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  1. In the current COVID situation and import ban what is the use of 35000 usd cif permit, is it possible to get a Merc like CLA 180, CLA 200 or C200. Since we can buy a unregistered car from an authorized dealer with tax concessions after new circulars, is the above models are available within that permit range? Need some thoughts on this.
  2. මචන්ලා පර්මිට් එකට කාර් එකක් ගන්න කියලා බැලුවේ. හැම එකක්ම බලලා දැන් වාහන දෙකක හිරවෙලා ඉන්නේ මොකද්ද ගන්න කියල. දැනට මම හොයාගත්ත ටික මෙහෙමයි. Honda Insight EX 2019 මේ අවුරුද්දේ අලුතින් ආපු 3rd generation එක. පට්ටම ලුක් එකක් තියෙන්නේ. Pros: Honda Sensing, Excellent fuel economy, Stunning look, AC vents for the back row and many more options that the Premio Cons: පාර්ට්ස් හොයාගන්න අඩුයි අලුත් නිසා? පස්සේ විකුනන්න උනොත් මාර්කට් value එක නැති වෙයිද? මේකේ එන්නේ හොන්ඩ වල අලුත් හයිබ්‍රිඩ් සිස්ටම් එක. ට්‍රාන්ස්මිෂන් එකක් නෑ.
  3. Can you please explain what is the difference between PCP and traditional lease. And is there any cons/risk on PCP compare to lease.
  4. Dear All I'm looking to import a car for the 3.6 mil permit, budget between 4-6mil. Will be using it for a minimum of 2 years. I was thinking of the Honda civic 1.0L but rethinking that because of a) Ground clearance - 135mm may not be enough as not limited to the city? b) Have to get the Tech pack (highest grade) because others have no value for the permit. So looked at the corolla sport (maybe better resale value, same ground clearance) and the mazda 3 (which may not have the same resale value?) Any thoughts? Am I overlooking any other options? (not too keen on the CH-R
  5. Dear Friends I’m importing a Peugeot 3008 under my permit through “Car Mart. Their procedure is as follows. Car Mart (Pvt) Ltd issued a Proforma Invoice to me and I opened a local LC to them. Then Peugeot-France issued a “master” Proforma Invoice (for several vehicles) to Car Mart (Pvt) Ltd and Car Mart opened a “master” International LC to Peugeot. In following three documents, my name is correctly mentioned as “Amara******” 1: Permit 2: Proforma Invoiced issued by Car Mart, to me 3: Local LC opened by me to Car Mart However, in the following two documents, my name
  6. So I came across this car prices list meticulously put together by this car sales website .. hope this will be useful for potential car hunters.. what do you think about the prices guys https://carkade.com/japanese-cars-import/vehicle prices for permit holders in sri lanka.php
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for a good European branded car for a doctor's permit,y budget is 6.0-8.0 million (w/ permit). It could be a SUV or a sedan
  8. I’m considering Honda CR-V & Peugeot 3008 for my permit. I need to get some points clarified. It would be much appreciated if you can help me. 1. In case of Peugeot, I Have two options. Either to buy from local agent (at a higher price for lesser options) or to import from UK. Will UK version be suitable for Sri Lankan conditions. (Especially for Petrol, Temperature range, humidity & road conditions). 2. In case of Honda CR-V, only option is Australian version. ( Local agent’s price & JDM price is not affordable for me). Will this be suitable for Sri Lankan environment? 3. Ou
  9. Hey Guys, Could anyone let me know the procedure for importing a vehicle body to Sri Lanka? And the procedure for obtaining a body permit? I have an old Mitsubishi 4DR5 J24 jeep with a badly corroded body(Vehicle Number 65-xxxx). I think it will be cheaper to replace the body rather than restoring it. I've seen similar vehicles available in foreign auctions. Thanks.
  10. Hi Guys, I need some advise. I would like to buy Premio for my permit. Toyota lanka also importing recondition premio. Could you guys please suggest whether to go for Toyotal lanka or other agents? thanks
  11. Hi Guys, I would like to buy Honda Grace for my Permit, Does any members recommend that? my friends suggest to go for Axio since Grace have some issues with Clutch system. Does any one faced? Thanks Selva
  12. Hi, I'm hoping to import CRV-S AWD for permit. When i checked with agents, there are some import from Australia. There are some who import Honda CRV from Japan. 1. Are there any difference in two vehicles in terms of quality, etc. 2. If yes, what is recommended for SL. Thanks in advance.
