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Honda vezel P287C error code

Ashan Darshana


IMG_20210707_175037.thumb.jpg.becbdd56ad53d7ee023c192a703cb8e4.jpgHi all,

I have 2015 honda vezel.It got "P287C Transmission Adaptive values not learned" error.when i drive it for small distance(about 1km) from the clutch situated side i can notice white color smoke.can anyone tell me a reason for this issue. I am afraid that this issue will damage my car while i drive to repairing place.if you have any suggestion to avoid any further issues happen while i taking car to repairing place pleace let me know.

Thanks all

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Okay...so...automotive lesson 101...if there is smoke coming out...you should certainly not be using it (depending on where the smoke is coming from you maybe able to let it cool down and drive normaly (like when brakes get over heated) or you should ideally put it on a carrier and take it to your service center.

Now as for your issue...I am pretty sure I have seen people (in other regions) talk about adaptive learning issues in Honda's DTC transmissions. Basically your car learns how and when to shift based on the vehicle usage. When this stops learning shifting becaomes messy and gear shifts do not work properly. In older versions things like vehicles miss shifting (shifting to low or upper gear when it really shouldn't and making it difficult to drive) occured. But I believe most of the new systems now just put the car in to a limp mode in order to prevent the transmission from going-out.

Now here is the thing....most of the new cars have everything from the braking system to Hybrid systems to steering systems to engine systems to passive safety systems to engine systems all connected to make sure that one system in a vehicle does not do anything to compromise the safety of the vehicle when another system is having trouble (for exampe, if the braking system is not working properly you might notice that the Hybrid system changes the way it assists the engine or not even assist at all...or that when the Hybrid system is not working properly things like City brake assist will not work) Hondas of your era are notorious for having a complexly integrated system that is very grumpy and overly sensitive. So all those errors you see with the systems turning off or not working properly could be the result of one single issue.

So take it to a proper garage (maybe agent ?) and get to the root of everything (seems like it could be the transmission). and then see what happens from there.

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