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Prestige Vs. Milroy

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Guess this forum was last updated a long long time ago. But I'm looking at options for putting my E46 320D to service, as its due in 3500miles. Topping my list of considerations is M*lroy, P----e is not the 2nd, and actually looking at other options, specially cos of the distance I have to travel to get it done.

I've been thinking of checking out Wurth and KleanPark (Dehiwela) who apparently are rumoured to be doing it as well.

My question though is, are there any garages who would do the proper BMW service required, inclusive of the diagnostics and software what not apart from Milroy, or is it the case that my ONLY option is that.

Appreciate any info on the subject.

Btw, I've been meaning to post about a issue I had with the heating plugs or startup sometime back. I read around on the internet and found it to be a common issue on Diesels. And a common approach is to suggest change of Diesel fuel pump(s), and checking injectors etc.

Bit of outside thinking and a known mechanic who had been trained at P.....e informed that the root cause would most probably be the heating elements or heater plugs.

1st time it happened I didn't do much, and got the car up and running in a matter of days. 2nd time it happened, I ended up replacing the Diesel pump located in the rear near the fuel tank it seems, (around 65k) and still it didnt fire up.

After some jugglery, the garage managed to fire it up.

Later on, I took it on the ultimate test, which was a drive to Bandarawela. Driving there was not the issue, but a cold start was.

First day, it didnt fire up and only started thanks to a slope just outside. 2nd day, as I was advised by a few motor experts, tried a simple heating and offing process about 5-6 times, apparently to heat up the plugs enough to fire it up. 7th time, on a cold morning, Viola it fired up without a fuss.

I tried this after I got back from Bandarawela as well, and well, have to say, its not given me any starting issues since. If I'm worried about it all I have to do is to do a few heating and off steps, and it fires up like a charm.

Thought of adding that note for anyone who might need the info.

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Hi Guys,

Seeking advice for a friend of mine. For some reason (unknown to me and he claims is personal) he can't go to Milroys to get his E36 318i checked out. Car is an Manual which appears to have a misfire. The whole engine (M40B18) is shaking pretty bad in idle.

Is there any other good place other than Prestige that he could go to? Or whatever the reason should he suck up and go to Milroys?



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I have been to both, agents and Milroy.

I doubt that Milroy will suck up, as much as the agents and add to the suckup by agents they mess up too.

sometimes he has his own moods too, so you will have to work around him.

Between the two, Milroy is a much better option undoubtedly.

Good luck

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Agents have a new engineer, Only others look into the car problems. He never comes out to discuss matters.

There are few blunders agents did recently did not admit them.

Finaly they were compled to do them on their account.

Sylvi Wijesinghe.

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9 hours ago, JSKJ said:

Hi guys

which engine oil brand good for 320d 2013 model diesel car 

Castrol GTX, Mobil 2000, Shell Helix. All 3 are great. BMW worked with Castrol to make oil for their cars back then. Nowadays they recommend Shell. 

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