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  1. Well well well, we closed one chapter and now we hopped onto the next! What you see below is the final purchase I made since no one had the decency to sell me a good X110 Mark 2 (My birdie is raised at y'all forever) so I decided (with a chuttak lot coercion from my parents) "Hey!, I need a car fast" so I thought what was really worth it and bought this car. So what is this car really? You're looking at a 2.4 Liter XV30 Camry in Black Onyx. Imported in 2004 by the MD of a "Strawberry Company in Sri Lanka" (You know what it is) and owned by him ever since I laid my grubby hands on it. (Single Owner car, well it was registered to the company, car MFD and Reg in 2004). Car has 216k kms on the clock. This time I'm 100% sure its genuine, because the car was a Brand New Import bought from Toy#ta L#nka and was maintained ever since from them, car still carries a tag of the last service done in October, 2020 , also the plethora of old Eco Test reports also helps me sleep better at night. Additionally typing the Cars chassis code to ToyotaDIY shows me as the Market Destination of this car as Europe and a friend told me that's why the speedo goes upto 240kmph What features does the car have you say? I honestly don't know since I pivoted from Mark 2s to Camry's really fast once I saw this car. The only thing notable is Auto Wipers (Imagine my shock when it started raining today and it started to be busy at work, didn't know the car had this feature) and the light up ring next to the keyhole and that's about it me thinks yeah. I don't know the options of these cars so if you tell me what to look at I will tell you whether it is present or not. Electric Seats and the Antenna that automatically goes up and down is also a thing. How does the car drive? Exactly how it looks, pulls like a boat on the straight road with a nice roar and plenty of power but has the craziest amount of body roll you'll get sea-sick if you took it to a track. It's a nice comfy plushy ride and as a cruiser that will get you comfortably from A to B it'll do its job but in terms of road feel and fun to drive its quite rock bottom (In comparison to my experience with a EP91 Starlet). Also looks like Toyota made a 'Feedback-delete' to the damn steering cause I feel absolutely nothing.
  2. අප සතුව Toyota Vios 2005 (1st Gen_NCP42) නිෂ්පාදිත රථයක් ඇති අතර එහි Pickup කිරීමේදී ඉදිරිපසින් අසාමාන්‍ය පැද්දීමක්/ දෙදරීමක් දැනුණු නිසාවෙන් කාර්මික ආයතනයකට ගොස් පරීක්ෂා කර ගත්තෙමු. එහිදී දැනගන්නට ලැබුණේ මෙය රථයේ Axle හි Inner CV Bucket හා Tripod Joint ගෙවී යාම නිසා ඇතිවන Play එක නිසා ඇතිවන ගැටළුවක් ලෙස ය. ඉන්පසුව අප විසින් දැනට මසකට පමණ ඉහත දී හොඳ තත්ත්වයේ Reconditioned Axle දෙකක් ගෙන යෙදූ පසු ගැටළුව සම්පූර්ණයෙන්ම නිරාකරණය වී තිබුණි. එහෙත් නැවත මසක් දෙකක් පමණ ගතවෙද්දී නැවතත් එම ගැටළුව ම ඇතිවෙමින් පවතින බැව් දැනේ. පෙර පරිදි ම නැතත් ක්‍රම ක්‍රමයෙන් Pickup එකේ දී ඇතිවන එම අසාමාන්‍ය වැනවීම/ පැද්දීම ඇතිවෙමින් පවතී. එම වෙව්ලීම ඇතිවන අවස්ථාවේ දී Accelerator එක අතහැරීම හෝ Gear එක Neutral කළ විට වෙව්ලීම සම්පූර්ණයෙන් ම නතර වේ. Axle එකට බලය ලැබෙන අවස්ථාවේ දී පමණක් වෙව්ලීම හටගනියි. අලුතෙන් යෙදූ Axle වල Inner CV Joints ද මෙලෙස කෙටි කලක් තුළ ගෙවී යාමට හේතුව සඳහන් කළ හැකි අයෙකු වේ නම් ඉතා අගය කොට සලකමි. තවද වාහනයේ Mounts යනාදිය සියල්ල ම මෑතකදී යොදා ඇති අතර ඒවායේ කිසිදු ගැටළුවක් නොමැත. මෙම ගැටළුව ම ඇති තවත් මේ වර්ගයේ කාර් රථයක් ඇති අතර ඔහු Axle වල Inner CV Buckets සහ Tripod Joints පමණක් අලුතෙන් යෙදූ අතර ඉන්පසු ගැටළුව නිරාකරණය වී තිබිණි. නමුත් ඔහු ද මා හට සඳහන් කළේ ඔහුගේ වාහනයේ ද නැවතත් ගැටළුව දැනෙමින් ඇති බව යි. මේ ගැටළුව පිළිබඳව කිසියම් හෝ අදහසක් ඇති අයෙක් වේ නම් කරුණාකර මෙහි සඳහන් කරන්න. ස්තුතියි.
  3. Does anybody have an idea about the duty of the axio 141 engine centre balancing mount. It is a mount for scale the engine balance as said by the mechanic and mine was broken. Replacement cost from TL is around 40 K 😵‍💫 reconditioned price is also 20K 😵‍💫. Also the mechanic said that it has no other duty than balancing the engine weight. It seems the part can be repaired. so could anyone please tell me if this is caused for any-kind of engine vibrations?? There is a small vibration coming from the air filter and it is noticeable when the gear is in P or D, N in a traffic or when stopped the vehicle. All the engine mounts were checked and in good condition and they were replaced not more than 2 years ago. vehicle Odo is around 180K. I have also done a engine tune up recently with full throttle body clean up and replaced all the fuel injectors. Along with that done the ecu update and still the vibration is there. ☹️ I wanna know whether it is coming due to the below part is broken.
  4. Giko