  13. i want get some information about cars less than 3.5million for the permit.i know aqua is good but i think its not suitable for heavy load like 5 people in the car with other stuff.Then what's i can buy in this price range.thank you.
  14. Hi, I have been wondering that giving a 3.6 Million tax rebate is not fair on government servants or any individuals who import vehicles for permit. I feel the government has introduced permit just for say cause of strike caused by doctors. The permit which is introduced is of no use to the importers. Is it just me who is feeling like this or any one else ?
  15. Hello guys. A new comer here. can any of you tell me what is the best way to import a car from Japan. Is it safe to import personally ? I heard some stories about parts missing when the car is in the harbour (hambantota).
  16. Hello Community, Are there import duty concessions for Sri Lankan businesses that earn foreign exchange. If yes, can you please point me to a reliable information source on the topic. Thanks so much!
  17. Hi, I have got my permit (yay!) and for my luck govt. changed the tax allowance as well. But now I am bit clueless what should I buy with it. I have 2011 premio and a 2004 vits of which I will be selling one. I don't like to buy a another Premio/Allion. Today when I checked with the car importers along highlevel road in K'pona/Nugegoda, they were not willing to tell me what options I have. As I understand, the max CIF value I can bring in is USD35000. What are my options in that case. My budget for final figure is 6M or less. I prefer Japanese cars because they will just tak
  18. How much price reduce when exporting with a $35000 permit.?Thnx
  19. Hi, Just got my permit I have a maximum budget of 4.5 million (lower would be obviously better) Open to brand new and recondition Wife just had a child, so looking at a totally family perspective and economy Also would like a vehicle which has a good ground clearance (at least 150mm)- but not essential What are your recommendations? Thank you
  20. 1. 30000 USD permit (CIF value max), 50% Tax 2. Budget under 6 million 3, Sedan/SUV/Hatchback/CUV what is your choice?
  21. Hello Experts, Excited to join Autolanka forums Waited almost for month for an admin to approve me ... anyway, whoever the admin that approved me, Last December, I sold my good old Maruti WagonR ( 2008 model, 5yrs old, driven for 30000+ Kms) For 1.6mil. I was searching for a good car to buy ever since. ( that's how I ended up on autolanka) So now that I finally got approved I thought it's time to get expert ideas on buying my new vehicle. My budget is 3.5mil - 4.0mil. I wanted to buy a japanese car and browsing the internet, Finally I decided that there are two contenders: 1. Toyota ax
  22. Hello everyone, I'm suppose to get my first permit next year and my husband like to upgrade our car. But we both are new to car permit thing and both have CRIB records. May name is in CRIB because of unpaid loan and My husband is in CRIB because he was a granter for a one of his Ex-coworker's unpaid loan. We plan to buy the best car we could for cash and which is probably be in range of Toyota 141. Now we have Toyota 110 I like to know whether this CRIB situation affect my ability to 1. Import a car as other permit holders do. (Can we open open a LC if our account has money in
  23. Hello, I'm looking to buy a new vehicle, and i want some accurate information regarding duty and taxes. Can someone please provide information on the total taxes I would have to pay if i were to import a vehicle priced approximately at USD 25,000.00. I would like how the tax calculation would be done for non-permit Vehicles, Permit vehicles and Hybrid vehicles. I would also like to know if importing a vehicles from a country such as australia, as opposed to japan, would be a good idea.
  24. Hi, I saw and advertisment on news papaer last week. "Transfer your permit to us a get a Hybrid verhicle" Anyone having an idea baout this.Should we transfer permit for them and get a vehicle from car sale for wihtout paying a dim or what? Also I wold like to know if I have a permit how do I obtain a vehicle (procedure) Can we buy a recondition one or should it be a brand new Thanks
  25. Dear AL Friends My friend received doctor's car permit. He is uncertain what would be best to import. Here i listed his selection.Please post expert comments to select good vehicle. Better to give details as well as reasons for selections also. 1. Toyota fortuner 2. Toyota rav 4. 3.Mitsubishi sports /montero 4.Kia sorento 5.Kia Sportage 6.. Hyundai santa fe 7.. Hyundai tuson You ideas are very valuable
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