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Found 14 results

  1. I have a Honda city 2000 and I am planing to buy a Nissan sunny n16 or n17 model. Will these two models be better than Honda city 2000? And can I sell my car around 2 Million?
  2. Hi Experts, I'm Looking for a Car around Rs 1.9 to 2.0 Mil and as i have office transport i would be mainly using this car during the weekends.7-8 Km/l fuel economy would be fine with me. My greatest concern is reliability as i will be traveling to the Hill country at least once a month . I'm looking for a manual Transmission car with a reasonably good interior. I have searched for the following vehicles and still could not make up my mind to select one. Peugeot 406 Nissan Cefiro (A33) Nissan Primera P11 Nissan Presea Refina Mazda 323 Nissan Pulsar
  3. Please someone tell me what are differences between Nissan FB 15 and N16. Why N 16 has a low market value compared to FB 15 eventhough the YOM is late??
  4. Hi all. I am new to this group and i haven't used any vehicle before. I am planning to buy a used car around 2Mn - 2.5 Mn. My options are Honda Civic, Honda city, Mitshubishi Lancer or Similar Nissan car. Can anyone tell me Advantages/Disadvantages/Things I should know about Mitsubishi Lancer /Civic/City Thank You
  5. Hello i have a Nissan N16 Automatic 2001 model recent days i face a problem when i shift to D mode car doesn't Move but R ( reverse ) and Gear 1 is working fine if i drive gear 1 for 300 to 400 Meter then D Mode working Normally any one face this problem ? can you help me to solve ?
  6. Hello everyone, I recently sold my Indian alto and now searching for a good Japan car for around 2M. I am going to use the car for 3 years and want to sell it after 3 years. So can I have suggestions from the PROS regarding a specific models which I can buy for my budget with good condition and good after market sale? Need a car for do the basic maintenance, fill up fuel and ride. No time to waste in garage. I am normally using the highways in the weekend and need a car to suite for that requirement as well. I am looking for Patrol, Auto gear, full option, sedan model car.
  7. Deeshana


    Hello guys, First of all I'm new to this forum and I don't know whether this thread is in the correct section, I'm sorry if its in a wrong place. I've got a Nissan Sunny n16 facelift aka n17 in Sri Lanka. (MT 1.3) It's a 2003 Ex saloon, and I've being using it for about 8 years now. I had an ECU issue and I replaced the ECU about an year back. However I didn't use the car after that because the car was outstation and I was in Colombo. Now I've got the car with me and I realised that after the ECU replacement the fuel consumption is terrible. I thought it was an issue with the oxygen sensor
  8. Guy's I've got an N16 facelift (n17) and I didn't use the car for a while and the central locking doesn't work. I think rats are the culprit (car was outstation locked inside a garage) Are the fuses bad or wiring damaged? Anyone knows the location of the central locking fuse? Thanks in advance!
  9. After wasting couple of thousand+ rupees for a simple scanning at garages I've found that this simple method do it for you without spending a single cent. Worked perfectly for my Nissan N16. Hope this will be helpful for anybody else who experience the same problem.
  10. Hi All, I bought a Nissan N16 Bluebird Sylphy auto car recently. I love the interior, handling, performance, etc. Before starting my journey I have done the initial services for safe side like oil changing, break and shock checkup. It's doing 10-11 km/l out station. I still didn't do a injector cleanup or any thing related to increasing fuel efficiency. Is this figure ok or just for that do I need to go for a injector cleanup? Also how much it will cost roughly? This is 1800cc engine. Thanks, highfive
  11. Hello guys, I am willing to buy a car for which can afford 1.5 to 1.8 mil. Please give a hand for me with this issue considering specific technical issues, FC, Maintenance costs.. At the moment I have three cars in my mind. 1 Nissan FB 15 2 Nissan N16 3 Suzuki Swift jeep model your expert comments are highly appreciated thanx all
  12. Hi, Please advice me on what should I do when I came across 2 times in changing gasket (I have nissan N16 super saloon, YOM - 2000, 1.6L) either to go for a new Engine HEAD or New Engine? 1st Occasion - My careless driving (I never came across such a situation and didn't know what to do..but i was checking regularly the water level of over flow tank and the radiator) - No cracks found in Engine Head and did not pace the head surface (after checking from a leading workshop which is located at Maradana) - Replaced the gasket with a genuine nissan one. - There w
  13. Hi, Any one of you guys have the Bluebird Sylphy G10 Manual? Did a quick seach, couldnt find it. Even some links in old posts turned up empty. If you do, please do share
  14. Can somebody Pls tell me the fuel tank capacity of Nissan N16 Ex Saloon car? Thanx
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