    From the album: Giko's Clicks

    © Giko

  5. Giko


    From the album: Giko's Clicks

  6. Giko


    From the album: Giko's Clicks

    © Giko

  7. Hi there, At about 50,000km I had to replace the front right hand side (driver’s side) wheel bearing due to bearing noise and mechanic said it had worn out. Replace with a brand new aftermarket part. And now at 95,000km, I see hear the same bearing noise from same side (drivers side) and upon inspection the mechanic said it too had worn out. So my question is, what likely be the cause for only this wheel bearing (drivers side) keep on failing like this? What else I should check? Any pointers you can give me to investigate with a help of a mechanic? Thanks in advance!
  8. Does anyone know a bank that provides personal loans (for a vehicle) of around 4.5 million for a salary about 200,000 earned by foreign employment.
  9. Greetings, I need all of your expertise on a matter of great urgency, I have a Hyundai Trajet with a Toyota 3C Turbo engine and would like to swap it to an original Hyundai Diesel Engine. I have been googling for the past whole week to find out if there is any place or person where I can do is, but yet to find one. My issues are 1. Which is better for the Trajet, Hyundai Original Diesel or Toyota 3c Turbo engine. 2. Where can i buy either of the above mentioned engines without being worried that I'm being ripped off 3. Who (Mechanic / garage) can I trust to do this swap for me at a reasonable price 4. What are the RMV legislations I need to look into. Any and all sort of help are highly appreciated. Cheers, Segu
  10. Hi Friends and Greetings for Holiday season. I am stepping down after 5+ years from my reliable Suzuki Swift 2003 (Jeep model) sold due to migrating plan. But plan is delayed. I don't want to spend a lot on a car due to current crisis. Required is basic relative comfort travel 15-20 km. Mostly reliable so you can go somewhere with confident even in night. Also no need of profit but need to be able to get rid of car at short notice+ easy maintenance. Budget prefer about 1.5M max go up to 2M but I want to go as cheap as possible. Also I really like to have auto gears manual if no choice at all. I have done some research and even check few cars here's my list please help with pro and con so make me not make a mistake. Nissan : For my budget Very good condition Trad Sunny is there. But 90% manual so not a fan. Very few auto ones - are they reliable? Then Doctor Sunny diesel is lot cheaper than petrol. Petrol I think overpriced. Why is diesel cheaper? Cars look good condition but people say Diesel Sunny is a lot of problems why? But still not auto but my budget gets me good condition cars. Few Auto gear cars are there as well. Wingroad Auto is there but 2 cars I checked are terrible state so I think most are like that. Good ones above 2 M Toyota: Everything is above 2 Million except for Wagons (18/19 dash) But Manual. And corolla and Corona (17/18 dash) both available Auto and same engine 5A according to a seller. Diesel Auto also available Reliable? Parts? Mitsubishi Honda very few for sale at the budget - Honda Grand Civic is there but a friend tells it's likely to have lot of issues and no one knows to fix it. Suzuki few random Cultus etc but worried about spares. Finally there's a LOT of Hyundai for this budget Sonata Elantra and Accent. Much newer and Auto+ Seems a good deal but what's the catch? A mechanic tells their difficult to fix. What do you think and suggestion friends? Should I conserve budget an go for a classic like Sunny Trad/Doctor and live in pain of manual drive in city? Are Hyundai risky? Or should I just stretch my budget to above 2 M and get a March K11 or a FB14??
  11. What are the places to do vehicle inspection?. . Does Mag C#ty and Sterlin provide good inspection service?
  12. Hi everyone, I feel a jerk when pressing the accelerator at low speeds in my axio 2008. This often happens when car is traveling at about 10 - 30 kmph and when i take the foot out of the accelerator and then start again to accelerate. Just when i start to accelerate car jumps a little. I also found a same thread with this problem here. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/13402-toyota-axio-jerkingvibration-problem/ This is kind of exactly my problem too. But unfortunately i couldn't find an answer there. I took it to two mechanics and they couldn't say anything exactly and they suggests things like engine tune-up. Is there anyone who faced the same problem ? what could this be ?
