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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Thought to start this topic to keep a record on maintenance and repairs if any. The car referred here is my Lancer EX (for those who don't know) and the details of it could be found here. I bought the car just about an year ago with a mileage of 108000kms on it clock. Car had all following things done at 94000kms when I bought it. 1.Replaced all four shocks and dampers. 2.Engine Tuneup plus new plug set. 3.Alternator Belt replaced. 4.New tires installed. 5.New Battery installed. 6.Fron RHD bearing replaced. 7.Auto Gear Oil Changed. All the above except for the battery had been done at the agent (Unit#d Mot#rs). When I bought the car, I didn't have anything to do actually. Feel lucky about this and thankful to the previous owner. (Maybe a merit of selling my previous car in the same condition) Anyways, I'll list down the repairs/maintenance the car underwent during my ownership along with the details of pricing and all. All you guys of the Lancer EX Auto Lanka fraternity, please feel free to use this thread to share details of repairs & running maintenance of your cars as well.
  2. Hello all, With all the suggestions I have moved myself with a Mazda 6. But currently I have some doubts over the maintenance as I am very new to the wheel. So please bear with my I am very basic. I do have a few questions which I would love to get answered. The person which I bought this from told me that it is not ideal to wash them with soap or any shampoo, but only with water. is that true? If not what are the ideal alternatives which I can use and where can find them in SL? I would like to do polishing myself, is there any suggested recommendations for the materials to use? What are the ones to do polishing on chassis Paint What are the ones to work on the Tyres Any Recommendations to polish the interior (Dashboard, Gear panel lines, etc)? I do have beige interior, what is the recommended way of cleaning them up and polishing them up? With Castrol oil, is it worthy to have services done once every10000Kms or should I stick to the same routing of 5000Kms? Is it recommended to use the pressure gun (At an angle) while washing the car? At least should I bought some Microfibril clothes as suggestions from one of the previous threads (Yeah I did some homework too, haha). Is there a frequency which these should be changed? There are a few minor scratches, any way which I can overcome these? Saw some glass cleaning tablets for the vipers which I ordered for cleaning, is it safe to use them with water? Any other car caring tips which you would like to guide me (Any mechanical guidelines, etc) Thanks for being an awesome forum, really do appreciate any kind help
  3. Dear all! I recently purchased an used Sorento 2012 with a mileage of below 100k. It was previously maintained by AutoMiraj in most cases. However, with good intentions I made an inspection with Kia Agents. They’ve given me a quotation of 8lakhs for the “suggested repairs”. They even recommended a Transmission Oil change which costs a staggering 80k. what I need to know is, what are the recommend garages or maintenance places to get a second look or the repairs done? What should I look out for in the near future?
  4. Hi, Does anyone has the workshop manual / maintenance manual of Suzuki Xbee? Either in English or Japanese language? Thanks in advance, GBB PS: There is a maintenance DVD series by MKJP. Does anyone know where can I get these as well?
  5. I got 45 ah battery in my car full charged and has GREEN colour on the too indicator. It was left at garage for cut and polish due to a new paint recently for 5 days. Once back, I checked the battery which gives 13v however, the status indicator shows WHITE colour. No hard staring issues. I used the car and it shows 13v volt but the WHITE COLOR STILL EXISTS?!! As per the battery, GREEN is FULLY charged, WHITE is NEEDS CHARGING, RED is SERVICING. Why WHITE COLOUR is showing up, at the same time 13 v reads on multimeter?? HOW TO GET BACK GREEN COLOR ? Do I have to purchase a new one?
  6. Hi everyone, Although we cannot exactly track what a vehicle has been through for many years of its usage. As buyers, it always makes us confident if we can examine the vehicle service records before buying a used vehicle. Do you maintain your service records? what you feel about its importance?
