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Looking to by a family car or SUV between 5.5mil to 6.5mil

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Sadly for that budget you will be lucky to find an Aqua these days.

I think even you realize that you will need a SUV or a larger crossover to meet your requirements (a large sedan is a possibility but you will not have the luggage space and height versatility). I just looked at some online adverts for cars that fall within your budget (I hope you have done that yourself). 
For your budget I think the larger crossovers you will be looking at are sort of like early to mid 2000 XTrails, CRVs, Foresters and RAV4s and Santa Fes....and in the SUV department..you are looking at Pajeros and box Prados from the early 90s.

Sedans....you are going to be with Allions and Premios from the mid to late 2000s or slightly newer Axio and Corolla 141s and sedans of that type (if you are lucky). Cars like Mazda 6s, Accords, Camrys are for the most part out of your budget and those that do fall into it are somewhat less-loved.

So in essense you will be getting rid of your cars to get in to a larger significantly older car, cars which you know history of and might actually be worst than your current cars. You need to re-assess this. I can understand the Vitz not being anything more than a budget city run around but why isn't the Sportage a decent car ? Is it size ? I doubt you will find much difference in space between a Sportage and XTrail/RAV4 that fits your budget.

You need to significantly increase your budget (if you want anything that is in same era as your current vehicles or newer)...or, if it was me, instead of going ot an unknown older vehicle, I would just get rid of the Vitz, keep the Sportage. Maybe do some restro-mod work on it do that it runs better for a few more years.

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