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Found 18 results

  1. Good morning fellow Petrol heads, After years of reading posts and looking at adverts, finally I found myself a problem worth the attention of a larger forum (I think). I've recently bought a used Montero V93W GLS here are some of features 1.Build Year 2011 export model 2.GLS With Rockford 6 CD changer with Aux In and USB ( no MMCS, no Bluetooth support) 3.No premium alarm with ultra sound sensors (just the immobilizer) Having said that, here's the situation. For some time I've been contemplating if it made sense to upgrade the 6 CD changer to the OEM MMCS. The reasoning is as follows 1. The reverse camera is currently one of them Chinese media player cum rear view mirror thingy (which is hiding that nice anti dazzing rear view mirror which came with the jeep) 2. Handsfree mobile connectivity sucks ( Aux in works but the Rockford's DSP is messing with the noise cancelling feature of the phone) I've ruled out using an aftermarket Dual Din set up mainly because the CD player is tightly coupled to the Rockford amplifier and personally I prefer the OEM version. I've also done some research on scope of this engagement, it will require ( I'm sure I'm missing more stuff here) the addition of 1.The Hand free ECU 2. Handfree switches on the Steering wheel 3.Microphone installation which requires the premium alarm's ultrasonic sensor housing to be installed 4. The all mighty MMCS. (GPS Sensor is optional) Considering how well the modules are integrated using the CAN-BUS, I'm sure it wont be a walk in the park but if done, I would like to do it without splicing too many wire in a nice OEM kinda way. So, what do you guys think about this endeavor. Does it make sense ? Has anyone an idea about where to acquire the parts and/or a good place to get this done?
  2. Hi Guys, Need some information on Montero Sports 2011/2012 Diesel model 1. Ride comfort due to truck base chassie 2. Average fuel consumption and is it necessary to use super diesel 3. Average market value? I have seen 155k Odo around 7.2 million. Is it a good deal ? 4. Any particular faults or areas that I should worry about ? 5. what does it mean when they say “all luxury taxes paid” when they advertise. Do I have to check any document ?
  3. Read a few threads on Auto Lanka but need specific input on the 3000CC Petrol version of the vehicle. Any recommendations/advice for or otherwise will be greatly appreciated regarding the choice of the Engine, Reliability and Fuel Consumption of the vehicle. A little concerned as I received a few recommendations regarding getting the diesel instead of the petrol and saying that the reliability of the vehicle wasn't great. Need to get some real user input.
  4. Im looking for Mk1 and MK2 pajero jeep, so i found original auto rear coil spring original flatroof exceed 1989 pajero and mk2 1994/6 pajero price is not a problem i saw many people going for the mk1 palathsaba pajero and they say its easy to maintain and it has a more space than mk2, both those jeeps are in superb condition and no engine issues both are newly rebuilded engine so i want to get advice for following points *Comfortability *Market in second hand value *spare parts price *maintain cost Thanks,
  5. Dear All, I am looking to buy a SUV for 10 million. Below are the options I am thinking 1) Mithubishi Montero 2013 2) Kia Sorento 2015 3) Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2014 or up 4) Honda CRV 2018 Please suggest which is the best buy for my budget. Regards Shan
  6. Hi All, Below are my options. Montero 2013 diesel Prado 120 petrol 2700 model Prado 120 diesel model Please suggest your idea to pick a vehicle of the above. Comfort, second hand value, maintainance are the key factors for me.
  7. Hi Guys, Doing some internet research on genuine parts and came across the following 2 websites which stock genuine OEM parts in Dubai and another country? Just wondering if anyone has experience bringing to Sri lanka ? a) Partsouq.com b) Amayama.com Actually its' re: a pair of shocks where these guys are giving it at 50% of the price of local agent.
