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Nissan Sunny 17 (2011- Used) Car buying information




Can i know it it worth buying Nissan Sunny N17 (2011-Manual) Car for Rs 37 lak? I am new to buying cars.Is there any  alternatives for the current car prices ? 

The main points i am looking for are confortability and fuel consumption. Glad if someone can comment.

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For starters...you should not spend all your money in buying a car. If all you can afford (or have) is 37 lakhs...then you should be looking at spending about 35 lakhs for the car (you can spend 37 lanks on the car if you have another 2-3lakhs extra money somewhere). This is because any car you buy in SL you will have to do some pre-emptive repairs.

As for whether the car is worth it for 37 lakhs....only you can answer that. Get online or look at the papers and see what the price range for the particular model you are looking at is....then get an inspection of the car you are interested in and see what the condition of the car is...then you will have to figure it out for yourself if the car is worth it or not (if the car is in really good condition then obviously it should be on higher end of the price range and poor condition means at the lower end of the price range).

Now as for comfort and fuel economy....for starters...what exactly do you mean by N17 ? In Sri Lanka, the latter variants of the N16 (mainly made in India) are called N17 (Pic 1) as well and then you get the N17 that actually was released in 2011 (Pic 2).

Pic 1:


Pic 2:

Nissan Sunny 2011-2014 Price, Images, Mileage, Reviews, Specs

Now here is the thing...the N16 (Pic 1) is good in comfort but it is not the most fuel efficient Sunny. Then the N17 (Pic 2) is fuel efficient but it is not the most comfortable of cars; because this model was sort of a step down from the old Sunny and became like an entry level sedan (equal to the Toyota Vios or Honda City...the old Sunny was equal to the Corolla and Civic).

As for other options...(I would say) for your budget you are sort of limited because of the curent market. Within the 3 - 3.5mil range you will have to go for a slightly older sedan like the Lancer or Mazda Axela (both are nice to drive...relatively fuel efficient and comfortable...my personal view is that the Axela/Mazda3 feels a bit more nicer and comfortable because most of them are models sold for the Japanese market and the Lancers are mostly export models sold brand new by the agent so had less features, etc..). If you want to stick to the same age range..then you are going to have to go for a smaller car (i.e. an entry level hatchback).  

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