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How to differentiate Axio G grade or G Limited

Isuru Mahesh


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Yes....the only way you can figure out what the trim level the car had when leaving the factory is through the MODEL NO that is found on the ID plate.

For example...a 1.5L CVT 2WD Axio that is a G grade would have the code : NZE141-AEXEK (the would be something like DBA in front). 

If it is a special specification limited model then there would be a "-(some letter)" at he end of the above code. FOr example a 1.5L CVT w2wd Axio that is a G Classico would have the code NZE141-AEXEK-F

By the grades you had mentioned I beleive you are looking at a 140 series Axio (i.e. non-Hybrid model) ? If that is the case...you should know that G Limited is somehting that the local car salesmen made up. There was no official "G Limited". There were DEALER and some manufacturer packages like HID Limited (this was a manufacturer special edition), NAVI Edition, etc... The local car salesmen created a G Limited so they can sell standard G grade cars at a higher price after putting some cheap chinese shiny parts on it (so it would not have HID lights or the NAVI package o anything).

The 140 series Axio's base grades were

X, X Limited, G, G Simplere, G Classico. Plus these grades got special packages like HID Limited, NAVI Edition, Safety something added.

EDIT: Also, a lot of people will say G must have certain accessories/features and a  must have another.... do not go by that. You cannot determine the trim level simply by the features and accessories it has. Most of these featues/accessories are dealer options and different dealerships would have offered slightly different options to choose from when ordering the car (or even included as a standard package). Also, these are things our local guys can fix using Chinese or used parts (which is how they make up fake grades).

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