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Dear Experts,

I'm looking for a Vitz RS/Demio Sport or swift sports car. 

As per my research I found vitz RS comes with 1.5 engine 16 inch alloys 4 disc brakes and etc.

When going through the online ads I found vitz RS 1.3 versions advertised too. Are they real RS or just dress-ups? Because I was unable to find anything about 1.3 variant of Vitz RS from a trustworthy source.

Really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

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I suppose you are looking at the P90 series ?

The P90 Series RS came in both 1.3L and 1.5L variants. The 1.3L variant came with a 2SZ-FE engine putting out like 85hp and had drum brakes in the back. The 1.3L RS was pretty much like every other 1.3L Vitz with the only difference being it had a sporty body kit, lights and some interior trim. So it was just the normal 1.3L Vitz made to LOOK sporty.

The actual Sporty RS was the 1.5L variant with the 1NZ-FE engine. This particular RS came with all four disk brakes, slightly stiffer suspension and the sporty cosmetic stuff. The 1.5L variant also could be had with a manual transmission.

So..yes..the 1.3L RS is real and from the manufacturer. Its just that it was nothing more than just a smoke screen. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the normal 1.3L Vitz are quicker than the 1.3L RS because the 1.3L F grade Vitz is a good 20-30 kg lighter than the 1.3L RS.

The P130 series on the other hand is a different story. The RS comes only in 1.5L guise with the 1NZ engine.

The P10 series, like the P90, came in 1.3L and 1.5L variant RSs. Both had all the options like all four disk brakes, spports suspension, 14" wheels, etc...

Personally, I would not bother with the 1.3L RS becuase you pay a lot more for cosmetics and no real gain in performance. However, I believe 1.5L RS variants are quite hard to come by in SL. I beleive the most common would be the Swift Sports followed by the Demio sport grade. In away, the rarity of the 1.5L RS by itself is an attraction I suppose.

DISCLAIMER : Car salesmen in SL are notorious for dressing up cars in to something else, so there is a high chance that they would take a normal 1.3L Vitz and then dress it up to look like a 1.3L RS.

EDIT : According to the catalog the 1.5L came with HID headlamps and the 1.3L RS came with 15" wheels. Also the AUTO AC seems t have been standard in the 1.5L RS. However the funnest part is the 1.5L RS seems to have been offered with a LSD (since it is an option not all would have come with it)

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Thanka a lot iRage for the comprehensive answer. 

Yes I was reffering to p90 series. Last week I checked a 1.5 RS, with all the features. Everything is in perfect condition except the check engine light is not showing at all. It seems the indicator bulb is removed. When I suggest him to get it verified with the agents, he show no interest. So I decided to avoid it.

Then I came across these 1.3 variants and wonder whether they are worth buying. 

These information will surely help me for a better buy. Thanks again. ?


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