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  1. First of all sorry for being the least active member on the forum🙃. Now since I used my beloved teana for 4 months I'd like to share my experience + what i did with the car. 1. So when I bought the car it had some minor oil leaks so I redid all the oil seals in the car as a precautionary repair using original Nissan parts which I got from A*W (slightly rip-off price but hey atleast it's "original"). 2. Redid my brake system with refaced calipers and original pads because of a minor braking sound which was noticable at traffic situations. 3. Installed KYB "New SR special" shocks
  2. Hello , I recently bought a nissan march k12 2002 There is problem , when accelerating a noise comes from the front . The front vibrates and the sound goes like 'brrrrrrrr'. I already showed this problem to a mechanic and he said that its the silencer and its loose. So he fixed it but still the problem exists. Does anyone know what the issue is? Also i heard that there is a place speaclized in nissan march repairs but it couldnt find it. If you know this place pls reply.
  3. anybody know a place to buy , nissan j10 dualis 2007 , 2wd Tappet cover. With a reasonable prize I just asked from pioneer motor/colombo by phone , they said with ,packing it ll be around 38k Any comment on this u guys?? Thankyou
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a sedan in 2.0-3.0 Mil range. I think Nissan Bluebird Sylphy 2003,2004 (FG10) 1500cc is a decent car for that price range. I was looking for a Corolla 121 but now they are over priced. So I don't think it's worth the money. Anyhow, I am interested on knowing what the best available vehicles within my budget. So any suggestions? Are there any common issues / repairs in FG10 1500cc variant? Is it a reliable car? How's the acceleration of the 1.5 engine? (I'm asking about the power to weight ratio) How's the fuel consumption?
  5. So guys I got a 2008 Nissan Teana J32 and I've been suffering from the inability to reverse properly without a reversing camara. The car has some aftermarket reverse sensors that doesn't work properly and because of the sheer size of the Teana it's very hard to reverse properly. So I'm thinking of a entertainment system upgrade and I'm looking for any suggestions that will help my cause. This is the stock entertainment system and I don't want any flashy RGB android 10 system to disrupt this simplistic atmosphere. All I want from this upgrade is good rear visibility and some bluetooth aud
  6. Hey guys so this is my first post in the forum and I'm thinking of logging everything I'm doing for the car in this thread. So this is my first car, it's a 2008 Nissan Teana j32 with a VQ25DE engine. The car has 111k km on the clock and still runs smoothly. The previous owner had everything documented (services,part invoices) so I'm a bit lucky there. I'm about to do my first service and I'm thinking of doing a full fluid flush including the CVT oil as well. So my aim is to make this car as luxurious as possible that includes suspension change and anything that makes the ride comfort pri
  7. what can i say? i just had to. the moment i saw this car, i was transported to the botanical gardens in hindi movies where i was hiding behind one tree and the datto was hiding behind the other and we were running into each others arms in a field of flowers, with kuch kuch hota hai playing int he background. apart frmo Givantha's i highly doubt there another 510 out there as pristine as this. everything is in there, in working order, AND looking like it rolled out of the factory yesterday. completely amazed at its condition, for a 45 year old car... for now, i'm just gonna run it. can't hav
  8. Hi all, I just purchased a Nissan Bluebird SU14 Eprise. It's diesel vehicle which has done 144000 on the ODO. The issue i'm having is that while driving when I shift to the third gear and leave the clutch, the car bounces while moving forward. So I quickly press the clutch and the car runs smoothly for the momentum. The problem occurs when I go to the third or fourth gears only where when I slow down and change to the second, it runs perfectly. I did the clutch test where you put the gear in the third while on standby and you leave the clutch while accelerating and as it is supposed to, the v
  9. Please give me ur ideas for the these vehicles kia sorento 2012/ X-trail 2012/ pajero 1995-1996 diesel auto/ toyota hilix vigo 2008, which is the most worthy for the 55-60lks fuel economy, comfortability, reselling value, maintains, and the things you guys know about these vehicles.Thank you!
  10. Hi all..! I recently brought my 1st car which is Nissan Pulsar CJ1 1996 1.5L auto petrol. (GA15DE engine). I got bad fuel economy which is around 7-8 kmpl in city. How can I increase my fuel economy? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I am to buy a Nissan Serena, people say It has no second market, actual reason is not rational. I want to know general issues and remedies for each and best models/ features to consider (VX,FX,LX, auto-gear| manual, 4-door|5-door, engine type, radiator types) Max budget is LKR 1.5Mn.
  12. Guys, I'm looking for a Car with a budget around 3Mn to 3.2Mn. Currently looked for several 141 s (2008) and few Nissan Sylphy s (2010). Mileage of all were around 100,000km and the Price seems to be almost same though the spec of Sylphy looks to be in high level compared to 141. But need to know about below facts. Maintenance cost Availability and cost of spare parts Any common known issues Fuel consumption Ability to resale Finally which one would you recommend considering all above.
  13. Hi, I need to add a set of foot-controlled switches to control the following in my 2018 Nissan Dayz (Mitsubishi EK Wagon). Headlight Turn Signals Windshield wiper (Single Speed) Can someone suggest a good auto-electrician for this task? P.s. This modification was recommended by the RMV since I got a disability in my left hand.
  14. I have a nissan FB 15 2002 car and couples of days before i faced a problem that when car is in idle position with D or R in gear with A/C car is stalling (like in the traffic) bt it's not happaning with the N or P and i replaced all 4 plugs,Air filter and i serviced injector nozzles as well bt problem is still remaining bt when driving in high RPM and when A/C off it's not hapanning..so guys please help me,this is such a annoying thing 4 me?
  15. New or second hand. Sedan or mini suv ...even hatchback 1,800,000 budget. Suggest a good a car plz..
  16. Hello everyone, I planning on buying a new Nissan Juke 2020 from A*W motors anyway the tekna edition is not available to us, this edition does not have the Bose sound system and have adifferent wheel set different from the tekna edition. I want to know if there is anything I need to consider before buying this vehicle. Thank you.
  17. Friends, I'm planning to buy a nissan tida. so can anyone please tell me what are the problems related to this vehicle. It's good look and seems comfortable.
  18. Honda Vezel RS 2016 or Nissan X-Trail 2015-2016. What is the ideal vehicle from these two?
  19. Hello everybody, We bought a Nissan AD wagon VY10 (1999) recently. The locking mechanism on fuel door is missing. In this car both the fuel door lock and back door lock works from same cable. Therefore now I am looking for a complete set of cables and locking mechanisms. As i found FB12,FB13,Pulsar on same years (1990s) have the same kind of mechanisms. Do you know any place to find one? .Your advice is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  20. Hello everybody, Do anyone have Nissan AD wagon Y10 users/owners manual in electronic or printed media? Thank you.
  21. I have a Nissan Tiida 2008 model, clocked at 96k. Today suddenly reverse gear stopped working. no matter engine is cold or hot it's not working, however when I put the gear into R and accelerate the engine, its engaging about at 3000 rpm. Once it engaged I can reverse without problem. Other gears are working fine as usual. I have change the gear oil every 30k miles with Nissan branded trans oil. also i have checked the gear oil levels and its not low. What could be the problem? How much it cost to replace the auto gearbox I am from kandy. Are there any reputed gearbox mech
  22. Dear Friends I need user manual for Nissan FB15. if anyone able to find please share it
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