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Found 10 results

  1. I am hoping to buy a new car with a budget of around/ less than 50 lacks. Would it be better off to buy a used Audi A1 2016 or a new Toyota Vitz 2020 (2019 if 2020 is not available)? For urban driving during weekdays and highway once a week. I am concerned regarding fuel consumption, availability of spare parts, maintenance cost, space inside the car, ability of the car to reverse along a slope of about 30 degrees, ability to resell etc. Please mention the pros and cons. Any suggestions and other car options are welcome. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi. I am looking for an upgrade from my Mazda Carol 2004 and looking for a vehicle around 2.5M to 3M. With that budget, i am highly concerned about fuel consumption, maintaining cost. Hence, currently i have only below options. (Registered) 1. New japan alto - some people say the second hand market will be very low. 2. Daihatsu mira - lack of spareparts 3. Wagon r - expensive maintenance cost, lack of spareparts So guys i am looking for some ideas, suggestions for a better option. (Including positive and negative sides of above options and, any other models i can go fo
  3. Hi all, I am a new member to this group. I am planing to buy a car around 3 million.it is difficult go beyond 3M. I have an idea to buy a Honda insight on that budget. please let me know your suggestion and advises about Honda insight and the best car for that budget. thank you
  4. Hi. I was hoping to get ideas for recommendation for a car that would fall between 3.5m - 4.4m My purpose is to use it on after work travel on occasion and travel on weekends to kadawatha from kalubowila. Looking for comfort drive and hoping for it to be of or around 10km/litre in fuel efficiency.
  5. Hello guys! I need some advice for buying my first car. My maximum budget is restricted to around 3 million, so I have few options. What do you think is best - buy a brand new manual Kia Picanto (around 3 mil the last time I checked) or import something like a 2015/2016 Vitz from Japan? Or forget both and go the local second-hand route with possible risks involved? I won't be actually buying one until a year or so, but I'm doing some research in advance anyway. I have zero prior experience with cars. Thanks for your opinions and advice!
  6. Hi, I'm planning to buy my 1st car. I was interested in hybrid and EV models hoping they would be more economical but after reading some threads here it seems I'm wrong. I was looking about Toyota Aqua, Honda Fit (GP5), Honda Freed and Nissan Leaf(seems not so reliable for long journey) and seen more negative comments than I thought. I don't know much about cars(even my parents didn't have one) and I would like to here the opinions/suggestions from the experts. Below are some of my concerns. This is going to be my 1st car. Would be better if the maintenance is easier and ec
  7. I accidentally got into this forum and think of asking my matter What about panda cross? Company says its engine is now 1000cc and mileage is around 15kmpl. Is it true? Any issues with the Panda cross car? And also I would like to know about cars below 24lakhs I prefer brand new. Loads of thanks
  8. I'm planning to buy a car for 4-4.5 million and could you please help me with options and authorized car dealer details.
  9. Hi guys, I know there are loads of threads regarding queries and advises on choosing a new car, or choosing between an Indian new one or a used Japanese. These threads are quite old and my problems are a bit complicated, so thought of seeking expert opinion of you guys 1. I plan to buy the car with a leasing package and hope to use the car for at least 3 - 5 years.. 2. I have zero technical knowledge regarding cars/ vehicles as I have never driven one before. 3. Since I am going for leasing, I don't want to be spending much and frequently on the maintenance / repairs of the vehicle, hen
  10. Hi everybody, I am a newbie and willing to buy a used car within the budget of 15-20 laks.This is gonna be my first car and I need your advice on this. I have made some choices as per my budget and i need the recommendations from the experts. 1. Suzuki Alto 2.Nissan Cefiro 3.Toyota Passo 4.Nissan march beetle Still I don't have any idea but as per the budgeted price I am looking into these vehicles.Please do advice and suggest me which is the good one which fits into my budget with good durability and fuel consumption.There should be a second hand value if I am planning to go for anothe
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