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  4. Hi Everyone, Thought to start this topic to keep a record on maintenance and repairs if any. The car referred here is my Lancer EX (for those who don't know) and the details of it could be found here. I bought the car just about an year ago with a mileage of 108000kms on it clock. Car had all following things done at 94000kms when I bought it. 1.Replaced all four shocks and dampers. 2.Engine Tuneup plus new plug set. 3.Alternator Belt replaced. 4.New tires installed. 5.New Battery installed. 6.Fron RHD bearing replaced. 7.Auto Gear Oil Changed. All the above except for the battery had been done at the agent (Unit#d Mot#rs). When I bought the car, I didn't have anything to do actually. Feel lucky about this and thankful to the previous owner. (Maybe a merit of selling my previous car in the same condition) Anyways, I'll list down the repairs/maintenance the car underwent during my ownership along with the details of pricing and all. All you guys of the Lancer EX Auto Lanka fraternity, please feel free to use this thread to share details of repairs & running maintenance of your cars as well.
  5. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/15723-lancer-or-axio-update-bought-a-lancer-aka-the-bratt-thread/?do=findComment&comment=254150 Thought to start this with a comment I made back in 2014. "Only thing i can say is that owning a Lancer EX is my dream, if i had the capacity of buying a one, i wouldn't think twice about it." We'll that dream came true last Sunday. I bought a Lancer EX a couple of days back!! . I was lucky enough to find a good specimen imported in 2011 which had all maintenance records with the proof of mileage. The previous owner had done all necessary maintenance at the agents. Car drives great and is in great condition. Without further ado,I bring to you,,,,,, trinity's Lancer EX
  6. Hi All, Have always been a fan of the Lancer EX ever since it came out. Didnt have the financial stability to buy one back in the day. AT this point in time, I have a Bezza 2018 and planning to trade this in for a Lancer EX 2011 _ I know its an older car but I have had the BEzza for 3.5 years now it will be 4 in October, I tend to get a bit bored after 3 years and start looking for different options. How is the fuel? Maintenance? Is it advisable given the current situation in the country? Appreciate your honest unfiltered opinions.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new both to this forum and Mitsubishi. I am planning to buy a Mitshbishi CS3 2007 manual car for 2.3M, and am a bit worried about the price. I will have to spend about 60K for some maintainance repairs as it has done over 100000Km. Can anybody comment and advice, please? Thnx
  8. My fellow AL Guys, I have been an avid autolanka member since I got my first car (Mazda demio) back in 2017.One thing that always intrigued me was how much AL members loved their lancers. So I always thought to my self what would it be like to own one. I have read every posts/discussions related to lancers ( AL Famous BRATT tread- that was one hell of a tread and I read all 32 pages of it) and I always questioned myself "is this actually good as members claim it to be? so I decided a give it a try. Long story short, when I saw this advert on autolanka about a month a back my eyes were completely fixated on this beauty. it was one of the most beautiful lancers I have seen. However at that point I had some other personal issues to take care of and my mind was not in a good mood to concentrate on the car. After sometime back I was surprised to see the lancer was still on classifieds. I thought it would be gone. So I contacted the seller, who confirmed me that the car was still available. I was over the moon and 2 days after I went to inspect the car and that was it. Knew she was meant to be mine.I paid an advance after inspecting and reserved the car for myself. ( hats off to the previous owner who is a Known lancer enthusiast for properly taking care of the car) It took another 2 weeks to sort out the finances for myself ( to sell my Demio and arrange the rest of the funds). and Last Friday I brought the lancer to my rural village. couldn't be more happier. I would like to thank AL members specially Davy,Trinity and the rest of the AL Lancer guys who made me a lancer lover and eventually an owner.So without further ado I bring to you " Evangeline" ( I bought this ride for her.Had to name the car after my daughter). More pics and updates to follow.
