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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys I'm planning to buy a new car, the Spacia 2018 or the Wagon R 2018. Unfortunately alot of people does not have a good idea about the Spacia. What will be the better choice between these two models on especially Comfort and Fuel Consumption aspects. Thank you in advance, Dima25
  2. gdgy

    Changing single tyre?

    Is it advisable to change just a single rear tyre of a front wheel driving car? (WagonR-MH55S) Does the car need wheel balancing? Should I refrain from putting this new tyre in the front during intervaled tyre rotations? Car is a brand-new purchase and only driven 14,500km on old tyres. Thread difference between the new and the old rear tyres are around 1.5mm. Thanks gdgy
  3. Dear friends If we don't consider the fuel efficiency, can we drive Wagon R or Alto as a normal petrol car if Hybrid battery has expired?
  4. Hi guys, I need some help to buy my first car. I have 3 cars in my mind. please give me some information about these cars (fuel efficiency, maintenance cost ,..). my budget is about 23 - 24. Suzuki Swift 2004 Toyota IST 2004 Suzuki Wagon r 2014-2015
  5. Can anyone tell me which is the best option car with 3 million budget? And I have confusion with wagon r fx, mira es, and passo. Thank you.
  6. Hi I am interested in buying a Suzuki wagon R. but I am confused with the best model to go for. can any one explain me the best option to go. what is the difference between stingray model and normal limited edition version 2016 ect. will this car can travel in hill country considering the capacity of the engine.. Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, Need your views/first hand experience on the above vehicles. My budget is 2.7 to 2.9 Mil and want to get a brand new vehicle with warranty which will provide the below, hassle free/ easy maintenance fuel economy spare parts comfort TIA
  8. Hi all, I am planning to buy a car with a budget around 2.8 mn. currently I am driving a 2008 Vitz, thought of selling it and go to a newer car (YOM after 2015) like picanto, axia or wagon r. For a fact I know Wagon R has the best mileage out of the three car. Mileage is my least concern. I am more concerned on safety, driving pleasure, cost of maintenance, resale value and nice exterior and interior. I was planning to buy a Wagon R, but after speaking to few mechanics I had to change my mind. All of them gave negative feedbacks. Issues in sensors, malfunctioning options
  9. I need to sell my stingray 2017 pearl white.mileage =18000km .What is the best price for wagon r stingray after the budget change.
  10. Can anyone please enlight on major differences between Wagon R Premium Hybrid(So called brand new-A*W) and Japanese Wagon R (reconditioned-mostly available). Like safety options, cost effectiveness and others..
  11. Suzuku Wagon R, 2015 - MH44S model is identified with a hybrid battery issue. In the Dashboard hybrid system indicator on right side, battery charging arrow (from wheels to battery) do not pop up during deceleration. When the batter was checked with Hybrid repair professionals, they said battery has dead. I don't think time of the battery is up by now. Still less than 3 years of use. It claim Rs. 150,000/= for the replacement and again not sure whether those are genuine or not. What are the possible reasons for premature hybrid battery failure ? Any users of Wagon-R here.
  12. Hello Experts, 1.Please kindly guide me to select one among these cars.. Alto Japan 2017 Daihatsu Mira 2017 Wagon r fx safety 2017 2. Budget is 2.5- 2.8 milion 3. My purpose is to driver Uber full time 4. Considering fuel economy Thanks in Advance...
  13. Guys and Gals, I'm planning to buy couple of 660CC vehicles to start a taxi service. These are my requirements. Budget - 2.5M to 3M Condition - Unregistered Resell - After 3 years Fuel Consumption: Above 18 in City Drive: Auto There are lot of new cars below 1000CC entering the market with new tax lows. So I'm not sure what vehicles to look for. I shortlisted some of the options. They are listed below. Make Type Toyota Pixis Suzuki Wagon R, HUSTLER, SPACIA Daihatsu Mira ES, Move Can you
  14. Hi, I am interested in buying a wagon r fz (non safety). But I cant decide whether I should go with the agent or a personal importer/car sale. What are the merits and demerits of both options?
  15. 1. Will it cheaper than the current market price? (Rs. 3,300,000) 2. Import through a dealer by opening a LC, is it safe? (If could, please suggest some good dealer contact.) 3. Import a vehicle under personal name, will it lead to open a Tax file? 4. If could please mention the approximate cost particulars which has to be bear.
  16. Dear All, I read the below text in the wiki site about the K series engines, Suzuki evolved a New Model "Alto K10". Powered by three-cylinder units displacing 998cc. The engine is one of the best units in it class and is the only 1.0 litre twin cam engine available. The engine produces 68PS at 6200rpm and a healthy torque rating of 90Nm at 3500rpm. Car has 5-speed transmissions and is smooth to operate. However the Alto's feels a tad better to use. The engine too is more refined and not as harsh as contemporaries. The power to weight figure is an impressive 88.88PS per tonne. http://en.wiki
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