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Upgrading to Toyota Harrier MHU38W Hybrid 2008



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Used it ? Yes..long term...on and off...its been a while though..

Owned one ? No....

General feeling: 

- Decent car...

- Has a decent bit of pick up and go

- The E-Four system is decent but it does not have the best of engagement and disengagement compared to a normal AWD system like in the petrol Harrier or RAV4. Neither system is good for actual offroading though.

- Not the most exciting thing to drive...the car I owned during the period of access to a Harrier was a RAV4...the RAV4 felt more interesting to drive compared to the Harrier (although the Harrier felt more quick)..The Harried felt quieter..detached...and light. The RAV4..the lesser sound dampening and the EPS setup made you feel what was going on underneath (nevertheless, even the RAV4 was light and dead in the steering department).

- The Harrier had a bit more understeer than the RAV4. The AWD system is setup to power up the back in such situations but that just made it worst...In the E-Four system it was worst because of how the motor powered up and then the TRC+VSC would kick in and simpy brake and cut out throttle. (The higher spec RAV4 came with Active Control AWD..which actually was nicer in terms of handling understeer


As with any car it will run well (for its age) as long it has been taken care of (timely running and preemptive maintenance services done with proper parts, etc..)

- Have not heard of any serious defects.

- Electronics for the most part is decent but rarely some cars have reported electronics seats, AC switches, etc..acting crazy

- The above includes the gear switch which seems to at times not want to switch the gear.

- Don't get sunroofs. There was also a special limited edition model which had a panoramic sunroof. Do not get that either. Toyota has a bad rep with those things (especially the panoramic one) where the seals are not strong enough and leads to leaks.

Things you should look for:

- Check if the rear motor is actually working and has not been messed around with.

- Check the Hybrid System

- Check for rattling chain noises from the V6 engine up front...check for oil leaks from the valve covers as well as th bottom (typical issues with Toyota V engines).

- Check for regular and proper maintenance...(including transmission fluid changes, etc...)


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