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Found 13 results

  1. I got an Aqua 2015 (on 53000 driven) Pre-buy checked from Carchecks @kohuwala .. and the report was 98.5% ( GREEN). However they have mentioned that car Hybrid system is over heating and the inverter coolant level is also law.It indicated 40 degrees where it should be 5.(i have attached a copy of that report below) They recommended to have the hybrid system serviced. Is it a common minor issue or a greater fault which i shouldn't buy the car? Hope you guys can help me out..
  2. My 2013 aqua lock doesn't work and i cant remove the baby lock either since the lever kinda thing is stuck. Can i get some good suggestions of places that i can visit to get this fixed efficiently, fast and safe. Thank you.
  3. Hi All, I am planning to buy a toyota prius 2008 or Aqua 2012. before that I would like to know some basic details about maintenance cost of toyota hybrid cars since they need additional attention than conventional gasoline cars. Right now I am driving a vitz(im driving at 14km/l in city) and my main reason behind purchasing a hybrid is to save more on fuel. I am driving around 1000km per month Guys help me calculate overall cost per km of a hybrid car
  4. Hi Friends, Recently I noticed in my Aqua, after refilling the fuel driving Range is not updated in the dashboard (Range means length which you can drive from the available fuel). What would be reason for this? I normally switch off the car when refilling the fuel and fuel meter is showing the fuel availability correctly. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I've a 2016 aqua, which I usually service(every 5k-6k) @ Toyota Lanka. The next service ( 40k) is coming and when I call for a service appointment, they said I have to do a full service @ 40k. According to them it includes normal service gear oil change break oil change tune up They quoted it to be around Rs. 60k. In the service manuals I don't see those gear,break oil changes recommended. In service manual gear oil change is after 100k I think. Do you have done this kind of service around 40000km? Will it be worth spending 60k for that kind of things around this mileage? Or are they just ripping me off? Thanks a lot for any advice you have.
  6. Hi Guys, When I tried to start the car this morning it didn’t work.Its with push start.I didn’t locked the car last night and now it’s not responding to to smart key even.I could see the green key sign which says the smart key is in when I got in the car and then there’s another sign appeared a little later. Attched a pic of the other pic which appeared in Red which seems like “car is locked” sign. appreciate any help until I show the car to a proper mechanic. thanks
  7. Recently bought a Toyota Aqua (2012 Model) and it has a Small Solar panel (marked as Solar Charger) just above the steering wheel and wondering what it does? Asked the seller but he was unable to give any idea and hence seeking experts' opinion. Thanks in advance.
  8. I am planning to replace my grand old lady (Nissan AD Wagon YoM 1999 & Registered in 2001) with a Hybrid. Maximum I would be able to stretch is 3.5 Million and wondering I should go for Toyota Aqua (2014 – S Grade) or Honda GP (2014) model. Expert’s opinions are sought on · Comparative performance parameters, · Likely maintenance cost (as she grows old), · Re-sell value after 5 years from now, · Any other important issues that I have to be aware of, before make the plunge, Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, I'm in a very much confusing state as i was moving for the final phase of buying a TOYOTA AQUA and few of my friends are buying FIT since they say they have seen many breakdowns on AQUA. can some one share there experience on this matter please ? i have red some forums on US but every one is happy with the car and no one has said about breakdowns after buying them. Also i cant find any details about in SL too about a AQUA breakdown on middle of the road. I know since AQUA is a true hybrid if the battery is down can want start but since they are around 2 years old its highly unlike to go down and i met couple of car sellers who sell AQUA by changing the Japan auction sheets ( i have proof of a such auction sheet) to a auction grade 4 or 4.5 from a "R" (parts replaced or repaired) they are prone to have problems obliviously sine we don't know how much is damage done to other parts from a accident. Can some one please give me some opinion on this ?
  10. sahanlak

    Tire Pressure

    Guys, I'm using a Toyota aqua and having a dilemma between choosing the correct tire pressure. Right now all the tires are at 30, this is what I got when I purchased the vehicle. I swapped to N2 and sticked with 30. While browsing other prius related forums, I saw people are using much higher pressures, and different pressures like 38(f_ PSI and 35® PSI. This is my first car so still getting used to these stuff, but is it ok to use 2 different tire pressures for front and rear? (no garage told me this), I'm thinking about trying 38f and 35r (some people are going all the way up to 40 (but in US, UK), good call? Thanks
  11. what is the Recommended Engine Oil Type for TOYOTA AQUA Hybrid? i have read Toyota Prius C Service Manual ,its Says Recommended oil viscosity:SAE 0W-20.so is it ok to use 0W-20 engine oil for toyota aqua?
  12. what is the different between the Hybrid system used in toyota aqua and honda fit?
  13. i'm going to buy a hybrid car.my budget is less than 4 million rupeese.I decided to buy a Toyota Aqua or Honda Fit Hybrid car. what is the best car to buy? post your ideas here.
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