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Help my Buy a Car around 2.5 Mn



 Hello Guys,

I’m looking forward to buy my 1st car and need suggestions from the expertise. My budget is from 2.3 Mn – 2.8 Mn & Following requirements.

  • No Indian Cars
  • Should not be older than 2007-2008
  • Should be comfort for drive, Better features
  • Less maintenance - cheaper parts, widely available spare parts.
  • Will not be driving daily therefore Fuel consumption - if it does more than 7 – 8 kmpl good enough.
  • Hatchback preferred; but don’t say no for Sedan
  • Should be automatic
  • Resale value - Not expecting a profit when selling but should be sell with demand
  • Car should be suitable for Semi – Urban (Northern Region - Jaffna)

Please be kind enough to give me good feedback & share your experience to select a better one.

My options are in priority order;

  1. Mazda Demio 2010 –Rack Issues; Please advice
  2. Suzuki Swift 2008 or better (Japanese) – give pros & cons
  3. Toyota Vitz 2007 or better – give comments about Toyota Auris 1500CC
  4. Honda Fit GP1 2011 or better – CVT Gearbox Problem & oil burn issues; pls advice
  5. Toyota Passo

Please let me know your comments.


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1 hour ago, SR said:


  1. Mazda Demio 2010 –Rack Issues; Please advice - Good Choice Rack Issue can be sorted out ..nice little car. Recommended
  2. Suzuki Swift 2008 or better (Japanese) – give pros & cons - Pros: Fun to Drive Cons: Limited space in rear  maybe not the best for really long drives
  3. Toyota Vitz 2007 or better – give comments about Toyota Auris 1500CC : Most common is the 1L Vitz - under-powered try to get a 1.3 Vitz which is pretty good actually.   Know little about the Auris expect it's rare other members  will probably have more info. 
  4. Honda Fit GP1 2011 or better – CVT Gearbox Problem & oil burn issues; pls advice - CVT problem is not that common your biggest issue would be the oil burn issue try to get one outside the recall range (see thread on that) 2013 ones do not have the issue - other than that issue it's simple all round car that ticks most boxes. Had one for 3 years loved it. 
  5. Toyota Passo - a not so-special A-B car you can get a relatively newer version compared the Vitz

Please let me know your comments.


Welcome to the forum - I see you've done some homework on the cars which is commendable. 

See replies above also  you could consider the following 

- Lancer CS1/2/3 : you'll be able to get something from 2008 or 2009

- FIT GE6 : non hybrid version of the GP1 minus the hybrid motor - check the Vin code some may be affected by the engine oil burn.

- Yaris 2007/2008 : There are still a few yaris imported b/new on permits still with original owners these are usually agent maintained are in good condition. 

-Nissan Tiida - if you're ok with the looks...it isn't a bad car at all you could get 2008 or maybe even a 2009 unit for your budget. 




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Welcome to the forum....where pretty much all the cars are concerned what I can add is pretty much what Matroska has added. As for the Auris....well...I don't think you can find one within your budget. The E150 series (which is the first generation of Auris) I believe sells for around 3mil ++ . The E150 Auris is based on the E140 series Corolla platform (which in turn is the same platform used for the Allion/Premio). If you are going for the 150 Auris....well...it is just another no frills Corolla that will get you from A to B.  The driving feeling is pretty much same to a Axio 140 series (non existent) with a 1NZ-FE engine. Steering feels direct which makes you think you can chuck it in to a corner..but the steering has no feeling or feed back whatsoever. So you feel the car just turn to wherever you point the steering to...but because of the lack of feedback and feel you would not know when or where the wheels are are actually pointing too and if it is about to break out and understeer (but you wouldn't be pushing the car like this for daily driving so it would be just another FWD car). The soft suspension makes it roll a bit; granted it does feel more firm and jittery than the Corolla/Axio. The Hybrid variant came from the UK as a Hybrid variant was not available for this model in Japan. No idea how the Hybrid feels.  The RS on the other hand is a lot better....has a 1.8L engine and stiffer suspension and the car is worlds apart from its standard 1.5L sibling, but still no steering feel whatsoever but the controlled body movement gives you a lot more confidence. Never seen a RS in Sri Lanka

For your budget...I believe what you might be able to purchase is a RunX or an Allex. Again..based on the Corolla 120 platform....it feels much lighter (it probably is) than the Auris and the 1NZ engine feels a lot more peppier as a result. The steering being a conventional hydraulic PS has much more feeling and feedback. Again...the sportier variant is the one with the 2ZZ 1.8L VVTL-i engine. The variant with the 1.8L engine had some TRD special editions as well where the ECU is programmed differently to put out a bit more power, upgraded suspension, body kit, etc...In Sri Lanka there are a few TRD variants around and some of them have tuned engines that actually squeeze a lot more than what it was with the stock 1.8L engine,

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