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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there, Does anyone has working login credentials for Suzuki EPC portal? If yes can I borrow them for a moment? Thanks, -GBB-
  2. Hi Guys, so I have the practice of quickshifting during spirited drives through backroads. Basically I clutch, shift and gas all in a few milliseconds in a way the car doesn't make any abrupt noises or jerks (obvious sign of a bad shift). Basically how you see racing drivers do. Thankfully my downshifts and Rev matching are smooth too around 90% of the time. But note:- by quickshifting I don't mean rough shifting where I abuse the shifter with brute force like Vin diesel. A very soft click with 2 fingers or my palm is what I mean. On normal drives I just shift.. Normally. Now
  3. Hello guys, First of all I have read the existing threads and I'm posting this because those threads are few years old and the cars have gotten old too. Lol. I'm thinking about buying an European car and my budget is about 3.5 mil. 320D and Audi A4 are my main two contestants :D. I like manual gearboxes and diesel engines. Please don't argue with me, it's just a personal preference.lol. These cars have gotten at least 15 years old. Please help me with your views on these two cars. And any common issues I have to look for after this many years. P.S. Only interested in 320D f
  4. Hi, Does anyone has the workshop manual / maintenance manual of Suzuki Xbee? Either in English or Japanese language? Thanks in advance, GBB PS: There is a maintenance DVD series by MKJP. Does anyone know where can I get these as well?
  5. Hi, I'm a BMW E30 enthusiast and I'm in search for a good condition e30 to purchase within this month. I've seen some cars and their conditions were so bad that one car's doors wouldn't even close properly. Does anyone here know about any E30s that might be available for purchase? There are only a very few cars listed online and most of them are in very bad condition or modified to the point where its not a BMW e30 anymore. Also do you think is it a good idea to have an E30 a first car when it comes to the repairs and maintenance. I've been warned multiple times by car guys who neve
  6. I learned to drive with my dads old Toyota Corolla KE72. Later my father sold it and moved to a CE108 (Auto gear) which Im sure he is not going to sell any time soon. Now I also own a Civic which is a fun car to drive but badly miss driving a stick shift. Thinking of buying a secondary car for leisure which will also help me learn about motor mechanics. What car can you guys suggest will fit my purpose? Budget is around 4-6 lakhs. Easy to maintain (but dont mind getting under hood and messing with mechanics) Fun to drive (specially shifting) I have NO concer
  7. Dear Friends I need user manual for Nissan FB15. if anyone able to find please share it
  8. Hi friends, I'm looking for the English owner's manual for my newly bought KDH200 vehicle, specially the manual for the sound and navigation system. The manuals came up in Japanese, so I don't understand anything in there! Since the even the buttons are in Japanese, it's been quite hard. An English manual would ease it a little. I've googled it for a quite a while with no success. So, any help please? In case it helps, the sound system model is shown as HDD NHXT-W55V.
  9. Hey Guys, One of my friend has a Bluebird sylphy 1.5. manual gear vehicle. 2004 model and registered in 2012. KS-xxxx . I am not a car expert. Vehicle looks very good and interior is looking superb. He is the 2nd owner of the car. It has only driven 45000km . They have all the service records. He is asking for 25 lax for the vehicle. Will it be worth the money? Please let me know your ideas. Thanks
  10. Hi all, I am new here. I've been using a Honda Fit Shuttle (2012) for about five years, and thought of sharing some useful information I gathered about it, since my search here did not show much (or have I missed them?) Japanese User Manual, and there is no English manual since it is a domestic model. But Honda Jazz manual is quite useful for many aspects. Below video is how you enter the secret menu in internavi premium where you can change the time. Your player may be slightly different, but find the corresponding buttons from the attached image.
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a smart, brand new hatchback under 5 million (or maybe a little higher). Something smart for a lady, manual preferred. Any suggestions? I like the Audi A1 S-line 2017 but it's 1000cc. Something more powerful would be nice. Thank you!
  12. Hi all, For all who might find the below helpful. Cheers! Instrument cluster translation from Japanese to English: Download - user manual: http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/owners_manual/files/2_99011-52R02_20170906035005.pdf
  13. hello everyone, i want to buy a used car (very first one) and below are some things that has to be met with * should be no more than 2 mil. * manual , should have some character to it * some horsepower and good handling * roomy and comfortable can you guys give some suggestions?
  14. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me find Owners manual and service manual for Mazda Demio 2000 model? Thanks in advance. Shan
  15. Does anyone know where I can download user/operator manual for Nissan Leaf "G" grade (Japanese Domestic Market)? Thanks.
  16. What's the reasonable price tag for a Mitsubishi Lancer EX GLX, 2008 Extra info: Millage : 40k Transmission: Manual Capacity: 1500cc
  17. Hi Guys, Has this owner replaced the 4WD know? Or we can say it has two gear boxes...
  18. Guys, Found below page with lots of user manuals. try out.. http://car-user-guides.blogspot.com/
  19. Hi guys, I'm planning to buy Viva Elite manual transmission car and I need to know your opinions about its fuel consumption. I have seen a lot of comments about the automatic but could not get enough information about the manual car. How much fuel efficiency can I expect from this car in the Colombo city area? Thanks in advance..
  20. I was buy Toyota Starlet ep91 MT with the help of AL expertise and AL. As im new to driving im confusing in Gear changing. Last few days I did practice run with two of my friends. One friend says that, Do not run 1st gear so long time, change it ASAP, My other friend says that , wait till until vehicle reach some speed and then change it in to 2nd I saw my another office mate change all the 4-5 gear withing first 50 m but still vehicle speed around 20 kmph. As fuel consumption has strong relationship with the driving habits , pls tell me the best way to I need to practice.
  21. Hi, does anyone have a 1996-2001 Toyota Corona Premio User Manual?
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