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Found 15 results

  1. @DavyHi Mr.Davy. I have a lancer cs1 gl 2007. I came across this iac valve problem and bought a reconditioned iac valve and fixed it. But I the problem is not solved still. 1) engine is set to 1100rpm to not make the engine stall when ac on. 2) Even thou its in 1100rpm still the ac cutoff cuts off the ac cuz of the low rpm created when on the ac 3) I am not sure but I feel my ac gives more stress than other cars cuz we need to press the accelerator twice more u press it before! So please can u help me out with this. @Sampath nalinda Gunasekara recommended about u. Thank You!
  2. My corolla 110 suddenly had rpm around 1500 and check engine light is on..I think error code is 33 and fault in map sensor..can i repair or replace it? what is the price range?any Suggestions
  3. What is the part of AC RPM and engine RPM adjust?my engine RPM increase high when AC operating? And place to buy the part?
  4. Hi Friends, My car battery dead and my father removed it and went to shop with old battery and bought new one and replace it. But now My car RPM totally wrong, And idea why is that? I google it and some said it will fine after couple of days.. but i really trust this forum, Pleas help me friends, Thank you
  5. Hi all, toyota yaris 2006 car shakes and rpm varies while idle.car was checked by carchecks before two weeks and there were no any major issues like in timing chain,ecu. what is the possible cause and cost? awaiting your comments thanks
  6. Hi everyone! This is my first question on this forum So I have a 2002 Ford Mondeo 2.0l and the issue with it doesn't go over 4000 rpm when accelerating. Engine starts to miss a bit at 4000 and hangs there. All I know is that the previous owner has changed the stock injectors to injectors from a different 1.5l Engine. (I know right ! ) So I was wondering whether this could affect the rpm. (That might sound like a no shit question but please do help me). All I've been doing after I bought the car was replacing what was messed up with genuine parts. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi All, My car is having a strange idling issue and the exact problem is as follows. After starting the car (when it is cold), rpm settles around 1300 and rpm doesn't get lower after engine got to the operating temperature. No matter how long the car runs, it stays around 1300. Few weeks ago this system was working fine. cold start rpm was around 1300 and after few mins it settles around 800-700. Now it doesn't work like that, but if I turn off the car and start it again when hot, then rpm settles around 800. If I leave the car for few hours to cool down and then start it, again rpm get stuck around 1300. So the issue is cold start rpm get stuck around 1300 and it doesn't get lower unless restart the car. If I restart the car when it is hot, then rpm settles around 800. Is this could be a possible ECU failure ? Any expert ideas ? Toyota Carina Ti 1997 MT ( 220000 kms ) Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I have recently bought a toyota allion 260 2007 car. And it's rolling back in a hill even though the gear is in D. The problem occurs when you stopping in the traffic and when you lift the foot from the break it rolls back even though it's in D. And also at idel the RPM meter drops below 1. I don't think it's because of the hill is too stiff, becz it's around Colombo and i have driven the same route again and again with my previous car (toyata vios) and i haven't experienced any thing like before. What would be the issue in my car ?
  9. I have a Toyota AE110 with Automatic gear box. The engine is starting and running smoothly when the engine is in cold state, the RPM is normal (No RPM meter because it is a XE Saloon. I am telling according to the engine sound) and no vibrations (Recently replaced mounts but the issue was there previously) or knocking sounds. But when it is getting the normal engine running temperature , the RPM is getting lower and start vibrating while idling on gear "D" &"R" but "P" & "N" is smoothly having the normal RPM in any of the engine temperature. While ON/Off the A/C in idling, the RPM is slightly changing but not up to standard. Any help guys ?
  10. Is it possible to setup an external RPM gauge for diesel vehicles which dont have a inbuilt rpm meter? If so where to buy one locally?
  11. chathuu

