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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys. My premio 240 is 2003 YOM 2007 YOR. Sexy car, no trouble so far unless 1 single issue. Which is oil burning too much. Around 2 litres consumed for around 2300 km's But the car pickup is not that bad. When in gear D and stopped at traffic, I can feel the vibration inside the car. Reason is the cylinder pressure unbalance. 2nd and 4th cylinder pressure is bit low (150psi), other cylinders are 200psi and 180psi I think the reason for the engine trouble being that the previous owners hadn't maintained the engine properly. So my options are 1. Repair the engine (low cost as friends say) 2. Replace the engine (high cost, engine number registration is a real hassle, also the new engine we buy from delkanda or somewhere can have issues while using) So guys I'm in total confusion state. Please advice. I like my car, because interior and everything is really good condition. only issue is oil consumption. Please advise.
  2. Firstly speedometer was started to not showing the actual speed vehicle travelling, then start to fluctuate for some time, later stop moving, then again start working but not the reading is less to the actual speed of the vehicle
  3. Hey mates, (Please read fully before answer) I bought a toyota premio 240 2003 model auto gear one before 7 months back. Did a tuneup and put 10w 30 toyota oil, its started reducing like around 2 centimeters when i go on a long journey. (Also engine had sludge also.) I dont see any oil leakage, or burning (no kalu duma/black smoke in my exhaust) Then i thought to put 15w 40 toyota oil. Now almost a month since i changed the oil. I can see like half centimeter reduced when i check the dipstick. What can be the reason for this? The engine seems bit old although odo is at 101900. And i spent enough money doing various things. I put some sealant in tappet cover. Still the problem exists. But after putting 15w 40, the reduction rate is slower. Also i noticed something like just after oil changed and within first weeks, it didnt reduce any oil. But after about 3 or 4 weeks only the problem starts.
  4. Hi guys! I need to top up my PS fluid by a few mililitres. However, I have no clue what brand of PS fluid the previous owner used. But Im sure it's most probably Dexron 2 grade fluid (as recommended by the manual). Now if I mix a different brand dexron 2 fluid with this, will there be an issue? Eg:- Mixing Castrol brand D2 with STR brand D2 Its for the Peugeot 406, equipped with a mechanical power steering pump.
  5. I have Honda GP5 (75000km) and all service done by Sterling. They have used Havoline 0-20w fully synthetic oil changed by 5000km. From this forum i have learned fully synthetic oil can run 10,000km and asked them about why they recommend 5000km for fully synthetic oil. Their answer was if i use Mobil ( which cost double compared Havoline ) i can run 10,000km but for Havoline it's 5000km. Is there any truth to this ? Also i would like to know what's agent recommended oil and oil change interval ( i never gone to agent ) . Also since daily running on heavy traffic route ( 45min to go 12km normally ) i'm fear waiting for 10,000km. Is my fear baseless ? ( i'm asking this since i hope to keep car around 200,000km and want to do best maintenance today so i can save bit money in future )
  6. Hi, I use a Honda civic gen 10 2018 and today after running around 27500 kms the service due icon appeared. When checked in the maintenance it lists 3 things with service due in 28 days. Please check the attached screenshot and below details. B: Chassis inspection 2. Dust and Pollen Filter 3. Transmission oil As i ve heard transmission oil should be changed in 40000kms. Can someone please advice if i need to change Transmission oil as well.
  7. Hi experts, I recently bought (a month ago) a 1.3 K12 (CR12 engine) automatic with 60k mileage. Previous owner used Mobile 1000 (10W 30). However I am seeing that my car is doing 9kmpl in Colombo. I just searched through internet and found that ideally this should do around 12-13kmpl. I am not too harsh on accelerator within city driving and so far I didn't take this car for long drive. Previous owner told he already did a engine tune-up recently and I can see the receipts for it. I have two questions. Can I switch to Mobil 2000 (10W 40)? Why this small piece need 9kmpl within city limit? Is this normal or something I need to worry about? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Guyz How to find the type of spark plug that fits the car ? and Oll Brand ? ( Currently Using SAE40 Lanka Super plus Car mazda BJP (YOM2003 ).
  9. I would like share & get your ideas, experience regarding to engine oil for 'AE110' , For my , Year 1998 Engine Oil : Mobil 2000 10W,40W
  10. Please tell me about recommended engine oil brand for toyota corolla AE110?
  11. I recently bought a corolla 141, which has a mileage about 60000. Then once the service time is up I decided to go to toyota lanka since previous owner has been maintaining the vehicle from the same place since day one. So once the service is done by TL they gave me some remarks of the vehicle indicating that the things should be changed/ replaced / fixed. I’m a very much newbie to this so please bear with me if these are some stupid questions. I would like to post the comments they gave me after the vehicle inspection below. please see the image which has the comments. All I need to know is in what urgency should I fix these. Around how much would I need to be spent. How serious are these fixes. Thanks.
