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How to install iGO world with Srilankan maps on Android phone/tablet/car head unit for FREE!!!!

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iGO Navigation Android apk

This is the simplest way to get iGO Sri Lankan Maps working on your Android Device.

You need to follow the instructions in order to make it work. This is iGO 2018 Android apk cracked, it works on All screen sizes, and all Android versions.

If your using a Car Android headset make sure the GPS antenna and the Head Unit is connected to WIFI or a Hot spot
(even though the maps are offline when the iGO apk installation it will ask to connect to any available internet connection, afterwards you can disconnect the WIFI since this is for the one time installation .)

Download the Zip Archive (from the bottom of this post).


once downloaded you need to unzip the archive

Now locate your device storage : the root of your device since you need to copy the iGO folder and paste it inside the root of your device


Move the iGO folder inside the archive to the Root of your Android device


locate the iGO World all Screen sizes - GPSmap.US.apk inside the iGO Folder and install the apk

Note: This app does not come from Google Play, so  you need to tap install from unknown sources in order to install

once installed click on the iGO App to load the application


so, the app loads well in my Chinese android car unit

you can accept the privacy policy and do the basic setup...

that's about it. i have already added the sri lankan maps by default and if you want to add them manually download from the below link


unzip the archive and copy that content to


.fbl > Actual Maps > iGO/Content/Map/
.fda > Driver Alerts > iGO/Content/Map/
.fjv > Junction view > iGO/Content/Map/
.fpa > Proximity Alerts > iGO/Content/Map/
.fsp > Speed profiles > iGO/Content/Map/
.ftr > Truck Info > iGO/Content/Map/
.hnr > Defined Routes > iGO/Content/Map/
.poi > Points of Interest > iGO/Contents/poi/
.3dc > 3D Buildings > iGO/Content/Building/
.3dl > 3D Landmarks > iGO/Content/Building/
.dem > Map Terrain > iGO/Content/Dem/
.hsp > History Speed > iGO/Content/Histspeed/
.ph  > Regional Voice Corrections > iGO/Content/Phoneme/
.txt > Radar > iGO/Content/speedcam/
.spc > same as Radar > iGO/Content/speedcam/
.kml > Custom Points of Interest > iGO/Content/userdata/poi



Voila! The app should be working at this moment

sorry about the crappy images though :)

let me know if this method works for you guys..cheers... :)



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