  7. Hi everyone, My dad owned a KIA sportage 2006, but he passed away recently and now the vehicle was passed down to me. the vehicle was always part of the family and dad took very good care of it. recently I saw drops of oil at the bottom of the engine bay and I took it to a nearby garage. the man said its seems there is a leak from the gasket covers. I replaced all the gasket cover lining (I hope I am using the correct term). and the O rings on the top cover of the engine cover and the plugs. (apologies for not knowing the exact terms of the parts). Unfortunately, the oil leak did not stop. I live in Kohuwala, and I am so badly searching for a GOOD GARAGE, MECHANIC, or someone trustworthy who could help with this. taking it to KIA company is way too expensive for me. :( Kindly help me solve this issue. I dont want to be a son to a dad who couldnt take care of his father's precious vehicle.
  8. I have found toyota axio 2007 which has all its services done at Toyota Lanka. Im planing to buy it since the car look in good shape. Before buying it i thought of taking it to Toyota Lanka to get a inspection report. So when i take the car to them would the verify the records with their history and also confirm the ODO reading is genuine by cross checking with their records?
  9. Want to Jump to the 2019 discussion on this? Click here. Guys I want to do a little research on service quality, customer support from our local agents for different vehicle makes, please share your experience. Even though most of us heavily depends on our own preferred mechanics, it's good to have some support from official local agent for our vehicles (if exists). This is something to consider specially for first owner vehicles since on serious damages there's nothing much a local mechanic can do other than saying "take it to the company", have you delt with the local agent for your vehicle make? how's your experience? My Experience With Toyota Lanka I bought my toyota aqua from a sale at dutugamunu street, so it's a JDM one and i've took it to Toyota Lanka 2 times and their service has been outstanding. My car recently got attacked by a rat (http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/16551-rat-problem-advice-on-next-steps/) and did some serious damage and local mechanics couldn't even figure out what the warning light was for. They found the tiny wire break within 20 minutes and gave me a good walkthrough (they know their stuff). Please share your experience, will help others to determine what kind of after sales support available for their vehicles.
  10. Hello guys, Finally I’m happy to say that after many years, I’m going to sell my car and buy an Axio Luxel Alpha.So the car is owned by one of my father’s closest friends and he is the first owner. He personally imported and maintained the car well. At the moment the car has only two issues. One is the famous dashboard cracking problem. Other one is a bad Right side front shock absorber. I have driven the car previously and man that thing pulls hard.So I used my 121 during the same period of mileage but since this has a different engine and a gearbox, I have a doubt about maintaining it. So please give your advice. The car has done nearly 120k kms 1.Do I need to change the CVT gear oil? 2.Where can I get the dashboard problem sorted out and how much will it cost?Most of the advertisements in famous sites have quoted 20k.Is is for the repair or replacement?Which is the best option? 3.I previously used B/new KYB shocks for my 121 and I felt that they are pretty hard.So one of my friends said to use good reconditioned shock absorbers.He also uses them for his 110.If then where is the best and trusted place to buy them?Do I need to replace both right and left ones? 4.The car currently has rim cups.I plan to replace them with original alloys that came with it.Where can I find reconditioned original alloy wheels? 5.Other than that,what are the general maintainence stuff I have to do after purchasing? 6.Is there any known issues for this prticular model? -One more question.Does the Luxel handles better than the G and X versions?Someone has mentioned about a rear stabilizer bar previously in the forum.Is it true?I never had the chance to push it to the limits? So finally I have to let go my good old 121 baby.Since she gave me no troubles during her 6 1/2 year stay, I hope the next owner will have to worry about nothing.I also touched 180kmph twice and the car felt well planted and no stability issues came. Just a bit sad to let her go? Cheers???
  11. So most of you are aware I own an old Toyota Starlet. One thing I had neglected to get fixed immediately were the brakes; they were there, but they didn't have much bite when slowing from high speeds. Since I had to do a timing belt change as well, I never really pushed the car beyond 70kmh, even on the highway. However my procrastination came to bite me in the ass last week when I crashed into an idiot in a Vitz who cut into my lane from Hemas Hospital trying to a U turn and stopped right in front of me. It was like a movie playing in slow motion, I stood on the brakes and hit the car just hard enough to crunch the bumper, left signal light and slightly bend the fender. Things were sorted out, but suffice to say, it was completely my fault because I put off maintenance. Turns out, both discs and drums need resurfacing, along with new brake pads all around. The worst part is that I don't really put off maintenance either, but for some reason I had put this on the mental back burner, and instead focused on trivial things like broken power window switches and door panels.