    Rpm Meter

    There are some vehicles which are not includes a RPM meter. Normally basic grade cars come without RPM. (Eg Toyota Axio X grade, Nissan Sunny Ex saloon) In this case we have to pay additional sum of 200K-400K for a high grade with RPM on board and some added options. Despite there are tons of cars without RPM, some people think RPM is a must for a vehicle. Since Im not an expert in these kinds of issues, please share your knowledge/ideas on this. 1. What is the actual use of RPM meter? 2. Is it a problem Without RPM meter? 3. Is it worth to pay additional sum for this? 4. Or.. All this is an issue of mind? Tnx.
  12. Hi Guys, My EK3 has a problem of fluctuating RPM when Idle. When I start the car, RPM is near to 2000 and after few minutes it starts rapidly changing between 800- 2000. As I heard from internet, this kind of things happens due to bad IAC valve. In past also I had the same problem and I replaced the IAC senser with a used one and it only solved the problem for a year. Now Again I faced the same problem. Yesterday, I unplugged the IAC valve and cleaned it and fixed. Now, the RPM fluctuation seems to be solved. But I still feel the idle is not stable and I can now see the "Check Engine" is lighting. I just checked the prices of genuine IAC valve in panchikawaththa and they said it is around 27000/= . Can you please tell me above problem is due to the problematic IAC valve? Is recondition part a better option than buying the brand new one for above big price (Considering the price and the long lasting)? If so, what's the price of a recon one? Thanks
  13. My car is honda ek3 1999 brand new model. when after the AC is started idle goes down to 400 when switch off its gets normal. Cleaned TB Checked Idle up valve Change petrol filter Done Injector clean Changed Air filter Done all things which have mentioned in Topic Ek3 idle fluctuating issue Is this can happen coz of Alternator Coz i had a issue with alternator and replaced it from dual carb engine alternator Battery Charging sytem is k but idle goes down when AC is started Help me ask me for clarification
  14. Hi Everyone Recently I went though some interesting details while doing an ECO test. The test passed but I thought everyone should know the details. This applies to both diesel and petrol vehicles. 1. My vehicle has very low emission standards after an overhaul 20,000KMs ago, 1kz-te turbo diesel engine maintained by Toyota and the test was done soon after a service. 2. The test failed when the officer stepped on the engine and reved it over 5000RPM. Simply the guy stepped on the accelerator in 1 second (I timed it). The engine smoked all 3 times because it failed to calibrate intake and output ratios of diesel with the turbo lagging after 1 second rampage to the floor. it was always an under burn because the engine was trying to respond to an overfed intake, By the time the equilibrium was found the test was on the last last few seconds. Therefore the average test reading failed. 3;. Having some knowledge on the subject matter, I started arguing on the test result and the way it was performed. I claimed that the person incharge was not trained on fundamentals. Despite my option to take the test within another 60 days after so many repairs listed to overcome the problem, I opted to do the test again in 30 minutes after the next person in line. The test passed, the engine had fraction of emissions, almost equal to a common rail direct injection engine. 4. I did not go on the easy way of throwing money at the problem of influencing the officers. What happened here? Let me explain. 1. An engine cannot respond to an immediate floor level acceleration in 1 second. The test says - take it over 3500-4000RPM in 3 seconds. What happens is, there is a notice on the computer instructing "ACCELERATE" and the guy ramps to the floor. Engine reaches the red zone of the RPM counter. My 2nd test was done between 3500-4500RPM with proper acceleration. 2. The engine that runs on 5000-7000RPM blows all the smoke dust that is accumulated inside the silencer over 1 year. We NEVER rev engines over 4000RPM on normal running. Not even on an up climb. It is only on an occasional quick deathly overtake and even that I doubt over 5000RPM. The testing should NEVER force an engine to this range. Any engine manufacturer has a warning on red zone RPMS that will definitely damage the engine. The simple colour indicating the RED zone of RPM is to avoid going there. 3. They do the test in this crazy way to reject the engines because there is pressure from the authority (RMV) to stop the smoking. RMV has started penalizing the test officers for passing tests of those engines that are later smoking on the road. This is now going in the typical Sri Lankan viscous cycle of hitting the consumers. Consumers spend over Rs5000-10,000/= to temporarily clean up injectors and replace air cleaners. Some even wash the silencer inside. However the motive behind 1 second floor acceleration is to play safe and fail the engines to avoid penalties by officers conducting the tests. Even if RMV catches on the road the records will indicate that it was failed once. One other reason to rev up is, the actual RPM and the echo based RPM reading on the computer is showing a difference to the lower side. Therefore they floor it to compensate the gap.Instead of doing all this unprofessional over protective conduct of tests, what they really should have is a good software that takes the tester through a good acceleration cycle with a graphical illustration. If the government is so keen on this and care about the environment they should CERTIFY this software and regulate proper usage. if we do not get this properly established like in other countries, lot of innocent people who are not conversant on the detail are going to spend a lot of money when they are already finding it difficult to make ends mean. My polite request - Share is with many people as possible. My intention of writing this is for someone to get this forwarded with proper influence to the Minister of Transport and Commissioner of RMV. For those who go and get into this sad pit, know your rights, show the vehicle manufacturers manual, argue, demand your rights as consumers but be genuine with emissions. We have to protect the world for our younger generation. If your engine is bad get it fixed. Regards Nana
  15. tesla

    Idle Rpm Drops

    Hi I have 1996 Toyota corolla AE110 1.5 Auto transmission car. It drops the RPM to around 500 without AC and with AC it drops around 600 when it is in the D with the brake pressed. My mechanic has found that the idle up control system is not functioning well and he says that the issue is in ECU. Where can I buy an ECU and how much will it cost? Thanks
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