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Looking to buy a BMW e39 525i



Hello fellow motorists!

I am on the lookout for buying a BMW e39 5 series.
My search is narrowed to below specs,

  • Facelift version 2001-2003 (M-bumper swap is more desired but without is not a deal breaker)
  • M54 Engine.
  • Triptronic (sadly no manuals for personal reasons)
  • A decent original condition car. That means not hacked and screwed with cheap parts and rash mods.
  • Any color except white.
  • I dont mind having to do preventive or due maintenance if the price is right and the car is otherwise in good condition. (not years overdue maintenance)

I myself am going through all ad sites n calling around. But itll be even better if you good people here can lead to find my buy as I dont have any specific contacts.

Thank you all in advance!

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Hello @Twin Turbo Thank you.

Thats the thing I dont know any independent specialists for this vehicle per say. But Im hoping to find someone here.
So far ive been doing all the usual customers' routines.

Yes service records is a requirement of mine.
I wont say Im mechanic-good but Ive googled and youtubed quite an amount of posts regarding e39 on what to look for and common maintenance, issues and checklists, etc.

Lets see, fingers crossed.

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Welcome @Bhanu

As @Twin Turbo suggested specialist garages are a place to start

Speak to Ultimate Motorworks https://umw.lk/ - they primarily handle BMW's so they would be in a good position to point you in the direction of any decent cars with known history


Don't lose sight of the fact that no matter what you buy, it'll be a 15-25 year old German car run in sunny Sri Lanka having passed through a multitude of hands and numerous technicians so leave a margin for a little heartache no matter what ?

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