  9. Hi Members, The ECU unit of my 2007 lancer CS2 (EFI Auto) has reached the end of its life and sourcing a replacement is proving to be impossible with the only other option being to try and repair the current ECU. Any leads on where to source a new ECU unit will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Guys, this time it is a ‘Mitsu’. Last weekend I sold my Perodua Viva Elite after using 6 years with 80k at odometer and shifted to well-maintained Mitsubishi Lancer CS1 GLX. I was seeking a well maintained CS2 or CS3 with Automatic Transmission for months, but was not lucky enough. Two JDM units found comparatively well but no service records and might be odometer tampered. On my way, I accidently found this 9 years old girl and could not miss her even she was a CS1. Hence settled with her within a week. This CS1 is a brand new import under permit scheme and registered in 2007 December. Previous two owners were members of the same family and had maintained her with Unit#d Mot#rs and had all service records from the beginning to up to date. (I verified service history with Unit#d Mot#rs before buying and they confirmed everything is genuine) Last owner was a lady and wonder how she looked after this vehicle. Timing belt has been replaced at 45,000km considering the time factor being 6 years. Current odometer is 92,000km. Again three Autolankans were helping me; Trinity, Davy and The Don. Specially CS experts Trinity and Davy gave me very valuable advises and kept following the project. @trinity, @Davy, @The Don Thank you all guys. Here are some photos of her.
  11. Greetings gentlemen, I've always had a thing for station wagons, and now I'm about to buy my first vehicle. I chose 1980 Mitsubishi Lancer A72-V as my first ride. In a series of posts, I hope to document the process of buying a ride and then restoring it. This is the first in what will be a series of posts on the whole process. A few AL members have already done very much that I intend to do. Your feedback is very valuable and always appreciated. As said before, this is my first purchase. I'm a total newbie for owning vintage cars let alone restoring one. Call me crazy or anything you want for taking a plunge in the deep end of the pool. For a number of different reasons I have selected Mitsubishi Lancer A72-V, and I'm dead set on it. My project plan is as follows. Buy a car Mechanical restorations (instrument panel, engine, breaks, steering, a/c) Body restoration (tinker, paint) Interior restoration (seats and upholstery) Now, I'm on the first part of the project. I have tracked down a drivable one and now haggling the price down to my budget. The condition is what is usual to expect from a car of that vintage. Pros- Fits my budget In a drivable condition Clear documents (ownership, license, emission tests, insurance) Chassis is in good condition Cons- Blotched paint job. the car was painted twice in two different colors. the latest coating peels off (papadam in local language). This looks ugly. But there is no corrosion under the paint. So I'm giving it a go. some rust spots around the rear windscreen Worn out tyres A/c is not working. Belt is missing, no gas, but the compressor is there. Here are a few pics of her. My first worry is the book states color as red. Will this be an issue? (in the final stage I will paint it red. Till then can I use it without any trouble?) Thank you, Varotone.
  12. Hi, It's being a while since my last post. But this isn't about an issue with my car . Two days back, I received a call from Unit#d Mot#rs (Mitsu Agent) on an air bag inflator unit upgrade which is FREE ! I contacted @trinity (the lancer geek) but he was unaware of this. When I Googled it then it was there/ It's a recall as per Mitsu site. http://www.mitsubishicars.com/recall I think the biggest problem agents have is that they don't have a database of Lancer owners. Since a very few take vehicles there for service etc. If someone owns a Lancer 2005 - 2007 better to talk to the agent and get it fixed. I'm going there tomorrow, so I will keep you posted... Cheers,
  13. First a long rant. As I have documented Here, restoration of the mechanical components of my project Lancer station wagon is almost complete. Only remaining mechanical bits is to replace the universal joints, suspension overhaul, and tidy up the brake lines plus look in to upgrading the front brakes to disc brakes. Tinkering and painting is done. I’m satisfied with the tinkering job. But not happy with the quality of the paint work. (hence the reluctance to post pics) Interior is not restored. But everything is working fine. So far, the project took more time than I anticipated. While it is still far from completion, it is back on the road. Given the sheer practicality, ease of maintenance, decent fuel economy and the crazy vehicle prices, I guess I will use it is as my daily driver for a while. While the car is quite reliable, I had one issue that was not fixed after showing to 4 different mechanics. The car would suddenly start stalling and the engine dies soon after. It fails to start again for quite a while. None of the mechanics could find the fault. Twice I was stranded on the middle of the road with this issue. Once I brought the mechanic and when he started, it started from the first crank and drove fine thereafter! The next time it stalled in the middle of the road, I brought the same mechanic and this time it didn’t start. Since he also could not fix it by the road side, it was taken to his garage