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Found 24 results

  1. My car has many corrosions. So I want to paint my whole car with tinkering. I want to know the average cost may occur and the best and low price painting shops around kurunegala and kagalle
  2. I’m planning to buy a vehicle for my permit. I hv a low budget. I heard of a site called **********, which provides personal contract plans which are btw interesting and inviting. I want to know if someone knows regarding the reliability of this site and the personal contract plans. Does it suit for a low budget. Thank you.
  3. Is it good to buy a panda car?
  4. Hi all, I'm seeking to buy a Toyota Axio 2007 or 2008 these days. Is it a good choice to buy this before the budget in November?? How much affect dollar rate issue to the current second-hand vehicle market? I appreciate your valuable suggestions. Thank you.
  5. I need to sell my stingray 2017 pearl white.mileage =18000km .What is the best price for wagon r stingray after the budget change.
  6. Hey guys i just want to know how much money will take for a modern day luxury car to maintain.(evolution/sahara 200/mustang ect) i always drive old 4x4 because its easy to maintain no electric stuff no sensors just simple easy im afraid to buy one how much is a service cost on those modern luxury cars
  7. hi I'm going to buy my first car.my budget is about Rs.1.2m.Pls give me information about this areas of proton WIRA car. 1 fuel consumption (from 2001 and above) 2 driving compatability 3 availability of spare parts 4 these days price of this vehicle 5 resell ability 6 which is the ideal car for this budget Thanks all
  8. Guys can I get an explanation on what is cif price and what's the difference between importing a vehicle in a buyers name details through a seller with CIF price payment and buying a vehicle in a showroom directly?
  9. What is the price for nissan fb15 super saloon 2000?
  10. Hey broz, I want to buy a car. Registered or unregistered. My budget is between 20-28lks. So plz give me a idea and car list. I'm mostly like hatchback and suv. help me plz guys.
  11. Hi guys. Im going to buy Toyota Allion 2011 model.Total millage is around 110k genuine millage because all the records available with owner.It is first owner permit imported car without multi-function. Price around 4.9 million.My only concern is the millage. Appreciate if can you share your suggestion.
  12. Hi all, I'm going to buy 2015 used alto car . But i'm in a bit confusing situation about the prices displayed in web sites . As you know Alto was around 14.8lk and after budget 17.75lk People has advertised several ranges of prices for used 2015 Alto's . Some people expect more than new ones price . Made me mad. But there should be a optimum price for a buyer . Please help me on this .If you are me what price you think as a good price for buyer. Many Thanks
  13. Urmask

    Glass Tint

    Hi Guys, I hope to do a full tint to my Dihatsu Mira ( Let's say Kelisa ). Could you suggest any places ? And also I would like to know the rough cost for a full tint. I am talking about a normal glass tint.
  14. Hi! I'm going to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer EX GLS 2008 with 50k millage. I would like to know about the availability of the spare parts and the price comparatively? Also I'm buying it for 3.3M and vehicle is in good condition. Is it worth for this price tag? Please give me your opinions. Thanks
  15. What's the reasonable price tag for a Mitsubishi Lancer EX GLX, 2008 Extra info: Millage : 40k Transmission: Manual Capacity: 1500cc
  16. Below are the 2 types of Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2008 I found it Sri Lanka. 1) GLX - Basic options 2) GLS - Basic options, fog lamps, climatic aircon, steering wheel radio remotes, auto-rain/light sensors, key-less entry and boot release button, 2 map lights at the rear view mirror there and 1 cabin light at the center. Let's assume that both types of cars are in same condition. Used but in good condition. 1. What would be the price difference GLX vs GLS? Ballpark figure would be fine. 2. Is it worth to go for a GLX? 3. Any other disadvantages other than features GLX vs GLS?
  17. The car market today is flooded with cars brought down under the concessionary duty permit scheme. For example it seems possible to get a 5 series diesel BMW for about 10 million which is about $75,000. Even in the USA these cars cost about $50,000/-. Considering the 'permit' attracts a duty of about 125% and not to forget a CIF limit of $25,000/- (now upto $35,000) how can the car manufacturers and agents sell these cars at those prices? One possibility is that they remit some funds illegally as a car such as a BMW 5 series cannot be bought for $25k. The other is that the manufacturers make c
  18. Hi all, I'm new here and expecting your help to make up my mind for this. I'm planning to buy a Japanese Suzuki Alto Eco 2012 model. I made this decision after reading some news articles which claims that this version of alto is an extremely fuel efficient car. I do not know anything other than that. All I want to know is how much will it cost in SL? If you guys think that this is not a good option, please help me find a good car which matches my criteria. The car should be 1. Economical to run and maintain (I do a lot of driving) 2. Unregistered or slightly used (I'm usually busy, so ca
  19. Hi AutoLanka Team, The 'budget' has become one of the main concerns when looking for a vehicle now a days. I got a suggestion, it would be great to have a search option according to the 'Price'. This can be implemented in few ways like... 1) A drop down list with fixed price ranges for the user to select (below 500000 / 500000 to 1Mil / 1Mil to 1.5Mil etc etc ) 2) Having 2 text boxes where users can enter the least and highest prices. There could be better ways other than this... so AL Team please consider on this point, I feel it would help out many users who concern about the price
  20. Hi I'm looking to buy a diesel jeep since the car i'm currently using is a bit too low for me and I'm finding it hard to get in and out. It's like getting in and out of a pothole. So I figured going for a jeep which fits in the price of my current car price. I'm selling my Pulsar and hope to get around 1.5mil so that I could go for a ssangyong musso. What I want to know is if the musso is a good vehicle? meaning if it is good in fuel economy and resale value (i understand its low but I see that the ssangyong's in Sri Lanka are increasing). And I would appreciate if anyone could tell me the p
  21. hi guys, * First of all, this is just for information requisition only * Im looking to change my Cefiro and go for a Impreza (2000) model. Need to know what a reasonable price is for this car, the fuel consumption etc. Thanks a loads
  22. Any body knows Japan Alto 2003 (HA23S) Shock Absorber Price ? Im looking for genuine parts. Thanks.
  23. Hi all, I seek all your greatest advice and information regarding Hiace 10-14 seat unregistered diesel vans. I need to know the lowest priced models that I should look for. I'm planing to start a cab service with this van. I checked buying section on this site and also weekend papers but I'm confused as price seems to range quit a bit. So I turned to you Thank you all in advance!
  24. Hi guys, Today i checked out a lancer ck2 but im not sure if the price is right. I need to know the current price range for a lancer ck2. Ive checked most of the threads in AL but i couldn't find any recent info on the price range, so here I am! To be more specific, its a 1997 lancer ck2, 300-, second owner, 145000km, manual, 1500cc. the owner is asking 1.4m overall its a good vehicle, good pickup, speed and comfort. I just need to know the price range for a vehicle of this sort. Thank you
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