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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, I know these two cars has been discussed a lot. But I need your opinion on these two vehicles as a comparison. Price wise its only a few lakhs difference these days. It's okay for me. I know about the fuel consumption as well. What I really want to know is the maintenance cost (money and time). And what should I look for? Any specific issues that I should know? And I like to know about the feel when driving. I have driven the BMW. But not the Mercedes. Thanks bros!
  2. In the current COVID situation and import ban what is the use of 35000 usd cif permit, is it possible to get a Merc like CLA 180, CLA 200 or C200. Since we can buy a unregistered car from an authorized dealer with tax concessions after new circulars, is the above models are available within that permit range? Need some thoughts on this.
  3. i'm looking for a Mercedes S Class 320, manufacture year 2001 or 2002. Just wanted to know the those who have any idea on price and any recommendations for the vehicle. Thank you.
  4. Hi , Im looking to upgrade and have an idea of buying a car less than 6 million. Have an idea of a used bmw or a mercedes.But concernd on maintanence and parts too. Expecting advice from experienced members to select the best choice for my budget.Thanks
  5. I presently own a Toyota Aqua and saw a s320 1999 model advertised with the attached spec. It is a "301-" vehicle. It kind of caught my curiosity as whether to replace my Aqua with this. However the interior leather seats are cracked and I guess that needs to be reupholstered, but does it make sense to buy this vehicle given its 18 years old as well? Please no jokes or insults. This is a genuine request. My main concerns are comfort and vehicle maintainability. Thanks in advance!
  6. In Sri Lanka, 2nd hand market of European cars is very poor. Like to know the reasons and have a good conversation for the awareness of all who are interested. Thank you.
  7. Hi Guys, Just thought I'll share pictures of my W123 being done up. Actually work started 1 year back, hadn't time to share anything as I am based out of SL. The work has been painfully slow.. but I didn't have a choice in the matter since im not there to push and get things done. The car had some corrosions and obviously would need a new full spray. I had put it a place in Athurugiriya first and nothing was done for about 1 year.. car was just idling. Then I got to know a garage in Nawala and handed it over... work is very slow but at least there was progress.. ive attached a picture of how the car was before.. will attach some pictures of how the car looked after taking out panels and being parked doing nothing for a year...
  8. Hi guys, I have been looking at the W212 E class for days and found one. Since the car is 5 years old, I would like to know what to expect in the next 2-3 years from someone having experience. I already used a Beemer so pretty much aware about them, but I'm in the darkness on Mercs. The vehicle has only 36k miles and servicing is done by d*mo precisely (I verified with d*mo). I could not find any common issues with the W212 like the outgoing model. My specific concerns are - Will it need the engine mounts to be replaced soon? - Will it need the belt replacement? Thanks in advance
  9. My brother has got a C220 CDI on permit, unfortunately no leather seats as on the BMWs ! where can i get good leather seat covers for my car ? i want them hemmed into the existing seats. Also it lacks a rear arm rest, any suggestion for an alternate arm rest ?
  10. Hi Guys, I am looking for a Mercedes Benz W126 (1985) car & found very few on web as well as papers. Though they seem good I don't really know much about the things I should look for especially they are bit old as in 1980's. Generally what I know is to look for corrosion and mechanically smokes..etc like that. But relevant to this car, Could anyone help me to know more about Mercedes Benz W126 when it comes to buying one such as what things I should check other than regular things that we normally see. And some says its really expensive to maintain such vehicle but I really need advice from anyone who have/had such vehicle or at least having experience about their maintenance. So really appreciate if you can share some details. Finally, if it doesn't violate the forum rules, please share where I can get the repairs done as not every mechanic can repair this kind of vehicles, and what would be the fast wearing parts and give some idea about cost of replacement too. Thanks and appreciate your replies.
  11. Guys , my brother has got a $25000 permit and is planning to buy a c class c220cdi diesel car with +$5000 allowance. Totally $30000 worth. I checked the site and it showed a very basic edition c class in the pic. Could someone here who knows about this permit vehicle tell me is it worth buying ? Are features sufficient ? A rough list of features anyone ? I'm gone abroad and unable to get one directly from dealer. Thanks. P.S., he's not interested in BMW or Audi - bad resale value. Image: http://synergyy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Mercedes-Benz-C-Class-%E2%80%93-USD-30000-for-Permit-Holders.jpg
  12. Does anyone know if Mercedes benz b class available in Sri Lanka ? I happened to see some in India. They look good and have good performance and efficiency as well I heard.
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