maintain (I do a lot of driving) 2. Unregistered or slightly used (I'm usually busy, so ca
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