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Found 15 results

  1. Background for this question: Was positively waiting, to buy a Pick Up Truck for couple of years since the price was hiking. Right now I believe that wait is not going to work anymore. Requirements, 1) Budget around 60 Laks. 2) Should be four door four seater 4*4 Double Cab. 3) Re sale ability is very important due to purchasing on a Sellers Market, if things go very bad at least I will be able to cover up as much as I could. 4) Preferably an Automatic, still would consider Manual if higher resale ability creation model . 5) Reliability and Maintenance cost on the average ( Which doesn't have inherent issues, read of common rail issues not sure are they that bad as said) 6) Should be comfortable for long drive (If incase i can expect for the price looking for right now) Any same / different Options / Opinions are mostly welcome, would help me to broader my knowledge to make viable choice. Thanks in Advance
  2. Need some details about L200 Trojan (2001-2004) Model. There are nothing much about this trojan model in internet and there are nothing much in this forum either. Why this model is not famous like others l200 models What are the known problems Why this model has low aftermarket
  3. When we are going through a engine overhual of 4d56 engine, we found that it's timing belt wheels is warn out. Is it possible to replace it? And where to buy it? Thanks!
  4. Is there a place to buy Mitsubishi L200 Badges?
  5. One day my brother was driving my L200 1999 2 Wheel and it got stopped suddenly because he lost the clutch balance. After that when we hit the ignition, nothing happened. Only a "TIK" sounds comes up. We thought the starter motor was jammed and after hitting it few times smoothly, it worked. Another day same happens. But that time issue was there very long. Thus I went to a motor repair person. He inspected the starter motor, disengaging clutch. His guess was, motor's brushes lost its contact. Thus he did a service to the motor by cleaning the contacts and all the other parts. After that it was OK. Today again same thing happens two times. "TIK" noise and no ignition. But without hitting the motor it worked the 2nd or 3rd ignition. Do I need to look at other issue? Thanks Andun
  6. Hi, My L200 1998 2WD one's power steering box is done. Do you know a place to buy one for a good price? I checkd Japan Lanka, Dai Lanka, Vikasitha etc. price is too high! Thanks!
  7. Hi All, I have a L200 252-xxxx model and I did break system maintenance recently. Maintenance include front break repair kit addition, back break washer replacing and cleaning break drums. Also there are no leaks in the break lines. My vehicle's tyre size is 205/60/15. Also it's front front tyres are new and back tyres are bit old. I have attached photos of them. Recently I got in to a accident where the vehicle going in front got stopped due to gear box failure and I hit it from the back. I use breaks as much as I can and I heard the sound of wheels slipping on the road while break is locked. I know this happens because it doesn't have ABS and friction power is not enough to stop the vehicle. There is a part which need to be done by the driver. If we keep that part aside, What I want to know is, are there any improvements which can be done to reduce this slipping. Increasing the tyre size? Possible sizes? Adding new break pads, liners? Thanks!
  8. I have a 252-xxxx L200 2 wheel version. After the regular service which has done few two days ago, I hear a metal scratching noise when I turn the steering wheel. Today the sound got increased more and more and the steering got hard to turn. As soon as I came home, I checked the power steering pump. All the oil has gone. There is no leak in the pump horse lines. But in the power steering box, oil was all over the lower part. I put new oil and it took around 500ml to bring the oil level to max. I whipped out the oil on the box and chassis.Then I started the engine and turned the wheel many times.I cant see any new oil leak. But haven't driven after that. Is it OK to drive in this condition? what can be the reason for leak? Thanks! PS - These images are taken before whipping out the leaked oil.
  9. I have a Mitsubishi L200 252-xxxx vehicle. K14TJUNSR model. In that there is a old and damaged heat insulator between dashboard side of the engine compartment. Is there a place to repair it or get a new one? Thanks!
  10. I have a Mitsubishi L200 2 wheel vehicle(252-xxxx). It's radiator fan cover(Shroud) is broken. When I drive the vehicle, the heat level is normal. But when I park the vehicle with AC on, heat goes up very fast. When the AC is off, the rate of increase is low. I guess the rate has increased due to the above reason of not having the fan cover. I tired to find a used one. Still not found. There are brand new ones in Unit#d Mot#rs. But the price is very high. What is your idea of not having it ? Will it damage the engine? Thanks Andun
  11. Hi All, My dad's L200 is having sealed beam headlight and it is very difficult to drive at night. Is it possible to replace it with normal halogen bulb headlights. From where can I buy the headlights. I do not thing I'll have to redo the wiring. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy the headlights and also a good mechanic to do the job with a reasonable charge around Kottawa area. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I just had my L200 double cab serviced at Un*t*d motors, hyde park at the mileage of 35000km. They had changed the engine oil and billed me for sae30(used for petrol engines) but when i checked the oil it was all black without even running.according to the service guy its black because the engine has run a few minutes. Do the engine oil get blackened just as the engine is run for a such a short time?? Or are the service guys cheating on oil? also they had changed the oil filter which is due to be changed at 40k, mistakenly,. And had thrown the old one to the dustbin so i had to pay for the new one
  13. Where can i find a L200 Front Bumper Guard(part drawn in circular). Exactly this type not the other type which comes with the animal and warrior models. Its very rare to find but please help me if you know something about :]:]....I have a diamond model and got with an accident recently, now i have to buy one to replace the damaged one :(
  14. drift

    L200 Trojan

    Hi Guys I am interested of buying a L200 Trojan. But i haven't seen this model on roads much. Can anybody tell me 1. Current price that is going 2. Is it a good choice compared to other double cabs (L200 warrior, hilux) 3. Maintenance cost 4. Fuel consumption 5. Any other special issues related to this particular model Basically i like the look of it. Thank you Regards Jay
  15. Thanks for reading my post. We got a Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab which runs with a 4D56 non turbo engine, and a manual transmission gearbox. The odometer says its done 500 000+ kms, but I think in reality its done a lot more, since we bought it second hand. It has been the workhorse of our family for years. The problem we experienced is when the reverse gear is engaged, and the clutch is released, the vehicle suddenly stops as if we press the break very hard. It does not stop the engine, but the vehicle abruptly seize to move as if we are pressing the break paddle hard. When I tried it myself what I felt is that something gets stuck in the gearbox, clogging up everything. I did not dare to fully release the clutch because I was afraid it might ruin the whole gearbox. The gear leaver position does not change, and pressing or pulling on the gear leaver had no effect. We replaced the clutch and pressure plate, and replaced the gear-oil about 3000km ago. We started to experience the problem last week and its been happening more and more often by the day. Does this mean that we'd have to go for a new gearbox? or is this repairable? Gee... that's one weird explanation of the problem. But I guess its as weird as the problem itself...
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