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Found 19 results

  1. I bought a Toyota Passo 2007 model couple of weeks ago. When the car runs at high speeds (after 80kmph) it starting to vibrates and shakes the car. If I reduce the speed below 80, car is running smoothly. Any ideas plz.
  2. My Toyota Passo 2018 - DBA M700 A gives me only 11km/Liter Pattern - (20km Highway daily and 20km city Daily) (Colombo to Kadawatha and Kadawatha to Colombo) Any tune ups or modifications recommended. Please help me on this. Thanks
  3. One of my office colleague is looking for a small size car and found a unregistered Passo 2007 model with an odometer reading of 33k. We had a doubt on the mileage as the car should have done less than 10k per year till it's export to SL in early 2011. the other odd fact we noticed that as to why the car has not got sold for more than 2.5 years. So we requested for JAAI certificate from the sellers. JAAI dated 20 Aug 2010 clearly indicated a odometer reading at the time of inspection to be 33,117km, so I tried contacting JAAI to verify the certificate. After failing to get thru via call, wrote to them on info at jaai . or .jp with the certificate no, car make model YOM and I intentionally put the Odometer reading 20,000km less than what was in the certificate (Just to make sure they respond). today morning I received the response, like this Dear ............... The odometer reading-13,117km which you said in your e-mail is different from our record. Our record of the Mileage at the inspection time is 83,117km. thank you N.OKANO JAAI if you need to know the seller of this car, refer to the topic tag
  4. This is a rant + seeking advice so bare with me also I have read most of the threads on comparing these cars but still I have specific doubts My use case - 1 Weekend drive kandy to nuwara eliya (Every week) 2 Driving within gampola/nawala pitiya suburbia ! I really like what I have now its an AWD DA64 Every wagon, its small, compact, Lot of space K van with 64hp thats more than enough for me. Also I really like the AWD its entry level but helped me lot of times (every RWD vans have this issue of rear wheel spin) The bummer is body roll its unbearable ! People are telling me to go for big tires wider (boku) alloy wheels, nope I want things to be stock (will change alloy wheels of correct size but not wider ones ) Now mine does 8kmpl city with 4 passengers and long drive 9-10kmpl thats okayish for me My budget is around 3.5 - 4.5 Million but I am looking for practicality (A to B, dicky space, less body roll, basic options, compact vehicle) My choices I love the new swift but it lacks ground clearance 120mm is not enough ? New vitz hmmm all of you guys were complaining about it comparing it for a CR42 so meh.. (145 mm is enough but what about rear passenger seats and dicky space ) New Passo same engine but if I get a boon I can save a lot, BANG for BUCK ! (concern is body roll ?) Tank/Roomy spacious vehicle (again concern is body roll ?) Also vitz 2010-2012 1.3 or RS versions its an old car but I like the RS version I have no issue with having more hp, its just compact ones are most of the time lacks hp UPDATE - I dont like turbos Im going NA Guys please advice read most of these threads http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21383-what-is-an-suspension-upgrade-for-a-vitz-and-howwhere-to-get-it-done/ http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21477-vitz-or-wagon-r-turbo/ http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21509-buying-a-new-vitz/ http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/21088-vitz-safety-editions/
  5. Hello Guys, I’m looking forward to buy my 1st car and need suggestions from the expertise. My budget is from 2.3 Mn – 2.8 Mn & Following requirements. No Indian Cars Should not be older than 2007-2008 Should be comfort for drive, Better features Less maintenance - cheaper parts, widely available spare parts. Will not be driving daily therefore Fuel consumption - if it does more than 7 – 8 kmpl good enough. Hatchback preferred; but don’t say no for Sedan Should be automatic Resale value - Not expecting a profit when selling but should be sell with demand Car should be suitable for Semi – Urban (Northern Region - Jaffna) Please be kind enough to give me good feedback & share your experience to select a better one. My options are in priority order; Mazda Demio 2010 –Rack Issues; Please advice Suzuki Swift 2008 or better (Japanese) – give pros & cons Toyota Vitz 2007 or better – give comments about Toyota Auris 1500CC Honda Fit GP1 2011 or better – CVT Gearbox Problem & oil burn issues; pls advice Toyota Passo Please let me know your comments.
