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Mitsubishi Diesel Galant Problems


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Sorry guys I'm adding a new thread, I know there are several galant threads, but most of them are related to buying information. so I created this to discuss problems related to the Diesel Galants.

Today I got a simple question about the fuse box diagram of my car.(1999 Galant (Diesel))

I have uploaded two pics.

1. First quiz is what is the meaning of symbol  mark as A (2nd pic)?

2. As I know my car doesn't hv ABS, so why ABS fuse here...? (both pics) Yes fuse is missing in the main fuse box, but in the secondary fuse ABS fuse is still there.

Can someone explain is this normal?






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1. The Active Yaw Control fuse. Your car doesn't have AYC, that's why there is no relay in that slot (second picture, slot 19). The slot in the fuse board should be empty as well. As @Sierra Charlie said, this comes only on certain models of the Galant/Legnum that has AWD. 


2. Yes your car doesn't have ABS. Again, that's why there is no relay in the slot marked as ABS (Slot 18 on engine bay fuse box).


The layout diagram is a common one for the model. It's not specific to the options that this particular car has. Slots related to optional equipment unavailable on a particular example are left with no fuse/relay as there is no need for one. Hope this makes sense. 

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  • 2 years later...

Hi all,

Need some help from experts (again)...

My Diesel Galant's RPM showing incorrect values(low values than it should be), (Its a Galant 2000 Diesel turbo, mileage around 170K )

As an example

  • Idle => 0.2 | Previously => around 0.8 - 1
  • 100 kmph on Highway => around 1.8 | Previously it was around 2.5 - 2.8 (5th gear)

No difference in Engine sound and pulling power, No vibrations, engine runs smoothly.... so i'm pretty sure this related to meter,   my question is what would be the possible reason for this issue? and really helpful if anyone can suggest a good place to check and fix this. 


Thanks in advance.

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22 hours ago, Twin Turbo said:

Check if the belt is tight enough, and not slipping. 

Next,  get an auto electrician to check the alternator,..


Thanks, but how it affects to RPM reading? Sorry not a very tech guy.... ? 

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2 hours ago, Twin Turbo said:

Is the battery charging properly?

is the car starting ok?

yes, no difference...  everyday driving at least two hours with headlights and AC on...next morning starting without any issue...

Initially thought it was faulty speedo cluster, 

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2 hours ago, Twin Turbo said:

It is a possibility, yes. Do you park in the hot sun ?

Yes, almost everyday 5 -6 hours under direct hot sun... :(, is there any possibility to repair faulty speedo clusters?

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14 hours ago, HG_Galant said:

Hi Guys, 

car: Mitsubishi Galant Diesel turbo  EA1A

engine : 4D68

My intercooler is dripping engine oil. Has anyone here experienced it before? Is there a fix? Is it a problem with the turbo unit? 

Sounds like the Turbo seals might need replacing.

I had a similar issue on my diesel, it was a different vehicle brand, but same issue: Oil dripping past the seals on the turbo charger (due to repeated heat stress). In my case the oil then dripped on to the hot exhaust system / manifold below and I could smell the oily smoke inside the cabin as I drove.

Hopefully in your case it will be cheaper to fix: For me it involved taking apart most of the engine (as the turbo sits right in the middle of the engine's V under a heap of stuff) and replacing the seals. Got it done at the agents as it involves major engine disassembly, and I suggest you do the same in your case...

Repair went okay, but breathing got a bit difficult when I saw the bill though...


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