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Found 8 results

  1. Dear All My Corolla 141 Front Windscreen was cracked due to a small accident. There is a hairline crack for around 1m length. I am looking for a place to replace it. I found from the forums about Samarasinghe Windscreen house. I don't have experience with it so can you guys give me your past experiences about that shop. Also I don't know what to look when replacing a front windscreen in the replacing one. I have heard about tinted and non tinted glass. Also about Original glass and copies. Also I have heard 3 layers glass which I don't have any idea. Can you please provide some technical
  2. Hello Folks, Is there any law which preventing a vehicle owner from displaying a sticker in rear windscreen which blocks drivers view? Thank you all in advance!
  3. Hello Expert, I noticed today my front windscreen has a small chipped damage. Is there any place in Colombo to do the repair. Attached is the picture. The size of the damage is arround 5mm. Thank you, Ravee
  4. Recently I met with an accident and I had to replace rear windscreen of my Honda Fit GP4. I handed over the car to Mag C#ty and asked them to handle insurance and everything coz of my busy schedule. They have replaced a duplicate Malaysian windscreen instead of my original Honda one without informing me. And also there was no transparency of the process at all . However, after replacing to a duplicate one vibration noise coming from the rear windscreen when I drive on broken roads. Mag C#ty guys are not accepting this and they are arguing that noise coming from somewhere else. But I pret
  5. I have full cover insurance for my 2007 Vitz which is on NDB leasing right now. Last week I met with an accident where something hit my windshield as I'm driving and there is a small crack on the top which is hardly noticeable from the distance. But I promptly called the insurance and informed them. The agent came and checked the vehicle. Later I went to Toyota Ratmalana and got the estimations and submitted the same at JanaS**** office. Today I got a call from insurance company saying the estimation is amended and the same sent to Toyota office. Now I just don't get
  6. Hi guys, I bought a carina AT170 (carburettor model 1989 17-9xxx) recently. This is my first own car although ive been using my dads for a few years but deffa need some help with a few issues. Will list them down so that any volunteers could help. 1/ The car does around 8 kms per litre average in the city and outstation. I am not sure what to do with it. I showed it to a mechanic, he says I need to replace the carburettor. Further, the car has a small jerk when accerlerating as well. Any ideas on this? Does an AT170 do only about 8kms? Any real good mechanic to show this to who will not t
  7. Hi, Kindly post your comments if you have ever used a super hydrophobic spray such as Nikwax. Ex: http://www.kitwizard.com//nikwax-txdirect-spray-300ml-p-292.html They say that this kind of products can make the fabric to be water resistant and working as a water repellent with nano technology. However I could not find any of this item in Sri Lanka yet but if you know a place that can buy, please reply. Also if you have used it for your vehicle or any other, please share your experience. Thank you.
  8. Replaced the rear windshield of my HR-V at Stafford, Went for them by thinking that I will be able to replace it as before the damage. Had very minor scratches at tail gate also. They took around 5 days for the job and finally I went there to release my vehicle. I couldn't believe what I saw there. I was shocked and pissed off. All of us know that HR-V comes with tinted rear windshield, but they have replaced it with a normal windshield. I asked them what the hell you fixed to my car, haven't you seen any HR-V before.. Stafford people said, if you wanted a tint windshield, then why didn't you
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