  13. Premio car seat belt buzzer not working
  14. Im creating this topic since the last topic about this discussion was back in 2010. What are the best places to get a car detailing done in Kandy. A full interior cleaning with seats removed using good quality products. Prices should be reasonable
  15. Hi guys, I'm new to cars and I'm very new here in Autolanka forums. I need your advice on somewhat a noob question. Is there any way to change the instrument cluster display language of a Toyota Premio form Japanese to English? (Please see attached images of the display). If it's possible to change, how? I just ordered a Premio from Japan (through a dealer). Thanks a lot in advance.
  16. Dear All, I have a Toyota axio 2007 model. Couple of months back, there was a switching issue in my a/c. ( A/C did no work properly. It switched off when car is cool but didn't switched on when needed). When I present this to Auto A/C expert they said me that there is a problem in A/C compressor valve. And also is a specific failure for Axio and Allion models. Has any of here experienced this type of problem with Axio or Allion car. Please advice me.
  17. My toyota axio hybrid 2018 car key doesn't lock or unlock the car but it detects the key when I touch the handle it unlocks the car also I'm able to start car, I'm unable to lock/unlock the car with the smart key buttons. Both smart key battery & 12 V are new.
  18. Hello guys, recently on Iam having this idea of doing a complete conversion of my LJ78 prado to a VDJ76 by swapping a 1VD-FTV engine with manual transmission. So for that looking forward for some help and advice from anyone who knows the subject. Also for the record what type of fuel consumption figures and budget will I possibly have to allocate for this conversion as iam also having second thoughts of either swapping a 1HZ instead of the 1VD (much interest is towards the V8 though). Any form of advice and thoughts would be very appreciated. Thanks
  19. Just need to understand what is the current market trend for hybrid cars, is it diminishing? if yes, what are the possible reasons for that? Welcome your ideas...
  20. For starters...I do not drive it nearly as much as I would like to (or should). I am barely reaching the 5000km mark now....however, the 5000km that I have put on have been rather exhilarating long drives...so there is that. The car does sound like a tractor on start up For the most part, the car has been a pretty trouble free car. Although the car is not practical, with limited rear passenger and cargo space, we have made it work; and the car has become our long distance cruiser. The car feels very safe and planted than the Corolla, so when ever we hit the highway, its always the Yaris. Using the car for a while has made two things obvious: 1. Toyota has not spent much money on the nicities: For what you pay for it; what you get is almost everything that is mechanical. Apart from the to front premium sports seats, everything else about the interior (including the faux leatehr rear seat) just feels cheap. Its full of black cheap plastics. However, there is a bit of contrast in texture that makes it somewhat acceptable. In fact the high gade (Z ?) standard Yaris and Yaris Cross have much nicer interiors. Heck..the GR Yaris doesn't even come with a reverse camera and standard in Japan and only comes if you get the Safety Sense package which is a 250,000yen extra (but having safety sense reduces some taxes and insurance premiums a bit so what it eventuallly costs you is a little bit less). Heck..sports car right ? 