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Honda Civic 2018 hatchback - Driver side door noise




I have a rattling / vibration noise coming from the drivers side door ? It is most noticeable for me on a bumpy road. It is coming from the door handle level.
Rainy days I cannot hear that noise even on a bumpy road. I took her to Honda agent but they dont really care about these issues. They think it can be a rubber beading but not willing to replace it. I am sure they dont understand the issue or too lazy to work on these repairs. Somehow they advised me to use silicone on rubber beading. But that didn't help.

Anybody has any experience on this? Any suggestions.


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Its really hard to specifically say what rattling noises could be without actually listening to it and even tracing it to a particular area.

The rattling noise could very well be becuase of the beadings and rubber grommets wearing out, door pin getting worn out, door hinges and locking hinge loosening, power window actuator or even window rails loosening (from its mounts), the upholstery bits looseningup because clips, etc have worn out or disformed due to heat...and here i the kicker....it could be some vibration occuring somewhere else and it just so happens to sound like it is coming out of the door (or the vibration somewhere else is actually making something inthe door rattle). 

Check for any play in the door, tap on the upholstery panels and the door itself to see if you can recreate the sound. Then trace it to a source. If you can't, get someone to drive the car around whilst you try to identify the source area. Try lubricating the hinges, etc...and then if any parts need to be replaced, do so.

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