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Honda S660 vs Daihatsu Copen


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Depends on what you are looking for...the Honda is definitely a much more engaging car to drive and the build feels more refined. However, the Copen is not too far off and is a far more practical and better all-rounder.

There really is nothing else in that market segment (2-door convertible kei sport cars). Alternatively you can look at an Alto Works or a Turbo RS 

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On 3/12/2021 at 5:47 PM, DSN said:

Dear Friends,

Please let me know which car is worth to buy considering above 2 options. Or is there better 2 door car option within that price range.



Both cars are detuned from the factory, thus you cant comment on which is better unless you shell out some money.

Again this involves spending about 1 mil on a " no market" car

I have a copen and the sheer reason why I went for it when compared to a s660 is;

I have several cars, so this was purely a weekend toy but even then the s660 was impractical even for a weekend run to get a beer.

1. I can't seem to fit myself into a s660, too small whereas I have ample space in the copen.

2. The rag top smells bad if it gets soaked too much, or after it loses its hydrophobic properties, thereafter a bit of leaking is expected. The copen has an aluminium roof

3. It feels like a kei, feels small,

The copen doesn't feel that way.

4. There is no real storage space. Whereas the copen has a huge boot almost the size of a vitz L X B but a bit short in height.

I mean it's no grocery getter but say you went somewhere and saw a nice antique or wanted to carry some souvenir, maybe a bluetooth speaker, the s660 cant do that unless you make the passenger seat a boot.

5. S660 most parts are bespoke and are VERY hard to come buy, whereas the copen shares parts with the Mira, given the no of miras here we have nothing to worry.

Living in kandy and seeing that mid engine, I dont have high end specialist mechanics, I love diy and copen seemed very conventional except for the roof. Nothing fancy.

In terms of tuneablity, both cars have a huge cult following in japan, the s660 has more off the shelf tuner parts than the copen and both can gain about 100hp safely with the correct mods, 100hp on a 800kg car is a lot of fun mind you.

Again this involves shedding atleast 1.2mil on a "no market" car /"waste of money" (wife)

And "neighbours laugh at us" car (mom).



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