  12. kindly i need a help to choose suitable engine oil for recondition honda n box 2WD(not turbo) mileage was 30k Thank You
  13. Normally at service centers apart from washing and vacuuming the car they spray oil under the vehicle. I expect this is to prevent rust. But does it really help that way? Isn't there any bad effect to rubber parts(bushes etc) cause of oil since rubbers is tend to soften because of oil.
  14. Hi all, The oil in the dipstick smells gasoline and the oil itself is pretty thin and somewhat dark brown + black color. There is no gasoline smell from the exhaust and it drips water droplets which says that the tuning is fine. What is the reason for this gasoline smell ? And Under load ( AC + Headlights + slight hill in 3rd/4th gear, mind you this is a 5speed gearbox ) I can hear a knock/misfire once in a while.The previous owner says he tuned the car for better fuel economy. I bought the car last week and only did few 10-15Km trips and most 3,4Km ones. But from the shorts trips I did the car is only doing around 6,7Kmpl ( no traffic area ). * The car is a 94 FB13 manual (GA14DS engine) 1.4Liter with Carb, 140K on the clock
  15. Hi Friends, Considering a Mitsubishi 4DR5 jeep's suspension system (Leaf Spring + Shock absorber) , What kind of Shock absorbers to worth having. Because I will need to replace them sooner and currently it has normal black color oil ones which could cost 1500-2000 each. To enhance the comfort a bit, I was thinking of getting a bit better shock may be Gas ones. So I visited m*t*rcade and that guy said, there is a rancho shock which cost around 8000 each that suits for the jeep. Its mixed with oil and gas and auto adjusted for the road condition as said. Will it worth to have them and will I get any considerable change in comfort and may be handling by having those? Or are there any brands or types of shocks that I can consider? I don't go for very expensive stuff but in between basic and most advanced is ok for me. Please reply. Thanks a lot in advance.
  16. I have sold my lancer & bought a Prius 3rd Gen (UK imported version) recently. What should be the correct engine oil viscosity for my car? Mfd. Year: 2010 Mileage: 35300 miles (approx. 56800 km) Driving conditions: weekdays very low traffic around 30 km per day / weekends long distance around 200km every weekend Yesterday the full service was done from Cl**n Pa*k and after that fuel economy reduced to 35 mpg on average. Usually it is between 50 - 55 MPG. Oil type used: Toyota 0W-20 SN Air filter replaced Oil filter replaced What could be the issue?
  17. Hi Guys, I need to do the service of my car (ES8 2002 EXI Auto 1.5) which has done 120,000 kms. The previous owner has used Mobil super 1000 X2 15W-40 but the agent recommends Havoline. Should I use the same oil which is Mobil or should I shift to Havoline. I have read some posts of the AL and some people say 15w-40 is too thicker and recommend (x)w-30. Also I like to know good ATF for my car but I don't know the brand of the ATF which is used currently. Thanks in advance
  18. sam01

    4 X 4 Oil Change

    Hi I got a l200 4x4, I am planning on doing a oil change, is it necessary to change the oil filter every 5000km or is it every 10000km?. The vehicle has done about 55000km and is it necessary to change the diffferential oil?. Thanks
  19. Hi Just wanted to share with you my Nissan BK 12 (2002) experience of 1 year and some service information and what i used for service. Purchased last year July for rs. 1.7 million with 58,000 km on it. Seems good deal i guess. Initially i purchased this with intention to migrate to a better vehicle within 1 or 2 years coz i actually didn't had any experience with Nissan March. (I had only driven, Carina, Allion, Axela and Corolla) After purchasing it i really amazed especially regarding the the reliability, ease of handling and better fuel efficiency (13.5L on avg.) I have driven 20,000 kms so far. Some maintenance info might be helpful to you: Engine Oil: every 5000kms - Havoline 15w-40 with deposit shield(Mineral)-Rs. 2950-No issue so far. VIC Oil filer - Rs 950 -every 5000 kms I strongly suggest to go for 15w-40 or better oil(10-40, 5w-40) due to climate conditions of Sri lanka. Prices of other brands i found out just FYI (4 liter cans-Mineral oil). As at July 10th around Ja Ela area Castrol GTX- Rs. 3200: 10w-30 and 20w-50, Mobil Rs. 3400 15w-40 Valvoline Rs. 2500 20w-50 Laughfs Rs. 2450 20w-50 Automatic Transmission Oil Recommended Nissan Matic J - Use ONLY Matic J compatible fluid. I used Havoline ATF-J -- do not use Dexron III only compatible fluid . I changed through ATF exchange machine at Laughfs centre ( did not remove the oil pan. ( i had a question whether there is a filter in Automatic transmission to be cleaned at ATF change for March K12. Please update if anyone knows about this) Please share your thoughts about March K12 too.
  20. Hi guys.. Does anyone know where to buy the proper oil for hybrid vehicles.. I mean the manufacturer specified 0W-20 & not the 0W-30 that Stafford & Toyota try to sell to u claiming it's recommended for the hybrids.. Thanks, Yusuf
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