in a vehicle carrier. The next morning when he started the car again to find the fault, it started and ran well. Then it stalled again a couple of days ago. This time it was very close my home and I managed to push it with the help of kind and helpful passers-by. This time I decided to try my hands with it. Since the petrol flow from the new petrol pump was low even after replacing the petrol pump, I checked the fuel lines. The fuel line was clogged almost cutting off the petrol supply with some sponge bits, some nylon bristles and a very small amount of rust. The petrol filter is good and there was minimal rust or other debris in the petrol tank. The car is running well for now. But I’m still not certain that this is the issue that led to the sudden stalling in the middle of the road, because I think a good mechanic would not fail to diagnose a clogged fuel line based on the symptoms. The issue was very difficult to replicate. All of a sudden it stops and all of a sudden it starts without giving any chance to troubleshoot the issue. Looks like it has got a mind of its own. After this incident, I’m driving in a constant fear of the car breaking down in the middle of the road. Now, to my problems. 1. Is there any service that provides road side assistance like minor mechanical repairs and towing/carrier service available round the clock? There is a subscription-based website and an app that says they do towing/carrier services round the clock, island wide plus road side assistance. I’m not impressed after talking to the customer care. Automobile association of Ceylon claims to offer these services plus help fellow motorists. I would like to know your experiences with AA before forking out the life membership fee. Any other perks of being a member of AA? 2. Any good garages that offer a kind of service warranty for cars of this vintage? I mean if I get it repaired at them and fix every bit that they say that needs to be fixed/replaced, they sort of guarantee that the car will keep running till the next service. I didn’t check with the Un!t€d motors if they still repair cars this old. Do they provide a superior reliable service compared to other mechanics? 3. Any recommendation for a mechanic/garage to get the car checked to reduce my anxiety? 4. Any other tips on daily driving an old car? In a summary what I’m looking for is to keep daily driving a very old car while properly taking care of it. In return I am looking for it to be reliable. And in the odd chance it breaks down in the middle of the road, I want someone to come try fix it roadside or take it to a garage while I use a taxi till my car is fixed.
  14. @DavyHi Mr.Davy. I have a lancer cs1 gl 2007. I came across this iac valve problem and bought a reconditioned iac valve and fixed it. But I the problem is not solved still. 1) engine is set to 1100rpm to not make the engine stall when ac on. 2) Even thou its in 1100rpm still the ac cutoff cuts off the ac cuz of the low rpm created when on the ac 3) I am not sure but I feel my ac gives more stress than other cars cuz we need to press the accelerator twice more u press it before! So please can u help me out with this. @Sampath nalinda Gunasekara recommended about u. Thank You!
  15. Hi Experts., I have idea of buying a Honda civic ek3 or a Mitsubishi lancer Ck series car for later modifying purpose. but for the moment i have no expert or experience with Honda or either Mitsubishi. Currently im sticked to a Toyota and i am pretty sure that,when comparing to a Toyota , Honda & Mitsubishi must have a whole lot difference...I have heard lot of cons and pros between these 2 car vendors...some says Honda maintain cost is considerably high while Mitsubishi have a economical maintenance ETC.... Any how i much appreciate your expert advice's on helping me to decide either go for a Honda EK3 Or a Mitsubishi Ck series! Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi Guys How easy to find Mitsubishi Lancer CB8's parts and accessories , i am expecting to buy a CB8, just concerning about the parts such as Lights , Rear Spoiler , Mirrors ect ect.. thanks For your great help
  17. Greetings friends, I've an issue with the Mitsubishi Lancer (2008 make). Yesterday morning my car started normally and after the startup the RPM goes to 2k (which is normal) and in few seconds the engine made a sound like a cold start. RPM was fluctuating rapidly from 0.5 k - 2 k. It continued around 5 minutes and I didn't turn off the engine. After the heat was raised up to 50% the engine was acting normal, RPM came back to 0.7 - 0.8. During the time of the issue engine was clearly shaking (i opened up the bonnet and checked). When things became normal I drive around and the issue never came later during that day. But it occurred this morning too, similar symptoms and the knocking was gone around in 5 mins time. I've observed that it was smokey than before when this happens, and the smoke doesn't smell like patrol during that first 5 mins of start. (later it smells normal). The common facts on these two days were the rain. There was continuous rain here and the environment is cold (below 20 c). Now the milage goes as 88k and I have done a engine tuneup from Mr, Dhammika Frenando on the mark 82k (he changed the plugs and said there are no faults found by the scanner). I've heard that EFIs doesn't have cold start (i'm not sure whether it's correct) I'm planning to take her to the agents at Katugastota tomorrow, I value any advice / ideas from experts. Thanks a lot !