  6. Hi, I'm interesting of buying an Unregistered Toyota Passo. My Budget is around 3.5 M. I have seen many versions of Passo in the market. Anyone has an idea which version is the best ? Any known issues ?
  7. Can anyone tell me which is the best option car with 3 million budget? And I have confusion with wagon r fx, mira es, and passo. Thank you.
  8. Plz reply y engine check lights appear on my passo odometer either it is catalytic converter issue or etc due to which fuel consumption increased. Thanks
  9. What do you think about toyota passo 2016 and above versions? some people are telling that no spare parts, high repair so on. Is it true? please give me some guidance
  10. Just bought a toyota passo but when idling the engine vibrates too much and shakes the car. When idle and on 'D' drive, the engine vibrates too much and shakes the car literally. I got the engine mount replaced but the problem is worst. Can you help plz.
  11. I'm interested to buy a Toyota Passo 2016 recondition unregistered vehicle. Currently i'm using Passo 2009 and i'm really impress with this model. So decided to go for the 2016 Passo model. Can anyone help me on this model please?
  12. Dear Members, I seek your expertise/ experienced based information on Toyota Passo. I have planned to purchase a Passo. But many people say it is a failure model and such negative comments Is that true? And I also noticed that it is not marketed as either Vitz or Perodua Elite Viva. What would be the reason for that? What about the fuel consumption (per km)? Going for a Passo would be disastrous or ok? Thanks in advance Best regards Tharanga
  13. Hi Guys, Recently I have replaced all my brake shoes, rear and front. Now the when I pushing the brake there is some free movement in the brake pad. So in order to apply brakes I need to push deeper. Then the garage person check for any air in oil, and did something like "brake katuwak pannawa", not sure what that is. But result is still the same, and the garage guy said that, since you've replaced all the pads, it'll take sometime to sync and later the you dot need to push this much deeper. Is this the normal case?.. Or is there something wrong with my brake unit? Thanks.
  14. Guys, Hows the fuel economy of New Toyota Passo (Hana) model? I had the Passo old model(2007) it did around 10-14 kml. I have seen the new model has "Eco" mode also. Any ideas???
  15. Hi, One of my friends is going to buy a Toyota Passo 2004, done 70,000km. While inspecting the car we found an oil leak underneath the engine (image attached). From my experience this should be engine oil. I want to know whether this is a known problem in Passo? is it a oil seal that couples engine and gearbox? thanks in advance.
  16. Dear All, I'm looking to buy my 1st car with a very limited budget of 2mn. As I read the forum and classified in AL, I understood that followings will come within my budget. Estilo - YOM 2010 Indian Swift - YOM 2007/08 Passo - YOM 2004/05 Since I will be going for part leasing, I won't be able to consider vehicles older than 10 years. Kindly advise on the above.
  17. Fuel? Comfort? handling? parts? Current market Price?
  18. Hey guys, thinking of upgrading my ride Got utterly fed up looking for used cars after the recent price hike, so I had to trim my budget a bit. My budget is around 2.5 Mln, maximun 2.7 Mln, did some research and found the 2007 Toyota Passo and the 2007 new Nissan March AK12 with the silver rim. The reason why I'm sticking to small cars is because my wife is also driving it and she can't handle a big sedan, i know too bad for me but what to do. I know the March is bad on fuel compared to the Passo, but its a bit cheaper. can u guys please enlighten me on what to buy from these two? or any other used small car which is fuel efficient and relatively not so old (2007 or above) that I might have missed. Any 2007 Passo or 2007 March AK 12 users please give me your experience on these two. Thanx a lot guys...
  19. Hello, I want to replace the head lamp, xenon - auto focus for Passo. Anyone knows the place to buy a reconditioned one? I tried with several places in Delkanda and Dehiwela area. Your quick responses please. Best Regards, anush_791
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