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Court fines

Vannet ld 20

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The fine itself is not that much (presuming there are no other charges against you and the accident itself was not premeditated/other person's fault)...a few years ago dad got charged with the same thing because one of those crane trucks which was parked came rolling down (driver was outside the truck pushing it out of a mud puddle) and hit him on the rear passenger side door and fender. The time wasted in going to the court house, waiting for the case to be heard and then paying a lawyer to stand next to him cost him more than the actual fine. You might want to go there with someone. When I was charged with the latter about 18+ years ago I was held in a separate area so I could not go and pay the fine and had to ask the office driver to pay it :) (don't know if that still is a thing)

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Can any member give details about the Curfew time driving without a valid permit to visit for a urgent help to a close relation.

Police has lockup the driver and the person who was visiting his relative, in one of the Colombo Police area station. To people was released from the lockup after three hours contacting high officer in the police department by the relatives. The vehicle was detained for two days.

Later that Cussed  traffic officer in charge with a unhappy mood instructed the junior police officers to give the vehicle back, there also he had requested the person who got him on his mobile telephone  who contact, how did he come to know his mobile contact. One condition was the registered owner had to come, to the Police station to take delivery from their custody of the vehicle.

Finally the day which was given by the police station to appear in Colombo  Hulftsdorp court no 2,  was getting closer.Two people contacted a Lawyer to appear on behalf of them. Lawyer has informed them he still had not attended for such case, for them to contact the relevant Police station to find out more details, what will be the fine.

Police officer who came on the telephone had informed them (2 Accused) that they will send a Summons, to appear in courts, still no decision by the department. Our President  had requested to release all detained vehicles who used during the Curfew.

According to some Sri lankans the past Curfew is only a police curfew which normally Police warn the people. Give them a pass to go back home.

Do any member have had to go before Courts, for above similar offense or know about the cost of fine.

Sylvester Wijesinghe


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