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Found 14 results

  1. Here I am uploading a video link that I have done for my Forester XT, I have posted an Ad but due to the Auckland COVID lock down some of the interested buyers unable come and view the car. I didn't try to talk too much about the car performance or any other options in details but please ask if you have any questions. Please excuse the Wind noise, voice quality and my bad English. Admins; If you think this should be with in another tread please take your time to move it to another tread regards, JC
  2. I wanted to add some blog entries to this forum for a long time as it had helped me a lot to make informed decisions. To start things with, I thought of writing about a small car which exceeded my expectations. That is the humble "Daihatsu Mira". It was in the mid 2018 when I started to look for a second (small) car to use for urban commuting with a budget around 2.8 million. Back then, I had a Vezel RS hybrid as the main car. So the unregistered options were clear. It was either the Japan Alto mild-hydrid, WagonR FX or Daihtasu Mira. Test drove the Alto and felt that it was not comfortab
  3. Hi peeps! I'm looking for some reliable places for conversion for a STI 11. I have done a STI 6 & driven a STI 8 conversion in the past, have been out out of the game ever since. I have already got the impreza model of the car and looking for places to buy, price and other experiences anyone can share as this is a new car and will be a challenge to see it through. If any one has an idea of the kit that would be great.
  4. Hi, I have planned to go for my first vehicle. I got the deal for Subaru Pleo 2004. Now i am confused whether it is worth to go for. I want to know the parts availability in Sri Lanka and the cost of those parts. Please advice me whether to buy or not and how is the maintenance compare to other models.
  5. Hi! Thought of buying a 2006 STI 9 ( not a convertion ) soon and was wondering the pros and cons of using it as a daily driver? specifically on the maintenace side? the police trying to catch it up for this and that ( spoiler / exhasut sound..etc ) . Advice on this is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, Planning to buy a Legacy B4 99/2000 as my first car. I just have a few queries about this beast. (Im not worried about fuel consumption ) 1. Are there any reliable places for services except the agents? 2. Is it easy to find spare parts (except from the agents again )? 3. What is the price range for a car in good condition? Thank you
  7. Hi there people , We're planning upgrade our family vehicle and I need some help from you experts. Currently owning a Toyota SR40 aka Noah as family use and will be looking for a vehicle to replace that one. Honestly I have no idea about new hybrid drive system that used in 2015 Noah and others ( Power and Fuel Consumption). Well what I'm searching is an SUV Model or Mini Van Model something like Noah . But I prefer the SUV type. My Budget is around 55 Lakhs. The list of vehicle currently on my mind 1. Toyota Noah(2013-2014) Hybrid 2. Toyota Vanguard Petrol 3. Nissan X-Trail (2008-2012)
  8. Guys, Looking to replace the horns that came stock in my Subaru XV. Do you have any suggestion for any brand or place? I'm looking at Bosch, have you anyone used their products? How much would it take approximately? I like the sound of F10. One that comes stock sounds like a lady screaming. So I want to get rid of it and put on a manly horn. Thanks!
  9. So here goes my question. I am planning to buy one of these (Nissan Primera TP12, Honda Civic ES8, Subaru B4). My budget is 2 millions. But now I can't decide which to buy out of these 3. According to your oppinion what can deliver the best overall satisfaction?? My major concerns would be performance, less trouble, looks , reselling value and specially driving pleasure I wouldn't mind less than average fuel economy and bit expensive maintainance (but not too much) Or else is there any other option which i can consider within this range?? I know there are posts about this topic but I cou
  10. Hey guys i'm currently in New zealand and i'm planning to get a car. I do get pretty confused and anxious when i'm planning to buy something. Would love your opinion on the cars listed below. these are the cars within my budget Toyota altezza 2.0 litre (6spd manual) Toyota Celcia 1.8 vvti (6spd manual) Subaru Legacy B4 RSK (t/t) Manual - 2.0 litre not 2.5 (1999-2001) Subaru Impreza WRX 1993-1996 . i did find an Sti RA 1995 but is a bit pricy and looks to be an accident repair. Thank You. Wcc.
  11. Hi, One of my friends has a 1992 Subaru Legacy Gen1 model and he said, if I want I can take it and get it back to it's running condition. As the garage people said, that car needed an engine replacement and a gearbox replacement. That car has EJ20 engine with turbo. Haven't used for over 15yrs. What is you idea of restoring such a car and is a new 2007 EJ20 engine and gear box fits to this old models.. Thanks in advance
  12. hi guys, * First of all, this is just for information requisition only * Im looking to change my Cefiro and go for a Impreza (2000) model. Need to know what a reasonable price is for this car, the fuel consumption etc. Thanks a loads
  13. Hi guys.... I'm on the lookout for a good B4... As a first time Subaru user: 1) Is the B4 TT tiptronic a good car?? 2) The blue car put up for sale today.. Anybody know the history of this car?? 3) What;s the going price of such cars?? 4) Anybody know of a B4 TT manual for sale?? If so, how much would it approx cost?? Would appreciate some help.... Any help... Cheers B4Crazyyy
  14. Hi there people, Lookin for a Hatchback/Kei car for my sister . Reqmnts are : Automatic transmission + good interior + availability of spare-parts, budget max: 1.4 -1.5 million we went through and checked plenty of Nissan march k11's Suzuki Alto's (Japan) , and Kelissa's and starlets (most of them 1997 model so it didnt meet the req, ) , and Vivas (over budget: all with Auto trans cost more than 1.7 mill) however most of them when inspecting - have been poorly maintained, interiors were in reallly bad state and some had a list of many owners (worried abt the resale aspect here) we ins
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