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Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

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13 hours ago, K.o.N.o.S said:

Thanks @iRage for sharing. The link has some of the sickest wheels that I have seen on lancers. Also I noticed that in most cases rear fenders needed some work. However the wheel specs that I am considering has slight differences compared to what I have at the moment. So Yeah it's quite probable that those will fit in without any issues. Let's see, anyway I am going to dig deeper into this before I proceed.

Looking forward to seeing what she will end up looking like. 

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Hi Everyone, Thought to start this topic to keep a record on maintenance and repairs if any. The car referred here is my Lancer EX (for those who don't know) and the details of it could be found

Greetings gents, So I got my ABS issue sorted today. It took longer than I expected as the package got caught in the Christmas season rush. Finally the sensor arrived last week and got it fixed a

Continued from last post. So I gladly took that offer. They wanted the chassis number of the car (which I had with me) to be sent with the measurements of the CV joint to the supplier. Finally th

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On 5/5/2021 at 2:13 AM, K.o.N.o.S said:

@trinity @Davy @Hyaenidae Question for you guys. As you may know I am currently running with stock Lancer GT wheels ( 18" x 7", 5x114mm with 46mm offset). I am seriously thinking about getting some new wheels for the car. I am currently in love with the following which is pretty Bad A*S looking to my eye (or perhaps something similar). Wheel specs= (18" x 7.5", 5x114.3 with +45mm Offset). Question is will these fit my car without any space problems or without any other issues?

Yep, they'll fit without any issues. For that rim, you should probably go for a 225x40R18 tyres. What size tyres are you running on the Lancer GT rimes at the moment?

The Evo X BBS rims look exactly like the ones in your photo. They are 18x8.5 +38 offset, and a more aggressive fit.  This is what I have. You'd have to use 235 wide tyres. If you go higher than 235, the rears will rub on the wheel arch on load. Especially since your car is already lowered.

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10 hours ago, Davy said:

What size tyres are you running on the Lancer GT rimes at the moment?

I am currently running with 225x45R18. I cant afford to spend on new tyres as the cost will hit me with a blast.


10 hours ago, Davy said:

The Evo X BBS rims look exactly like the ones in your photo

Yes that is actually one of the reasons. Also I seem to like the matte bronze finish on the wheels. I think they will get along nicely with the color. similar to this. you get the idea.


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