2. Everything that has been done to the car has been done for a reason : When you whip the car around you feel the ho the low weight roof has helped to place most of the weight on the bottom of the car. The wider rear track and the longer suspension travel makes complete sense when you are ripping around a bumpy b-road. Although the car can be a bit jittery around town, at speed it just eats up the bumps like it doesn't exist. Also, the way the car pivots (again courtesy of the different track widths). The car is very playful...as techie as it is, it is also obvious that the car is not as refined as the Evo or the WRX in terms of the AWD (and even power delivery). It is sheer grunt. As a result, the GR Yaris is a car that you have to constantly drive when you are driving at the limit. When you drive an Evo or WRX, even if you shut off your brain for a few seconds, pick a line and stepat the gas; you feel the AWD system working to keep you on track and deliver the optimal power to get you in and out of a corner. The GR Yaris...not so much...you have to listen to the car and you as the driver needs to know what you should do to get you through that corner. So if the Evo/WRX are semi automatic, point and shoot cameras; the GR Yaris is like a completely manual camera from the late 70s. On the topic of constantly driving and listening to the car: the car is very communicative. What gives me the biggest kick is the little twitch it does in the rear when it reaches a point of underseering or oversteering Maintenance wise I have not done anything other than the 1000km check up which was the end of the break in period. The break in was pretty fuss free except for the rear diff having a knock everytime I let go of the clutch. This was fixed after a fluid change (along with every other fluid) at the 1000k check up. Other than that there was a safety inspection after the 1st year and now the next oil change is up (1 year after the 1000km checkup because I do not use the car that much). Being a bespoke car and perhaps not going throughthe rigorous QA of standard Toyota cars, somethings are a bit of a miss. The carbon fibre wrap (that covers the actual carbon fibre roof) doesn't have any treatment on it so it is easy to get dirty (I use a lot of product to keep it clean). As a result many other owners have had their roofs develop a white patch. Then there is a rubber beading that runs along the roof gutter where the carbon roof joins the metal body. The beading has a tendency to shrivel up on the rear-end. So it doesnt neatly fit in the back. Then the trunk mounted battery has a breather valve itha hose running to the floor of the trunk for the gases and any battery fluid to escape. Unfortunately the battery fluid gets splattered on the under carraige and leaves a rust trail. Other than that...the only thing I have about the car is that the plastics scratch easily and the brake pads release a lot of dust (which is a pain to clean). I shall not post any rear-end pics
  21. Hi, My car (toyota vitz 1000cc) is been using 95 octane for the last two years. I am thinking of moving it back to 92 Octane. What procedure should i follow. is it a just refilling or do i have to do the engine cleanup ? Please help me with this . Thanks in advance.
  22. I have a Toyota Rush 2007 model. Suddenly steering wheel got hard as soon as vehicle started. after some times its released as usual. Also sometimes EPS indicated on the dash board. Please advise. Steering rack also normal not damaged
  23. Hello everyone, Car details Make : Toyota Model : ZZE141R-AEPNK (Corella 141) Year of Manufacture : 2007 Part/ ECU no : 8966112E71 We replaced the ECU and it worked for about 2000KM and failed again. My technical team is unable to find the fault. In the original ECU is not giving signals to 2 out of 4 lines. The new one is not communicating with the scanner. 1) Is there anyone in Sri Lanka who can repair the ECU? ( I have 2 faulty ones) 2) Can I buy recoditioned ECU for this model? Brand new can be purchased in dubai. Any advice is appreciated. Thanking you T Pradheeban
  24. I bought a Toyota Passo 2007 model couple of weeks ago. When the car runs at high speeds (after 80kmph) it starting to vibrates and shakes the car. If I reduce the speed below 80, car is running smoothly. Any ideas plz.
  25. Hi All, Could someone kindly let me know whether an original Axio Hybrid reverse camera (with flexible guides) would work with an after market Kenwood head unit (ddx615wbt).. and if so whether the guides would work as earlier? Thank you.
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