  8. Gents, i was able to get a GLS full rear wheel cover and garnish of a damaged Pajero (V98) from Japan and want to fit it to my 2014 GLX Montero. Can anyone recommend me a good mechanic to do the replacement with painting. Thanks S
  9. Hi All, I am looking to buy either of those 2 vehicles and my budget is 9 million or just above that. Montero 2013 diesel Honda CRV 1.5 2017-2018 Please suggest which option is best considering Rider comfort, look, after sale value and maintenance. BTW : I am not planned to use these for off road purposes and therefore please do not consider that. Thanks
  10. Gents, Well, couple of days ago the Monty went for a service (first after i bought her) at the agents and they wanted me to replace her rear brake pads. She has only done 50K kms still. I went to the workshop when they were about to remove the wheel and observed that the pads were shot to the steel frame. Price quoted was 20K and had to anyway incur it. In the web i see that for the V98W Shogun , genuine pads start at GBP 11/- and so on. One place in Kadawatha quoted 7K for the pads. Can i know from the Monty users in the forum is there any place you guys get reliable Monty spares (especially the R& RSs) in Sri Lanka at a reasonable price other than the agents ? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Sadik
  11. Hi guys, I am in the process of buying a SUV to do some off roading. I won't be doing extreme off roading, but to travel in dirt tracks, sandy beaches etc where a typical family sedan can't go. At the moment I am looking at a 2002-2005 Mitsi Montero V6 3.5L. I know petrol engines are not as good as diesel when it comes to off roading, but my budget only cater up to this. So can you share you expert advice regarding this. Is it worth to buy a Montero & is it worth to buy a petrol? Cheer
  12. What are the pros and cons of buyig used Mitsubishi Montero, YOM 2000 - 2003 Petrol or Diesel one is better? How is service cost, insurance cost, parts etc. Will it be reliable? What are the difference between normal and limited version or others? Thank You!
  13. I m new to the group and would like to know the following from you experts. My budget is arr 5 mio and need to buy s seven seater as my family is big. Thought of buying montero ( mahataya) model 1998 . Why do I think any that? Hw is the fuel consumption? is maintenance cost high? What are the other options I have?
  14. I'm hoping to go for an upgrade. Following are my dream vehicles in the next level. My budget is maximum 5.8M. I know all the below are not comparable. I would like to know fuel efficiency (I know it's low), maintenance costs, availability of parts, known issues and things to look at when buying. Also if there are any other recommendation for the above price. Montero v6 2002/2004 Petrol Montero Sport 2006 Petrol Kia Sorento 2011 Diesel Peugeot 508 2011 Petrol Mercedes-Benz E240 2003/2004 Petrol Your valuable comments are highly appreciated.
  15. Recently I bought a Mitsubishi Montero V98W, which had been previously bought for the permit, where the all the accesories were fixed from Un*t*d M*t*rs (with all the bills and all) except for the roof rails. The previous owner was reluctant to fix it as they want to drill the top and fix it. So today I called Elc*rd*, there also they are following the same procedure. So does anyone of you know of a place where I can fix those two bars without drilling the upper surface. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi, there are two montero sports at my office with ODO at 45000km and 12000km. during the usage period of 45000km we happened to replace the brake pads 5 times and the vehicle with 12000km had front brake pads replaced once at 10000km. When I spoke to Uni**d Motors they say its normal as a brake pad is only expected to last from 10000km to 15000km distance. Meanwhile we have a montero 2013 and several prius cars, non of those giving trouble like this, one prius got a brakepad replacement only after 100,000km. What might be the reason for such wear-off.
  17. Guys I am planing to buy a Mitsubishi Montero Jeep. (not sport) 2000-2004 one. Think price going around 4.5 to 5.5 Million. please tell me some more details about this vehicle. How about Spare parts availability in Sri lanka. I am not worrying about maintenance cost. I only need to know about good and bad side of vehicle. Thanks in Advance. Nels.
  18. I saw montero 3.2 DI-D is offered for the permit, so anybody saw the SUV in person? If so what are the options they give? And how much they offer ?
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