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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys! I need to top up my PS fluid by a few mililitres. However, I have no clue what brand of PS fluid the previous owner used. But Im sure it's most probably Dexron 2 grade fluid (as recommended by the manual). Now if I mix a different brand dexron 2 fluid with this, will there be an issue? Eg:- Mixing Castrol brand D2 with STR brand D2 Its for the Peugeot 406, equipped with a mechanical power steering pump.
  2. Dear Experts, I purchased a 2008 nissan tiida few months back, 2nd owner car with all the records and the vehicle user manual. This is a CVT model. I've been experiencing a strange power steering malfunction ever since. (This has Electric Power Steering). As soon as I purchased the car I did all the required suspension repairs from my mechanic as well. Now coming to the issue, When I start driving the power steering works fine and the steering feels light. (But it is anyway kind of stiff in the middle position which I did not experience driving other cars with EPS, such as Honda Fit,) But after driving for about half an hour the steering gets stiff and does not return after a turn at all which kind of really annoying and I have to straight the steering by force. When the journey is done and the car is stopped, (means if I drive it again after maybe an hour, not right away) the steering starts to feel light again and steering return functions is also better. And again the same thing happens after sometime. Any expertise advise on this issue from veterans and tiida users? I chose tiida for better cabin room than others in it's class, if this is an unsolvable issue should I look for an alternative car? Thanks. Casanova.
  3. Hi guys, Anyone knows delica t120 compatible power steering rack and pump? Thank you
  4. What could be the problem if a Toyota vitz push start 2008 model is displaying the following; (a)Hand break alarm even if its released (b)p/s alarm (c)Battery alarm even if the engine is on
  5. I have a 252-xxxx L200 2 wheel version. After the regular service which has done few two days ago, I hear a metal scratching noise when I turn the steering wheel. Today the sound got increased more and more and the steering got hard to turn. As soon as I came home, I checked the power steering pump. All the oil has gone. There is no leak in the pump horse lines. But in the power steering box, oil was all over the lower part. I put new oil and it took around 500ml to bring the oil level to max. I whipped out the oil on the box and chassis.Then I started the engine and turned the wheel many times.I cant see any new oil leak. But haven't driven after that. Is it OK to drive in this condition? what can be the reason for leak? Thanks! PS - These images are taken before whipping out the leaked oil.
  6. Hello every one. I own a Maruti Suzuki 800 2010 model car. As every one know these cars don't come with power steering. So there is a great difficulty in parking the car. 1. So please let know Is it possible to convert Maruti's normal steering to EPS (Electronic Power Steering) as in the Alto 2. If it is possible please let me know the places where it could be done 3. The cost of the conversion. 4. And the parts which are used in the conversion and which parts should be replaced or changed Any comment will be a great help for me
  7. Hi Guys My brother bought a 1989 Daihatsu charade g100 3-door hatchback and he’s having an issue with the power steering. The wheels are not turning left to right same amount. left and right turning circles/turning angles are different. when you fully turn the wheels to Left side (counterclockwise) its touching inside the wheel arch. can hear the “karas karas” sound. what would be the issue and how to fix it ? Thanks
  8. Hi All, I would first of all like to thank AUTOLANKA for accepting my membership and for almost five or six months i was viewing your posts. Keep up the good work AUTO LANKA and the expert members. My problem is i am having a Nissan Cefiro A33 2000 model and my power steering seems bit hard. I ve been regularly maintaining my car as i love it very much and during the periodic service i asked A*W about it and they simply doesnt feel its tight and told that its the nature of cefiro as its engine is heavy. apologize if i am asking a silly question, but can u guys tell me whether any defect in the steering system and its pump is visible from outside (like a oil leak you observe during service)? Does the steering of the Cefiro is bit tight as they claim? thanks guys. cheers!!!
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