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Accident repair garage + Insurance claim


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Hi All,

I met an accident on two weeks back & damaged front buffer, RH door, RH fender, rear break light ( RH) ,rear passenger air bags ,and RH wheel,

Vehicle : Toyota CHR 2018

Kindly help me on followings.

1. At the movement, vehicle is at Toy#ta L#nka for inspection and  i have a Sri Lanka full insurance, But they told me that , they are only giving 50% of the airbag claim if i goes to Toy#ta L#nka which is around 5,00000.00. But if i go to outside body shop for this repair, they will offer 100% claim of this.

2. Suggest me a good repair shop to repair the vehicle.
3. May i do the body repair by Toy#ta L#nka since they have proper equipment  and they're giving a warranty for the repair. 

Kindly requesting your help on this. 🙏

Thanks for your valuable time.

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@Charith_W...please ask your questions in one thread (either an old one you are using or a new one you created). That way you will get more/better responces as it will be easy for members to answer your question and easier for you and others to find the replies in the future.


1. No idea why this is....it is interesting. Is it because of the cost of the part ?

2. & 3. Well...last I checked...Toyota (and even Nissan) agents were neither bad nor good ...so they were okay but consistant and did not use substandard parts. On the other hand... there are (were) a few outside garages that do really really really good body and paint work (that is far better than agents and 90% of the other outside garages out there); mainly because they have the same equipment (jigs, paint booths, etc...) as well as because (most importantly) they do not try to rush the job to fit a time pre-defined time limit like the agent or other garages would do. They are also on the pricier side (almost as much as the agents and a lot tmore than 90% of the tinkerers around).

At the end of the day...whether you should get it done at Toyota or outside will ultimately depend on which outside garages you look in to and the estimates they give and if you find the price difference is worth the extra services you get from Toyota (or the outside REALLY GOOD garage)

- If you are willing to pay out of pocket and want an exceptional job done...then look at the really really good options out there.

- If you are willing to pay out of pocket and want a reasonably good job done..then go to the agents.

- If you are not willing to put any money out of pocket, then based on what you said your only option owuld be to go to some outside garage..but most garages are not very consistant in their workman ship.



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