  18. Gentlemen, I've a lancer CS 3 (Year 2008) and currently the the ODO meter reading is 85000. I got to know that timing belt should be changed around 90k. I'm like 80 % idiot on under the hood stuff of the vehicle. I need to know few things. What's the optimum mileage of changing the timing belt What are the other components that needs to be replaced along with the timing belt (some says Water Pump) Rough estimate on the parts form a person who has recently gone through this process. I value your advice much. Many Thanks, HAshan
  20. Hi, im new to this Form so please give me suggestions for a car that i can buy within 02M-2.5M Saloon type (Sedan) with good fuel economy. I would prefer model after 2003 Like Vios or Corolla used one. Please Give me better idea to buy a car as this will be my first car. Thanks for everyone.
  21. Hello Gents, After months of research and patience, I have finally found "The One". A car I have been waiting to own for as long as I can remember... a 10th Generation Lancer. What I managed to get is a Lancer RalliArt. Since this particular model isn't available in Sri Lanka (to my knowledge), let me give a brief introduction to the car. Mitsubishi introduced the 10th generation Lancer (Referred to as the Lancer EX in Sri Lanka) in 2008 and it was certainly a different Lancer when compared to previous models. From the hooded brow over the headlights that give it an aggressive look, to the matching rear end, it was a brand new look for the Lancer. Back in 2008 when Mitsubishi launched the 10th gen Lancer, they only really had two variants: The Lancer EX (GLX, GLS, GT) and then the mighty track monster Evolution X. While the Lancer EX comes with engines ranging from 1.5L (4A91) through 2.0L (4J10 and 4B10) to 2.4L (4B12), the power of all these engines were in the range of 109 - 170 horsepower while the Evolution X has a 2.0L Turbo (4B11T) engine that outputs 276 horsepower (The FQ400 in the UK has a massive 403 hp!). That's a pretty big gap right there and Mitsubishi introduced the Lancer RalliArt in 2009 to bridge the gap. The RalliArt also has a 4B11T 2.0L turbocharged engine - the same engine that comes in the Evo X, de-tuned. It outputs 237hp - that's 54 less than the Evo. It's basically ideal for day-to-day use as well as a drive along a twisty road or a track if you are keen. To put it into perspective, if the Evolution is compatible with the Subaru WRX STi, then the RalliArt is head to head with the WRX. Throughout this thread I will try my best to log detailed information about the RalliArt (strengths, weaknesses, comparisons etc.) and also share information about the journey with my car. Hope this will be helpful to someone some day. Before going into any more detail, here she is...
  22. Stumbled upon this Lancer Evo X final edition while going through some random posts here on AL. Now itching to buy this. Gentlemen here saved me once from making a impulse purchase before. Here I'm asking for advice again. Here's the deal. Lancer Evo X final edition. Cleared. Unregistered. Odo 2k when imported. 7k now. At a car sale. Looks genuine (very low possibility of someone swapping the transmission, repainting, forging the document.... ) Asking 17 mil. Expecting your comments on the purchase. Obviously this is not value for money. I could buy a ordinary Evo X, and tune it to make it even better than this. But given this is a limited edition, is this a sensible purchase? More concerned after the rumors about resurrection of the Evo.
  23. I'm interested in buying a Lancer (2008 to 2011 models) as the first vehicle. Would be helpful if anyone can give me opinion on fuel consumption,maintainance mainly.
  24. Hi Guys, I wanted to post this for quite some time now but didn’t actually have a chance. Bought this car in 1997 and my dad and I worked on restoring it since 2003. The best car I’ve owned to this day. I had to give her away a few months ago with great regret (a story for some other time). THE CAR: 1979 Mitsubishi Lancer A72 V (station wagon) ENGINE: 4G33 (Saturn 1400cc carburetor) TRANSMISSION: 4 speed manual BRAKES: Front and Rear drum and liner RESTORATION PHASE 1 | 2003 – 2004 | BODYWORK+ - Restored all body panels and chassis to its original condition - Replaced all door moldings, windshield beadings - Replaced tail lights - Changed color from silver to metallic black - Replaced stock 12' rims with 13' Alloys - Installed brake booster (servo) Sorry for the low photo quality, I didn’t have a good digital camera back then. AFTER More to come... stay tuned...
  25. How much does it cost minimun for conveting.. how long usually does it take.
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