  12. 01) Recommended place to do the service and prices 01) What is the recommended engine oil(s) and the prices 02) Mileage gap for each service 03) Good brand of the Air-filter & oil filter for Honda Fit Hybrid 04) Recommended shop to buy Airfilter & the oil filter and the prices Guys please share your ideas
  13. Hi there, I am Ziyan, finally after like a month of waiting, the admins give me the ability to post a thread!!! Hurey! I have looked up a lot of information on autolanka, b Background (I won't bite if you skip) A vehicle has to match its owner, its like a marriage, I believe. I am an engineer and I like quality and power but honer efficiency. The car will generally gold 2 humans and 1 dog but can also be 4 guys. It will climb the Kandy hill and I could use some power overtaking vehicles quickly in slim opportunity thanks to the jobless cops napping under trees. I live in Colombo and my gal is from Colombo and daily commuter where I am a freelancer mostly stuck in my office room. My ideal car would be kind of a Tesla S if I was in US, neither am I in the US nor do I have money and am looking for a car some thing about under Rs. 3 million. I plan to use for a few years and step by step upgrade to some thing good. Question I got an offer for a Nissan Cefiro... 230 JM YOM 2005 2350 cc Automatic transmission Agent maintained The car has been used sparingly by a doing well guy, low mileage, thus my concern (may be fair as its not his only car) I thought the car comes with teak interior with leather seats. But a friend who has once seen the car said it didn't have either. I thought Cefiro was reaching the luxury end of Nissan. Googling around, I didn't find useful information in autolanka about the vehicle. So I thought of starting a new thread. Comments on durability Maintenance and Spears (been towards the high end, I think it would use different spares than the over used Sunny) availability Estimated fuel consumption (city limits/long distance) I don't like Auto, but lets face it, I don't see any manual coming these days. What if there is a gearbox issue, can it be repaired or has to be replaced. What would the cost be if you know. Your thoughts of the car. Resale (I think it sells alright, some go within weeks) In comparison to a Mazda 3 (2005+) which is currently my primary interset given its rather sexy looks. I have a fallback to a Lancer EX (2007ish I guess) if I don't find some thing interesting. Thanks in advance for any of comments suggestions you make.
  14. I heard that there is a petrol tank oil filter in the cars. So when I should change the petrol tank oil filter? I mean millage? Is there a way to check whether petrol tank oil filter is good or bad? What are the indications that we have to change the oil filter?
  15. Hi Everyone, Its been awhile since i was on the forums. I've decided to go for a Honda CRZ which i'll be picking up this Thursday. It'll be my first hybrid and first coupe. I know its not the fastest thing on the planet but it will be enough fun for me :-). Wanted to pick the brains of all you Honda and CRZ boffins on what i should look out for in terms of maintenance and if you had any tips with regards to daily use and where to go for its regular servicing. Thanks in advance.
  16. I presently have a Peugeot 406 (99) and since it's been serviced with Agent by previous owners I also used to service it when possible. But I have been told before that they do not do it properly by friends who use it. Yesterday (21.02.2013) I serviced my vehicle at CARMART and when I was on the way back after service, I found out that they have broken AC vent (loovers and controller). Both passenger side loovers and the controllers are broken. When I called and told them (initially the service adviser then the service manager), what they told is I should have checked before leaving. Of course we do check when leaving , but basically it's whether service is OK or not. We generally dont expect the service center to break the vehicle. If this is the case we might have to go with a assesor to these places as they are supppose to break rather than service. (attached a photo, you can see loovers broken and the controller is missing. It was on the floor) PLEASE BE AWARE WHEN SERVICING WITH "CARMART" AND TRY TO GET ANOTHER SERVICE PROVIDER TO KEEP YOUR VEHICLE SAFE.
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