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BMW M140i - the end of an era....


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Hello All!  It`s been a while…!

So, I started noting down my automotive stories in AL with a 300Tdi Land Rover Discovery Series 1. Then had a short fling with a Mazda Mx-5 NA (kind of a sleep deprived impulse buy since my daughter was a fresh bourn back then…  :D  ). Had much fun with my last project, a BMW E30 318is, but sold the car last December.

Been driving a 2018 Subaru Legacy since the end of 2018. 65,000 very comfortable km`s later, it was getting a bit boring as a daily. The car ran fine, zero issues, just standard servicing at the dealer.

I always wanted a Mustang GT. Not just for the looks or the pedigree or anything, but mostly because it`s the only modern (dual injected, quad cam, etc…) V8 available for any amount of reasonable money in this market. It`s a very nice package overall. But then Covid messed it all up and now there`s not many available, and the prices are also jacked up! Plus, in the back of my mind there`s always that doubt about practicality, and whether it`ll be a pain to get a 5-year-old in/out of the back seat. Still absolutely love the noise, responsiveness, and the linear torque delivery of a big naturally aspirated V8, but maybe another day…

I then started looking for the next best thing. Fun factor is the main thing here, so larger sedans like the C250, 330i, Is300, Stinger GT, etc.. doesn’t really fit the bill. Shorter wheelbase, reasonable power and reasonably lighter weight are key here. I drive up and down a freeway mostly (some slow-moving traffic), so can’t be arsed changing gears, i.e. must be auto. Modern auto gearboxes are that much faster, and manuals are useless in most newer cars (especially on public roads) where NVH levels are extremely low anyway (i.e. you don’t get much feedback from the driveline, even when changing your own gears).

The current model WRX is an obvious choice, but the CVT gearbox is a big no no for any sort of performance-oriented driving. It`s a great CVT for anything else, but not for a WRX!


So now we are looking at that one class of car capable of spicing up the life of young uni kids and sad family men alike, the Hot Hatch!!  One exception though, I’m not a big fan of FWD.! So, we are down to AWD cars, then I kept going through the list:  

  • Golf R – The no brainer choice. Aftermarket support/parts/mods are plentiful. But very expensive to mod the 2.0 4cyl for decent power gains. A whole lot of mucking around to get 100HP extra.
  • Audi RS3 Quattro – hideously pricey for what it is, glorious 5cyl engine.
  • Mercedes A35/45 AMG – Interior not so great, kind of sceptical about milking out so much power from a little 2.0 4cyl.
  • BMW 135i – Newer model, so quite pricey. Again, sceptical about the newer 2.0 4cyl. Not much aftermarket stuff since it`s new.
  • BMW 128ti – the new kid on the block, great reviews, 2021 model, price ok, but FWD..!


At this point I’ve not considered a pure RWD car.  I know that the M140i existed, and that BMW released a final edition in 2019, but never thought much about it.

Then one day, I had some E30 parts to sell, the guy turned up in a Grey colour M140i. I know all about the 3 series line-up from the E21 to the current G20, but never paid much attention to the 1 series.  The guy said that he`s just got an LSD, semi slicks, downpipe upgrade (de-cat) and a tune, and the car runs the quarter mile in 11 seconds!! That`s no lie since I’ve saw a video of that car running on a proper drag strip with timing!

Started researching in to the M140i and realised that current series has got a B58 in it! This is (mostly probably) the last iteration of the classic BMW straight 6 and a version of the B58 is in the new Toyota Supra as you all know. Toyota apparently spent many hours examining every little component of it to confirm their quality requirements are met before giving it the green light. 3.0 displacement, DOHC, double VANOS and Valvetronic, direct injection, closed deck design, twin scroll turbo etc…

The M140i was first released in 2016 and then a life cycle upgrade (LCI-2) came out in mid-2017.  No DCT`s in it, it`s got the ZF-8 speed, which some say is THE best torque converter automatic ever made. This gear box (8HP) is used in everything from Ford 150`s to Mustang V8`s to Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio`s to Jeep Grand Cherokee`s to Aston Martin`s and Land Rover`s.

This quite literally is THE last 6-cylinder RWD hatchback this world will ever see, so decided that this is what I’ll get. Quite specifically the LCI-2 upgrade since that`s the last iteration of the car. Apart from the final edition released in 2019 (with only some specification upgrades and minor cosmetic upgrades, no exterior or interior differences), every LCI-2 is essentially the same.


