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Dubai International Rally 2012


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Our members Dinesh Deheragoda aka Mivec.Turbo and his co driver Sanjaya Roshan aka Grand Civic are participating this years Dubai International Rally starting today ends 01st of December.

Dubai international Rally 2012 is the final and deciding round of the FIA Middle East Rally Championship.

Good luck Mivec.turbo and Grand Civic!

Will update you all with latest news and pictures.


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This years entry list

1. Nasser Al Attiyah / Giovanni Bernacchini FordFiesta RRC2

2. Misfer Almarri / Nicola Arena MiniJCW RRC2

3. Khalid Al Qassimi / Scott Martin FordFiesta RRC2

4. Abdulaziz Alkuwari / Killian Duffy MiniJCW RRC2

5. Abdulla Al Qassimi / Steve Lancaster FordFiesta RRC2

6. Rashid Al Ketbi / Khalid Al Kendi FordFiesta RRC2

7. Khalid Al-Suwaidi / Nick Beech FordFiesta RRC2

8. Manfred Stohl / Karina Hepperle SubaruImpreza N12N4

9. Burcu Cetinkaya / Cicek Guney MitsubishiLancer Evo IXN4

10. Mishari Althefiri / Mobarak Althefiri MitsubishiLance Evo IXN4

11. Alaa Rasheed / Joseph Matar FordFiesta

12. Nassib Nassar / Rony Maroun MitsubishiLancer Evo VIIIN4

14. Ron Oakeley/ Jamie Turne SubaruImpreza N4

15. Simon Nutter / Robert Nutter SubaruImpreza WRXN4

16. Hani Al Bast / Ata Al-HmoudJ MitsubishiLancer Evo VIIIN4

17. Edith Weiss / Kathi Wuestenhagen MitsubishiLancer Evo IXN4

18. Dinesh Deheragoda / Sanjaya Roshan MitsubishiLancer Evo X N4


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Rally starts at 11:46 local time (10:16 dubai time). You can follow all the cars as they progress via Google Earth. Waypoints and Place mark file for Google Earth is provided in the link given by S_N. (Updated per 30 sec)

Good Luck to DD, GC and the crew :)

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According to the unofficial results DD was 16th at the end of Stage 1, but at the end of Stage 3 they've gained 3 places to 13th. Looking good :)

To be expected, he was first on the stage. Sweeping the roads is always regarded as a disadvantage among rally drivers.

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At the end of SS6 (which is also the conclusion if Day 1 I believe), DD and GC once again finished 9th in the stage and are holding on to their position of 10th Overall.


Based on the unofficial results it looks like 7 competitors of the original 18 have failed to finish the day so it's clearly a lot of tough work... Kudos to DD and GC for hanging in there and giving it a good run!

Lets wish them all the best for Day 2!

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According to unofficial results, DD and Sanjaya are 3rd in their class (Group N4). DD was catching up with the 2nd placed Nassib Nassar aggressively, but in SS9, they lost 2.5 minutes which gave Nassib Nassar some relief. It was fantastic to see DD getting to his usual rhythm in the later stages of leg 1 and 2 with fastest group N4 timing on SS10. Many congrats to the team for the memorable achievement !!

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Congrats Dinesh & Sanjaya ! Finally you left local evo tyre marks on Dubai soil. Its never a easy for a native Srilankan to conquer deserts and especially when forced to drive the entire rally with a faulty rally meter.

Indeed you make us proud!

PS: Dinesh,Please buy a better rally meter next time. Stick to a better brand. :D

PS2 : When are you going to throw the party? :food-smiley-004:


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