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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys , Its been a while for the discussions went here about Zotya nomad 2 . I've been reseraching about the nomad 2 , As per my findings it contains a Mitsubishi Orion 4G15 engine , and the fuel consumtion goes around 15kmpl. I don't think there may be no Nomad users . But Mitushubishi owners may be there with a 4G15 Orion Engine I Need to know much about the 4G15 Engine's 1) Avaiability of spares, common faults etc. 2) What are the cars having this engine Thank you
  2. Hi Guys, Just need your opinion on above topic. I am planing to buy my second car for daily use ( Daily travel around 30 km). Mu budget is around 2 million rupees. Points consider. Millage - Below 100k Fuel efficiency Whether the car is comfortable Should be a English number
  3. Dear Members.. I request your openion on the below mentioned... This is about the most affordable SUV as introduced by its manufactures / local dealers the ZOTYE Nomad 1.3 (Now locally assembled in the name of Zotye Extreme). Here are my Concerns. My maximum budget is 2.2 M I want a vehicle with a sufficient ground clearance coz I usually travel over 2500 kms on roads with moderate to worst conditions. Need not to be a SUV necessarily. I do not want the trouble of repairs atleast in the first 3-4 years. Second hand market is not a major concern, but accepted that I'll not keep this forever. The outer appearace is a major concern. Fuel efficiency of anything 11km/L is affordable I need the vehicle within 2 -3 weeks time. So I currently believe that Zotye Nomad 1 be a good option. Still I want expert/public view before finalizing the decision. I checked some unregistered and second hand vehicles. New Extreme costs 2.2M. A second hand Nomad 1 with low milage (below ~40000) and in good condition costs around 1.85~1.95M. The interior is not that attractive. Observed rust and oxide on nuts and some other metal parts (in vehicles with 1 yr old). The warranty given for the Extreme is just 1Yr/30,000. 1. Is this vehicle reliable? 2. Do I have any other better options? What are them? (A used cami with 0ver 180,000 milage costs over 2.4.. Swift 2003/04 are within the budget, but milage is high.. Terios too not matching the budget... Hw good the second hand market, I cant take a possible risk of repairs. N thats why I do not intend to go for any of these with high milage) 3. Will Panda cross match my requiremet? If yes, are there any 2nd hand units availabe in the market (I found nothing in Auto Lanka or in the recent newspapers / The waiting time (3 1/2 months according to them) for a brandnew one is not affordable for me. 4. Out of the locally assembled one and the chinese Nomad which is better? And why? Your valuable comments are greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi Guys, I have bought a Nomad Zotye 1300cc. Now I am planning to run that through with some customizations as follows. Changing stock alloy wheels to a bit thicker wheels, so that wheels will be embossed out from the body Put a front mount bull bar with 2 fog lights Put a spoiler Put step rails in sides I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with the rounded budget to do this and a good place to hand over this job. Thanks in advance. Regards, /mmmrbm
  5. Hello friends. I'm plan to buy a car price range around 2-2-5M. Therefore I'm interested in Zotye Nomad 2 and Chev Beat. I need to choose a good one that gives better driving pleasure, good fuel consumption and that has a good resale value. Please help to choose what is better?? Chev beat or Zoyte Nomad 2 Thanks.
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