Finally pulled the Trigger on a 2017 LCI-2 in Alpinweiss (Alpine White). Here`s the Liberty next to the M140i, just before getting picked up:





Will update more details later.... 




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  • iRage changed the title to BMW M140i - the end of an era....
Posted (edited)

Here`s a snapshot of Japanese simplicity Vs German over-engineering efforts.. :D 

It`s not too bad but, BMW had to cram a turbo and an intercooler in there. But the battery is in the boot so more space there. 

But I really dont understand the need to have an extra firewall (both sides at the back) between the engine and the actual firewall. Probably makes the front structure a bit strong. It just holds the brake booster and power point to jump start on the right. Houses the ABS modulator and a fuse box on the left hand side. 

Note how BMW had moved the engine further back as possible. It`s basically sitting in the centre line between the strut towers.. I didn't pop the engine cover up yet to take a look, I know it`s a mess full of wires and hoses in there.. :D 

Subaru 2.5, 4 Cyl:


BMW 3.0, 6 Cyl Turbo:



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Posted (edited)

^^ Also note how they moved the coolant reservoirs to the 'cold' side of the engine. The intake is in the 'hot' side, but the air box has got a heat shield at the bottom. It`s a better design since the intake is right next to the turbo and the air path is very short (i.e. less heat soak). 

The whole layout of the B58 is a significant improvement from the previous N55 (turbo I6) which had coolant reservoirs and other plasticky bits cracking since they were mounted right above the turbo/exhaust. This is also having a water to air intercooler incorporated in to the intake, so extremely short charge pipe (no FMIC) and almost no turbo lag. 


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Dont know how it happened, but one of the rear wheel nuts were missing. 😬

Went to the dealer to pickup a nut..

Got a chance to snap old Vs new there.. Here's against a current model 135i Xdrive..  🙂





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Havent used this type of carpets before, bought a set from an ebay china man and just installed..

Not bad quality really, does a nice job covering it all up.. 

Not a huge fan of the cheap looking logos', but normal carpets goes on top so its all covered.. 😁😁

Drivers side - some creases are still there from shipping..



Passengers side:





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So this car's service history was all recorded in iDrive and the local dealer confirmed that the car was in their system. Never paid much attention to the details, untill now....


The car currency sits at around 56k, last service at 54k, so its all good i thought..

Had a look in the actual entry, the last service was just a check! 


But the 40k service had a whole bunch of things done/replaced..


So the car has done 17,000km's without an oil change... 

And the next oil change is not due for 8000kms OR 07/22..



What the actual F...? So its all good to run 25,000kms' without an oil change?  😮😮

Its all condition based service so BMW wont publish exact milage, called them up to confirm. Yeap, oil changes are good for around 25k or 2 years.!!

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I understand oil tech and engine design has come a long way and the oil quality sensors and their algorithms can work this shit out, but this is NOT a situation where I can sleep well at night... 😁

I've seen what 5k, 10k and even 15k (kms) used oil looks like in my own eyes.. Its all good if I flog the car in a couple years, but what if I wanted to keep it for 10? Engine oil is much cheaper than a rebuild right?

Newer BMW oil standards are a bloody mess..! The manual says that there's a bunch of specs you could use ONLY for "topping up"!! They obviously dont want you to DIY a simple oil change!




Genuine BMW Longlife 14 FE (or the newer 17 FE standard which is what they probably sell now) is over twice the price of good quality alternatives. Plus, this is just an intermediate oil change till next service.

Castrol is an OEM supplier for BMW, so BMW branded oil is apparently based on Castrol Edge.

Found one alternative on Castrol oil finder which is a match for this car (meets BMW Longlife 01 spec). I could not care less about it not being an "FE" (fuel economy) spec. as long as the engine is well lubricated. :D 



I only need to run this oil for 8000 kms till the next service, so decided to change for the above this weekend..  🙂🙂

Will see how this goes...  :) :)


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Here's the state of an oil filter after 17,000kms. As per BMW codition based service, its good for another 8,000 😁

Glad its all done and running fresh oil now. Plus points for the design and engineering of the filter housing and location, very easy job to do.. 




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Kinda sad day...  😖

Sold the last significant item from my BMW E30 parts collection.. 

An Mtech-2 370mm steering wheel... Wasnt planning to get rid of it, but I wont be getting in to the E30 game anytime soon so...

30 years later, still looks good compared to the current MSport wheel in the 140.. 😬😬




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Nice ! Old steering wheels have plenty of character to the way it looks and feels. Newer sterring wheels with all the modern material does feel nice to the hand (good ones) but looks like a computer game controller 😕 

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